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Dahilayan Adventure Park-Trip and Treat-Part 1

Del Monte Philippines, Inc.- Manolo Fortich-------This is what you will witness if you are going to Dahilayan Adventure Park, a part of the vast track of land of pineapple plantation of  Del Monte Philippines. It is located at Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. The other plantation areas were being spread like in the Camp Phillips, Libona, all of the province of Bukidnon. 

A month ago, last October, I've been thinking on what gift would I give to my wife as her birthday presents---and it should be unique from her previous birthdays. I opened up to my  kids about the idea on visiting Dahilayan, right away the idea  was affirmed because of the Zip Line, except of my little girl who was so afraid of the height.

Personally, I have fear of height, in spite of being a Civil Engineer. When my wife told me that I have to conquer the fear of height, I never gave her a straight answer on it. Instead, answered her that a Trip and Treat to Dahilayan would be the best idea as my gift. My wife never showed any hesitation with the idea, a sign of fear on her part, but a sign of enthusiasm to conquer her fear by trying another level of her life -----to conquer the longest dual zip line in ASIA.

So, last November 06, 2010, we prepared all the stuffs and packed them up, prepared ourselves for our trip to Dahilayan Adventure Park and to test our ability on that zip line.

I've read lots of reviews about the park, searching for maps such as the route that we have to take to the said place and plan where to have a budget meals. I have mixed emotions during that preparation. One was excitement to see the place and other one was nervousness.

On November 07, 2010, we boarded our stuffs into the car, and we left at exactly 7:00 am in order to reach Dahilayan by 9:30 am.

While driving the car on that day, I felt nervous because of 2 things. One, is the condition of my car, sometimes, it overheats. Second, the zip line where I have fear  of height. I've just personally kept that in myself on our way to Dahilayan in order not to spoil their day, and pretending that I am not afraid to try that longest dual zip line in Asia.

When we reached Mangima, my mind was already conditioned to take Manolo Fortich route, instead of Alae route.

I had no idea with the route from Manolo to Dahilayan. All I have in mind, was the route from Manolo Fortich proper is okay.

When we took a turn to the Manolo Fortich Municipal Hall, I set my speedometer to zero, to take note an approximate distance from that point to the park.

The road was not so rough but some portion where we have to carefully pass a surface run-off marks of a road since our car is a sedan type vehicle.

For a continuous travel, almost every 5 kilometers  we have to ask somebody where Dahilayan Adventure Park is. Then the local folks answered in a friendliest way - just straight ahead. Until we reached Barangay Kalugmanan, a first Barangay before Barangay Dahilayan. Barangay Kalugmanan is about 13 kilometers from Manolo Fortich Municipal Hall from where we start at zero of our speedometer mark. From said Barangay, it will take about 7 kilometers to Dahilayan proper.

When we reached Barangay Dahilayan proper, the park is still about 2 kilometers from the Barangay Plaza. Our excitement calmed down when we already saw pine trees ahead. The first area that we have cited was the Cowboy's Grill. We arrived at the place (Park) at around 10:00 a.m.

The Cowboy's Grill beside Saddle Ridge Camp, breakfast meals at P150 / person. 

I parked my car in front of this Grill house. Then my wife and the 2 kids were excited to take pictures first in the beautiful scenery right there.

I told them that I have to drink coffee first before exploring the area. But much to my surprise, Mayor Rogelio Quino of the said town was also there inside the Cowboy's grill. I have already met the Mayor in one of my field works in Manolo Fortich way back sometime between 1998 to 2000. So, without hesitation I introduced myself and proudly informed him that I am now a member of Bloggers Group of Bukidnon and an environmentalist. With that bit of information, he then right away told me that  hopefully the group would have a schedule to cover about cut trees along a river of one of his Barangays. He would provide support facilities for these activities and the group will just coordinate with him for the appropriate schedule to cover the devastated area.
Me with Mayor Quino and his Kagawad Son and his wife. The whole family was there for a weekend treat. One of my milestones on this trip.
 Here's some of our shots in the vicinity

advance information what to do when you are right there.
I have noticed also that preventive signs are every where in order to preserve the area from possible forest fire.
The Altar Like Stone

My family enjoyed much the zip line activity, except my son who were not been allowed to take the challenge on the longest dual zip line, the 840 meters zip line stretch. Only my wife, conquered that longest zip line. I was not able to take that challenge for the 840 meters zip line stretch because of the rain poured at around 2:30 pm. I only tried the 350/120 meters stretch, the shortest at P250 per head. 

Your Guide: 

If you have to take the two stretches, the shortest (350/120 meters) and the longest stretch (840 meters), you have to pay P600 pesos per person. For the certificate and a captured photo for the longest stretch, you have to pay another P100 pesos  per person after  having done with the longest stretch. For an extra photo, another P50/person.

This is where we ate our lunch. American style of lunch--burger lunch.
This is for your guide for a budget meals.

