Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Con Tour Blog and the author of the Bukidnon Central, in Lazada Blogger's Corner

The Author Con Tour Blog and the Bukidnon Central was featured in blogger's corner of Lazada, the South East Asia's fastest growing online department store dated June 14, 2013. A blogger to get featured, one should be invited by this prestigious online store for content writing. (Written in July 2013)

Kalilangan New Bus Terminal (Photo in 2014)

Written : September 2014.

It has been awhile that I rested my pen and texts from my blogging activities. Sharing stories to the Bukidnon people about the present condition of our very own province. Like the present development of the Kalilangan, Bukidnon and its newly constructed Integrated Bus Terminal.

This bus terminal, whose construction was started way back the term of Mayor Suyao. My last visit of this town was I guess last 2012. During that visit, the construction of the said terminal was observed at least 80% on its completion stage. When I got back last week, just this August 2014, I was impressed not on the present completion which was already at 90% complete, but impressed in the sense that the present Mayor, Mayor Omarradji Pizarro, completed the project right after he assumed office last year.  

Mayor Pizarro is a construction man. A prominent contractor from Don Carlos. My senior officer at Xavier University in late 80's. A true leader. When he assumed office, some remarkable accomplishments were noted by his constituents, of which I also noted when I visited this town located at the Southwestern part of Bukidnon, a town before reaching Wao of Lanao del Sur. 

I was here last time for an official business, which I also intend to visit the good Mayor Pizarro, but unfortunately, he was also on official business and was not around in his office. 

While waiting for the bus to arrive at the terminal, according to his constituents, Mayor Pizarro has that political will for a transparent and good governance.

With this, I would like to commend the mayor of that will for good governance. Long Live the Mayor and congratulations.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Photo Shoot : A View to Kill in La Fortuna

Some Parts of Bukidnon has notable landscapes. But if we are so keen in finding one, that maybe called luck on  our part. Sometime creativeness would always be the key on how we could take photos like this one. I am not that kind of having a very good eye in photography especially on landscape category, but this photo would be a kind of luck for me.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Malaybalay City : Bukidnon Business Hotel

Slowly, but surely. This is just the word or phrase that I could best describe on Malaybalay City's Urban Development. Slow pace growth or still in the stage where some of the tourists can best described Malaybalay City, - a laid back pace of development. Though, it is staggering in terms of development, this "laid back" City still needs some investors. Investors like the owner of this newly constructed Business Hotel, who risked his investment in putting up a new hotel of this City. Maybe that risk can be counted as calculated risk. Of course, we cannot appreciate risk if we will not try it, as others may say.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hastag #Kaamulan2015, Photos Overload

Kaamulan in Bukidnon never failed to amaze me. For how many years since I resided here in Malaybalay, the venue where the annual kaamulan is held, I've never failed to watch the street dancing competition. Kaamulan or a Bukidnon Festival, is a cultural presentation of the Bukidnon 7 tribes. It is a month long celebration and the very highlight of the event are the street dancing and the ground competition. For twenty years, 17 years of that, I'm just an spectator and 3 years, as an accredited photographer of both street and ground competition. A privilege given by the Provincial Tourism Office, that I am grateful for. So much for that, here are my photos that you might enjoy viewing.

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