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NASULI Spring Resort | Bangcud, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines

At the entrance gate of NASULI Spring Resort
It was a dizzy and lazy Thursday afternoon of December 8, 2010, when we visited the NASULI Spring Resort of Malaybalay City, together with 2 Bukidnon Bloggers, the Bukidnon Photo Journal and my kumpare who is still formulating his blogsite. 

This humble spring resort is located Northwest of Barangay Bangcud proper or the road intersection going to Barangay Simaya of the same City. When we arrived at the gate, a caretaker whose name is Manong Ben Areval, warmly greeted and welcomed us to the resort. We paid 10 pesos as an entrance fee and he said that the 10 pesos that we paid to him will be used for the maintenance of the resort. I was struck with his statement and made me more excited to see the spring resort. We looked around and took some shots from the entrance of the resort. During a short minute discussion, we discovered that this resort was already turned-over to the Ducusin Family of Malaybalay City, which was previously managed by foreigners. According to the source, allegedly, the 12 hectares property, which also covered the famed NASULI Spring Resort is now for sale at P60.00 MM or more or less P500 per square meter. Part of the selling package is the landing strip.
I settled here in Malaybalay City because of my job and I am now lived here for 16 years together with my family. I've been here once and that was together with company's client way back in 1997 and this is my second visit. This time, it is no longer managed by foreign nationals.
This is the entrance leading to the resort

The ground, ideal as camping site for students

The Spring proper-lake-type spring
According to Manong Ben, the source of spring is in the middle of this pond. He further divulged that due to the strong pressure coming from the bursting point, the foreigners came up with a design by putting a steel drum at the mouth of the spring in order to suppress the pressure.

True enough when we got there at the site proper. We havnt seen a bursting pressure in the pond. The  resort looks very calm, a prestine blue clear water and approximately 15 ft deep at the deck side. It is surrounded with huge trees and observed not satisfactorily maintained as of this visit.
If this resort will be developed, surely more tourists would come to this place. How about  schistosomiasis? The water would be first checked and a process of chlorination would probably one of the best ideas or proper water treatment. Below are some angles of our photo shoots we took during our visit;

The Deck side

Yes, the area or site is really good, though twas not properly maintained and is still underdevelop. Along with our discussion with Manong Ben, NASULI means National Summer Linguistic.

NASULI Spring Resort
Bangcud, Malaybalay City
Bukidnon, Philippines
Camera : Canon Powershot A1100 IS
Image Stabilizer

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  1. this is one of the things i miss sa province, the clear spring resorts. I rmmbr some college dorm mates frm Malaybalay, I wish I could visit Bukidnon one day too! :)
    Keep exploring!

    P.S thnx for the link! :)

  2. hi, hello, pinaysolobackpacker, I am so pleased having you here in my site. I am so grateful.

    You are so welcome here, gael---in Bukidnon. Just let us know. By the way, we were just formally organized last Nov. 06, as Bukidnon Bloggers Group. We are looking forward on that.:-).

  3. Cool! i didn't know that Malaybalay have this. I hope they will fully develop this spring. Thanks for sharing.

    Cagayan de Oro Philippines

  4. @Xang.

    This post is for your guide.:-).

  5. OMG!This used to be my favorite picnic ground on a weekend during summer time when we were still a kid. I miss the blue cool clear water in the middle of a forest of Nasuli Spring! This resort was properly managed and maintained by the friendly foreigners who lived here way back then, during that period the resort was for free!!! I hope the new owners would revive the place's nice to see this wonderful place here in your blog site Bon! It brings back my childhood memories...Close to nature and full of fun!!!

  6. Hello Joevir.

    There are lots of fun and memories really in this place, especially like you who are from Bukidnon. When I seriously explored this place last time, I was really amazed with its simplicity and its beauty. Though it was not properly maintained, the clear blue water still could entice you to swim.

    I just want to share to all people of Bukidnon and especially to those who are now living abroad, the real beauty of the place. Especially on the places that was not yet been reach yet by other residents here. My blog site is my offer to the people of Bukidnon with all my passion in Photography. All my entries here are all free and voluntary in nature---best regards to Tina and the kids, joevir.:-).

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  8. iv'e been there 25 years ago' when i was in grade school in valencia ang lamig ng tubig dyan

  9. I have been going back and forth to Malaybalay, but this is the first time I have ever heard of this place. I didn't know there was a beautiful spring resort like this in Mindanao and just a few hours of ride away from CDO. I would rather spend my money going here than going to Manila for Hidden Valley Laguna! Thanks for Sharing!


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