Thursday, December 02, 2010

Students in St. Johns School participated in Osvaldo Memorial Trail Run

Quadra-The Stable Eco-Resort, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines : The event was gracefully attended by athletes and non-athletes who came from different places in Northern Mindanao. Mostly were came from Bukidnon and some  were came from as far as Cagayan de Oro City. It was attended for almost 200 participants, from 8 years up to 50 years old. Some child runners were as young as 6 years old according  to one of their  prime movers, Ms. Tina Belisario. Runners were being categorized according to age bracket with registration rate ranges at P200 - P250 per head, for 5 K run and the 20 K run, respectively, with free t-shirt each participant. 
This is my first time have witnessed a trail run just because my son was so interested to attend. The event were attended with more than 30 participants from St. Johns and St. James School of Malaybalay, from the age bracket of 6 years old (pre-schoolers), graders and high school students. Even the school director, staff and  some of the teachers participated in that event. Though they were only quite in number but all of them were finishers of that run, a must be objective of the run. The school director, Mr. Noel Silan and Ms. Razel, ledres joined the 21K run, while the rest were in the 5K run. 

The event was started with a solemn prayer, in this photo.
Of course, the bestfriends were also present, from Reef, JB and Smirth, all from St. Johns School Grade IV students and members of the track and field club. The intention on why they formed this club is to create athletes in this line of sports.
Teacher Joy and Ms. Joanne, the administrative officer of the school
The kaamulan trail

Reef and Smirths, both the sprinters
The unbeaten Bukidnon Blogger, that's me with keith.
It was also participated by other Nationals.
Vince Rey
Tcher Joy and his son "X"
Then the final and the finish eat their snacks.

The event become now one of the sports activities of the school wherein more and more students were much interested in an outdoor sports and activities, because their school director, is he himself a sportsman aside of being an educator.

Group picture before the run. They still look fresh and full of excitement. But after that, they were all fulfilled, because they're all finishers of that RUN.Almost all of them have received raffled prizes during the awarding rites.---Photo Credits by: Mr. Julius Tanghal of St. Johns School.

Trail Run in Malaybalay City
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  1. Wow this is cool. I hope i can attend this fun run next time. Keep on posting for any updates, i will bookmark your page for having very interesting adventures:)

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