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1st MALAYBALAY URBAN CHALLENGE | Dec. 11, 2010 (Saturday)

Challenge Yourself, Conquer your Fear, Defy your Limits......

1st Malaybalay Urban Challenge
Dec. 11, 2010 (Saturday)

“Two man teams navigate unrehearsed urban landscape using only clues, their feet, public transportation and more….”


• The race period will be around 5 to 6 hours and about 45 km. The cut-off time is 7 hours
• Participants will be presented with physical, mental, psychological and agility tests along the adventure route.
• The team that finishes the fastest and completing all the necessary component of the race shall win.

• Participants must be aged 18 and above on race day
• Each team must consist of two members all male; all female or mixed team.

• Participants must be of sound physical and mental condition, free of any type of bodily ailment. If any case that an individual is allowed by the race organizers to participate, it is still his/her responsibility to inform the race organizers or doctors of any possible factors that may aggravate a specific ailment.
• Participants must undergo proper training and posses ample experience in all race physical disciplines as listed above. The Race organizer may reject a team’s application if in the Race Organizer’s sole discretion and opinion, any member of the team lacks necessary skills, experience, or is deemed in any other way not able or fit to complete in the race safely.
• Each participant is allowed only to be registered with only one team.

• Each team shall present together with their registration a medical certificate duly signed by a Medical Doctor.
• In the event of over subscription, teams will be selected on a first come first serve basis. Notwithstanding this, the Race Organizer has absolute discretion to decide whether or not to accept a team’s registration. The Race Organizer’s decision is final.

P _______ per team

Inclusive of: Jersey Shirt, Certificate, Race Passport, Race number, Hosted Dinner
• Refund of entry fee will be made if a team is not accepted to take part in the race
• No refund will be made if a team is accepted but subsequently disqualified for any reasons specified herein.


PANAHIK ADVENTURE CENTRE, Door 5, St. Joseph Square (Beside Jollibee), Fortich St. Malaybalay City

Champion: P 5, 000 +Trophy & Medals
1st Runner up: P 3, 500 + Trophy & Medals
2nd Runner up: P 2, 000 + Trophy & Medals
3rd Runner up: P 1, 000 + Trophy & Medals
4th Place-10th Place: P 500 + Medals

Mandatory Equipments:
• One (1) Safety helmet per participant
• One (1) Whistle per participant
• One (1) Personal flotation device per team
• One (1) Full-fingered gloves for rappelling
• First-aid kit
• Cellphone with load & battery
• Cash (minimum of P350 per team)
• Ball pen

Participant’s Responsibility
1. Every competitor is responsible for his/her involvement in the race and is the sole judge of whether he/she should begin or continue competing in the race. However, the Race Organizer reserves the absolute right and discretion to stop a competitor from starting or continuing the race, if in the Race Organizer’s opinion the competitor is likely to cause him/herself injury either bio starting or continuing the race and/or compromise the safety of the competitor’s team mates and/or the safety of other competitors. The Race Organizer’s decision will be final.
Organizer’s Responsibility
1. The Race Organizer’s will provide First-aid service during the race. There will be First aid stations on selected areas. There will also be mobile support crews along the route to provide First Aid assistance.
2. There will be 1 lifeguard on standby during the swimming leg.
3. Water re-hydration points will be available along designated control points within the race course.
4. Race officials at all Checkpoints will have communication accessibility to the Race Organizers.


This is a “Rain or Shine” race. However, in the event of intensified rains or wind, or bad weather, the organizer reserves the right to delay or re-route the course and/or discipline. Should bad weather persist, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the race without refund of fees paid in the interest of the competitors’ safety and/or any other reasons. The Race Organizer’s decision will be final.

To be announced soon


No outside support will be allowed between the start and finish line of the race. Only competing teams are allowed in any official race area. Teams must be self-contained except for official support offered from official aid stations in transition sites. If offered, support may also be accepted from other officially entered teams, provided that the offer and acceptance of such support does not cost either an unfair advantage to the acting team or an unfair disadvantage to another team.


1. ALL teams must report at the Start point at 7:00 AM sharp on the race day.
2. Registration opens from October 1 to October 10, 2010
3. All mandatory gear will be inspected during the race briefing and at the registration counter on the race day by the Race Organizer.
4. Race jersey must be worn at all times during the race.
5. Life vests and/or any similar device must be worn during the swimming leg. Failure to do so will result in automatic disqualification.
6. Teams must stay on the prescribed course and use only the modes of travel specified for each leg.
7. Participants are expected to respect the environment and the governing rules, regulations and laws of the Philippines and of the Malaybalay City at all times.
8. Teams must be “intact” at all times and no member is allowed to be away from the rest of the team by more than 20 meters. Any team that violates this rule shall be automatically disqualified. At control points, however, each team’s passport will not be signed unless all members of the team are complete in front of the desk.
9. Teams must stay at the right side of the streets beside the gutter at all times and never on the side or middle of the roads.
10. The Race Organizer reserves the right to change the rules or the course at any given time.


1. The Race Organizer shall activate the official time clock when the race is flagged down and deactivated after the cut-off time 7 hours.
2. There will be cut-off times along the race route.


1. One 1st Malaybalay URBAN CHALLENGE Passport will be issued to each Team. The passport must be signed at each Checkpoint by designated Race Marshall.
2. Teams must enter and leave Checkpoints together.
3. To complete the entire race, teams must pass through all Checkpoints.

4. Should a team miss a Checkpoint, they must backtrack to the missed Checkpoint to get their passport signed.
5. Failure to obtain a sign on the Race Passport at each Checkpoint will result in time penalty and possible disqualification.

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