Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dahilayan Adventure Park : Stop Over for Lunch-"Pinutos sa Kanto"

Barangay San Miguel, Manolo Fortich can be seen along our way to Davao or Cagayan de Oro City. This little barangay has a little secret especially on food that you can be proud of once you taste it.

It is in "Pinutos sa Kanto" or in English, "Take Out Corner"---in my own interpretation. 

Part of our Dahilayan Adventure Park Trip and Treat - Part I,  on our way home, we  dropped by to this simple and humble restaurant at San Miguel, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon for a meal. At a glance once you happened to pass by this little restaurant, you could not expect that their something in it.

Before, we used to pass by in this little restaurant, but we've just ignored it. I've just learned it from one of my friends that this little restaurant has something to offer to you.

Why am I covering this humble and little restaurant?

Its because of their food and the cook. One of our favorites is their Roast Beef. Before I will proceed in covering this humble and little restaurant as "Pinutos sa Kanto" or "Take Out Corner"---let me first introduce to you what we have ordered in our Trip and Treat from Dahilayan Adventure Park.

Roast Beef @ P85 per serve.

with Matching Pancit Canton at a separate price. Price at the menu below.

Their list of Menu for your Budget Meals

 Mr. Roroy Minoza is behind the scene of this humble and little restaurant at the corner, the "Pinutos sa Kanto". He is the owner and at the same time the cook. He was the former cook of "The Del Monte Golf Club" at Kawayanon, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.  He resigned and put up his own restaurant and named as "Pinutos sa Kanto". They say, he cooks comparatively to a five star hotel cooks,  with which  the "Roast Beef" could tell once you taste this menu. That is why this little and humble restaurant will always be part of our travel itinerary.
You can see the site along your way to Cagayan de Oro or to Davao City.

By the way, the cook, Mr. Roroy Minoza is the elder brother of Frankie Minoza, the Philippine Golf Champion.

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  1. now i need to be back to bukidnon! thanks bonzeti :) nagutom ako sa post mo

  2. @james. Dapat dito ka kumain, para hindi masyadong maraming juice ang nainom na walang kain. hehehe. Magka ulcer ka tuloy nyan, dre. :-).

  3. Thanks for sharing some information. This is a great help for me, because I'm planning to drove all the way from Iligan to Dahilayan.

    Cagayan de Oro Philippines

  4. Hello Xang.

    You are welcome. Hope this will help you guys with your friends.:-).


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