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2nd Osvaldo Memorial Trail Run | 5k/20k Run

2nd Osvaldo Memorial Trail Run  |  5k/20k Trail Run

Quadra, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines : The event was gracefully attended by athletes and non-athletes who came from different places in Northern Mindanao. Mostly were came from Bukidnon and some  were came from as far as Cagayan de Oro City. It was attended for almost 200 participants, from 8 years up to 50 years old. Some child runners were as young as 6 years old according  to one of their  prime movers, Ms. Tina Belisario. Runners were being categorized according to age bracket with registration rate ranges at P200 - P250 per head, for 5 K run and the 20 K run, respectively, with free t-shirt each participant. 

I attended the trail run because my son is really that interested to join with his classmates and school's track and field group mate. Though I am not so familiar in covering this kind of event, but I took this very rare chances to document this event as a start of my blogging and passion in photography. 
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This event is a tribute to the organizer's only son, Osvaldo. The organizers of the event were Mr. and Mrs Doc Chi Abellanosa, with Panahik, outdoor wear, as one of the sponsors of the event and assisted by St. Johns School of Malaybalay and the sister school, St. James School of Science and Technology. (Mrs. Maite Abellanosa in a blue shirt and Mr. Bo)

The event was held  in "The Stable Eco  Resort" or "The Quadra" as their starting point and at the same time, the finish line.

The event was properly, orderly and organized, which started with a short briefing at 6:00 A.M., and above all, started with a prayer. Before the start of the formal run, the final briefing were conducted by Mr. Bong Abao aka Bong Gabion, stood up on the registration table with a red shirt and mega phone.

The group category who first greeted with a go signal were the runners for 20 K run and it was started at around 7:00 a.m. 
Trail for the 5 Kilometer run - Kaamulan Ground , Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines
 Some of the Major Sponsors of the event.

Some runners who joined the event were athletes of Philippine Team and Veteran runners who were expected to win the trail run in a 20 K category. 
The Entrance of "The Stable Eco Resort - Quadra", which is also the finish line of the event

Hopefully, that I could join again this kind of event in the near future, may either, to cover the event as Bukidnon Blogger or as participant. I could categorically call the event as a friendship run.
The 2nd Osvaldo Memorial Trail Run
Quadra-Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Phils.
Camera  : Canon Powershot A1100 IS
Image Stabilizer

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  1. I hope they have program again this year. Keep on posting for the updates. Thanks.

    Cagayan de Oro Philippines

  2. @Xang.

    They always have. I havnt followed the their activities right now, coz i'm so busy.:-).


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