The entrance to Dahilayan Adventure Park
The launching Pad/Deck for the Shortest Dual Zip Line (350/120 meters stretch)
When we got there, I do not have the idea on who are  the people behind the development of this area. All I have in mind that Dahilayan Adventure Park is owned by Congressman Jess Paras. While we were eating our lunch, accidentally this guy passed by our table. He smiled at us while we were eating.  A very approachable guy. This guy were with his daughter, Ms. Reina Paras Victorio and husband Ravi Pepito Victorio. Ravi Victorio first greeted me when he saw me at the table eating my burger. I already met Ms. Reina Paras Victorio when she offered us to take picture with my daughter while waiting with my wife and my son finishing up the shortest zip line. I asked the name of this humble lady because of that kindest act she did in taking us picture with my daughter. And I introduced her to my wife. When I asked this guy on who is the owner of this park, then he said humbly, "it's me, I am the owner of this park, she is my daughter (pointing at her daughter) and my son-in-law pointing at Ravi Pepito Victorio". So right away, I asked him for a picture. I told him that I am a blogger and wanted to cover his place especially on environmental protection, preservation and conservation of the place. He replied that he himself is an environmentalist and further told me to just email him in case the Bukidnon Bloggers Group would somehow visit the place. His son-in-law is from Valencia City. Until now, when I wrote this review, I could not imagine that a simple guy would meet this humble man and his humble daughter and son-in-law, in an accidental way? OMG!!!!. Thanks so much with your grateful heart  Sir LP, Ms. Reina and Mr. Ravi.

The wonderful family behind the scene of the Park-My milestone to meet them.

This is the vehicle that will take you to the launching deck of the longest dual zip line-the 840 meters stretch.
The Parking Area where you can safely park your vehicle.
The landing deck of the longest dual zip line in Asia.
Please observe cleanliness. Self explanatory sign. If you're not an eco friendly people, please do what is says. I've seen some littered plastic bottles outside the parking area before we went home.Let us support the call  FOR environmental conservation and protection program. This is an eco tourism spot or green business park, you are part of the nature, be part of the program. Your nature is to support the program not to litter your garbage anywhere else.
Please observe rules properly

That's my wife approaching the landing deck

We went home very much satisfied and without remorse in the park. I am vowed to go back to conquer the LONGEST DUAL ZIP LINE IN ASIA.One thing for sure, if you meet these  humble people who were behind this park, and conquer the longest dual zip line in Asia, your trip is worth living and satisfying for life.

Even I am so tired with the trip, I am still bound to go back that place to conquer what my wife have conquered, my fear of height and I AM DETERMINED AND VERY MUCH WILLING. It was indeed a great experience with a true nature and personal encounter with at least part of the Mt. Kitanglad Range.

Back way home, we took the Camp Phillips route for easy way out than the Poblacion , Manolo Fortich route. It is 23 kilometers from the Park to Alae with easy road, than 20 kilometers from the park with so much rough road for a sedan vehicle. So my advise to you, use pick-ups other than sedan cars. So happy trip and enjoy!!!

Routing : From CDO and Davao City, take the Alae-Phillips route for easy access road.

Please see the actual footage below that I have made during our zip line in the shortest stretch.

The 350 meters stretch :

The 120 meters stretch:
The Map of Manolo Fortich

image from Wikipedia

A brief glance of Manolo Fortich :


Manolo Fortich is situated in the Northern part of the Province of Bukidnon. It is about 40 minutes away from the bustling commercial center of Cagayan de Oro City.

It is bounded in the north by Cagayan de Oro City. Misamis Oriental and the Municipality of Malitbog. In the east by the Municipality of Sumilao, in the west by the Municipality of Libona and Baungon and in the South by the rugged ranges of Mt. Kitanglad.


Manolo Fortich is politically subdivided into 22 barangays.

    * Agusan Canyon
    * Alae
    * Dahilayan
    * Dalirig
    * Damilag
    * Diclum
    * Guilang-guilang
    * Kalugmanan
    * Lindaban
    * Lingion
    * Lunocan
    * Maluko
    * Mambatangan
    * Mampayag
    * Minsuro
    * Mantibugao
    * Tankulan (Pob.)
    * San Miguel
    * Sankanan
    * Santiago
    * Santo NiƱo
    * Ticala

As already mentioned above, the approximate distance of Dahilayan from the welcome signage of "Welcome to the Province of Bukidnon", in Alae, Manolo Fortich, is 25 kilometers.

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  1. Hmmm medyo mahal pala mag zipline dito plus yung fees pa for the photos (love the cute cottages, first time ko makakita nung ganung design) :)

  2. @claire. Uso na dito yang cottage sa Bukidnon. Lawn Cottage. About the price, I'm not sure. But you can replicate that one. Kaya niyo ni charles ang expenses dito. affordable na man siya basta pag iponan. hehehe.:-).

  3. Love the photos. You guys really enjoyed zip lining. Have you experience the water rafting already? It is also fun. Uhhm if you can still remember how much is the Zorb?

    Cagayan de Oro Philippines

  4. Thanks for sharing with us your experience. I really love Dahilayan because of the different adventures they have.

    Cagayan de Oro News

  5. @Xang.

    We havnt continue our adventure with the zorbit because of the heavy downpour.:-).

  6. @Akiko.

    Thanks. Only wife finished the longest zipline. Because of the heavy downpour.:-).

  7. .@Bonzenti: Oh i see, i hope you still enjoyed your zipline experiene. After you reach the Dahilayan proper did you guys road a vehicle? or your brought with you your service?

  8. now this is my kind of adventure kasi adrenaline-pumping! and i like the way they preserve nature here. also saw this one when I dropped by merv's entry. hope to experience the longest zip-line soon!

  9. @Ed,

    Suroy na dinhi dahilayan bai. Basin pud na makapunta ako ng Cebu.:-).

  10. Wow mega promote ng Bukidnon Bloggers Group ah! Nice :)

  11. Hello Irene. Hope that we could come up with a blogging 102, Money Making online. Then lets promote the BBG. To increase the number of members. so that they will know the power of writing, etc.:-).

  12. Okay na sa akin ang P250 for the zipline, longest naman sya in Asia! Wish I could really go next week.


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