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Trekking or Trail Hiking in the famous Two-Trees of Malaybalay City - Provincial Tree Park

Assembly Area and starting point

Two-trees as the locals may call it, is a popular trekking destination especially for nature loving people. Mostly of the trekkers here are students from Bukidnon State University or  from other schools in Bukidnon. Trekking is really fun especially when the starting point whose trail is so difficult and challenging, and later on you come up with a rewarding view once you reach the destination ----the summit.

Together with Earl (SUROY PILIPINAS), his wife Malou, James Paulican, our student guide Jason and Boyax Palle our co-employee, we went to this famous two-trees in Malaybalay City or the Provincial Tree Park and decided to take the entry point in the Kaamulan Nature Park.

rest - about 15% of total trek distance


It is really a forest area

Where we got lost the trail.

Wild flowers along our way to the summit
Another stop to take some rest - photo shoot na naman!!

Sitio Tigbawan, Can-ayan of Malaybalay

It is really a rewarding moment after passing through with the difficult trail and seeing this verdant hills and farm production areas of Sitio Tigbawan of Barangay Can-ayan of this City. Seeing nature like this one is really a stress buster.

The Summit - at the two trees

Overlooking the Malaybalay City "Poblacion

As an environmental advocate, I am glad to see this place with young pine trees growing. That means, that there are still people who really cared to protect the environment and with sense in conserving the nature. Kudos to that. As you can see all the pictures below, there are lots of young pine trees growing.

Photo Courtesy by Earl (SUROY PILIPINAS- A Philippine Travel Blog)

A very satisfied feelings when we reached our destination and it is indeed a very rewarding one. Two thumbs up.

Eating our snacks (light breakfast) - faces of very satisfied trekkers

The "two-trees" and the pines

"The F4"

When we are about to descend, with a concerted effort and initiative, we picked all the littered trash in the surroundings that was carelessly and irresponsibly left by some of the trekkers ahead of us. Amazingly, I did not expect that Nathaniel James Paulican, the nephew of the present mayor of Maramag, first opened the idea to pick-up all the littered trash in the surroundings while me and Earl were busy with the photo shoots. I've just overheard him saying that, "shame to those people who really don't care with our environment". Without hesitation, he did the first move by picking up those littered garbage in the area.

I may now conclude that "He who loves nature were not only cared about nature but also cared the next generation to come".  Thanks to James, Jason and Boyax for helping us picking up the littered garbage. 

That's Nathaniel James Paulican  with a peace sign who first initiated the picking up of the littered garbage with Earl and Malou.

The Descent - The Easy Trail on our way home to the exit point - Gawad Kalinga

Rest a while  on Roots of a fallen tree - About 250 meters from the exit point - Gawad Kalinga(Photo shot credits by Jason Desalan our guide)

The finish line

One thing for sure, If I were to decide right now, I am very much willing to go back to that place but this time, I will bring more friends and bring along with us seedlings of pine trees for tree planting activity.

The summit or "two-trees" is located at the back of the Kaamulan Nature Park and it is about 8 kilometers from the off-road track to Gawad Kalinga (Exit point). Kaamulan Nature Park is located at the back of the Provincial Capitol Building.

Below is the Kaamulan Nature Park, a scenery for trekking activity if you choose this route.

The Kaamulan Nature Park - the favorite venue for weekend family outdoor event
Luckily, we were blessed with a good weather condition on that day.

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  1. back to nature, back to peace and serenity. i missed treks like this.

  2. @Lakbay Philippines. you are absolute right.We have been this kind of activity before that surely have missed right now. So, we are back in experiencing them right now.

    Trekking is one of our stress busting activities from work.

  3. I miss getting lost sa gubat! pero xempre dapat madame ksama kase scary mag-isa! haha :)
    mukhang ang sarap nga jan mag-trek.

    P.S ang hirap mag-comment s blog mu. wala yung name and website lng? pede ata ayusin sa settings click on comments, who can comment? choose: all. ;p

  4. hi gael. marami din nag feedback sa akin personally. thanks gael ha for the suggestion. I'll try it right away. :-). Feedback kita.

  5. kasama mo pala si Earl dito, kaya pala familiar, kelan kaya uli ako makakapag-trek :)

  6. hi claire...kami kasing dalawa ang mahilig sa mga ganito eh. He was the one who set the plan. Parehas din kaming hindi pa naka explore sa site. So, go agad. :-).

  7. I really love the view and place. I hope I can really visit at Bukidnon, so dying to see it. Thanks for sharing with us your experience.

    Cagayan de Oro Philippines

  8. @Xang.

    Tara na sa Bukidnon.:-).

  9. Is the trek for beginners or advance? I'd love to go there sometime.


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