Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gaisano Mall | Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines

This is really one of the rare chances in our life witnessing our place had this kind of development, a big development, the expansion of the Gaisano Mall here in Malaybalay City. I came from the City of Friendship, landed a job in the City of the Skycrapers (Makati City) and settled in the City of the Forest (the Malaybalay City) in 1995.

In this same year, Gaisano was already established here in Malaybalay, after they bought the property from one of the prominent figures here. Almost fifteen years had passed, Gaisano Mall started their branch total renovation, or more than 5 times bigger of the former, in the first quarter of last year. This does means that Malaybalay City is really that booming after it became a City in 1998 or roughly 11 years.

A quick glance of the History : In February 11, 1998, it became a component city by virtue of Republic Act 8490 , approved by former President Fidel Ramos, and under the administration of former Mayor Nicolas Jurolan, who served Malaybalay from 1992-2001.
These photos were taken at a different time slot.  In November 10, 2009, it was in the afternoon, when I bought our medicine for home consumption at a nearby pharmacy.

 This photo was taken in the 10th January of 2010. (01-10-2010)-two months after

Being as civil engineer by profession, the reason why I am so engrossed in taking photos of this rare structure in Malaybalay City, its because of their system or method of construction--the phase by phase method with zero disturbance of the existing / temporary structures with lots of people buying their stuff inside.  They also applied the structural system which is the "pre-tensioning" system. Also rarely used for structures in Malaybalay City.
Taken when I bought meat at the nearby meat station. November just this month.
I am also grateful to the Bukidnon in featuring my photos which I featured in my Bukidnon Photo Blog site. Please click HERE.

Definitely, being as a licensed real estate appraiser and a licensed broker practicing in the Province of Bukidnon, the neighboring sites (or in layman's term---properties or realties) will greatly affects its real estate valuation due to the existence and new development in the area which is The Malaybalay City Gaisano Mall. The mall is located within the commercial hub of the City.

How much would be the valuation in the immediate vicinity? Especially the property right beside the Gaisano Mall if it will be offered for sale. Please see photo below,
This photo was taken on the inset date, exactly on my 15th Anniversary of my employment and my first day of office here in Malaybalay City. Isn't it interesting?
So, do you want to know the valuation of the realties in the immediate vicinity? You may hire an expert of valuation.

The Malaybalay City Gaisano Mall-November 2010
Camera : Canon Powershot A1100 IS
Image Stabilizer

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