Friday, February 11, 2011

1st Family Trail Fun Run | St. John's School of Malaybalay City

That's Ronnie Vidal, the President of the NORMMS (Northern Mindanao Mountaineering Society) with a backpack and a fresh morning smile.
1st Family Trail Fun Run  |  St. John's School of Malaybalay City -   The idea to have this kind of school activity was cropped up when  my son  joined the 2nd Osvaldo Memorial Trail Run on a 5K category.

My son is an asthmatic kid. Most advises is to let him engage in running. Since he is so interested in running, I did not deprived his interest to join. His maintenance right now is just only a sodium ascorbate, which is so effective. 

This is where I've got the idea to have a Family Fun Run on School's 9th Foundation Day Celebration which was started last February 04, 2011. During that  Osvaldo Memorial Trail Run, I've observed that there were lots of students from St. Johns School joined that event. With my son's interest on this sports, there is something in me that made me decided to join, and that was because I have an athletic ability in running. 

 Then, we discussed this matter together with my co-PTA Officers, Mr. Rommel Abao, Ms. Mitch Oliva  and Ms. Josephine Tulang Decano, in an informal meeting  at the school's waiting shed last November 2010, to have a family fun run on School's Foundation Day Celebration.

Some were pessimistic to attend because they probably were busy with their respective jobs,  but there were still 45 families of a team of three (3) graced that school event. From the word Fun, obviously, all who participated the trail run really have a real fun running in the Kaamulan Ground Trail.

That's Mr. Noel Silan, the School Director with his nephew- with a good smile

This idea of Family Fun Run was already passively discussed about 3 years ago but was just taken for granted and maybe we were just hesitant that time. Aside from the 2nd Osvaldo Memorial Trail Run, one of the things that made me decided to have this kind of event, because of Run for Ilog Pasig, which set the Philippines another milestone in the Guiness Book of Records last October 10, 2010 (10.10.10) at around 175,000 runners, that break the World Record of 110,000 runners in Bay to Breakers Race in San Francisco, California in 1988.  With the full support of our School Director, who is also fond in running, we've got a green light.

One of the Marshalls and co-chairperson of the event, Mr. Irwin Silan, the brother of the School Director, Mr. Noel Silan.

One of the main ideas of this 1st ever Family Fun Run in Malaybalay City, aside from Fun is to let the children have to have bonding with the family. Not only family but also bonding with nature and the environment. Because of their awareness in the Global Warming which was also taught in School, the 140+ participants/ individuals, from ages of 6 years old to 50's,  was already a significant number as far as statistics is concern.

That's Rommel Abao with his children -the Gen. PTA Vice President, who is also one of the chairpersons.

The event was participated not only with parents and their children but it was also participated by some of the School Teachers, admin staff and even the President of the school and his Family.

The Kaamulan Nature Park Trail

The whole trail route is estimated to 3.5 kilometers more or less. It was started at the Capitol Ground and at the same the finish line.

The happy faces of the happy finishers - at the finish line

In man's life, he will just pass once being as a child or a kid. So, I never let this event just let go without experiencing another real bonding with the family, with nature and the environment while my kids are still that young at 10 and 7 years old, respectively.  Running does not require skills and expensive gears. It only requires persistent, discipline and endurance. It is also good for the heart if done thrice a week for at least 20 minutes.

Since, I already quit smoking for 4 months now, I've got a good and healthy feeling, especially that I'm now more interested into outdoor activity.

The Happy Organizing Group after the Fun Run - with school staff and administrator 
The Fun Run was started exactly at 7:00 am (gun start) and end up more or less at 1 hour for a 3K run and was held last February 05, 2011. Mostly of the participants signified to have a 2nd time around. It was also participated with grandpas, grandmas and guardians.

We went home with a very satisfied feelings since there is more than winning and enjoyment that we have experienced, and that is to have a very unique bonding time with the family, the kids and my wife.

In the near future, we will be organizing a 2nd Family Fun Run and this time, it would be in an open category.

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  1. I love trail runs and it's nice to see that children are engaged in trail runs. This is a nice way for them to respect and enjoy nature. I hope this will not be the last. :)

  2. Hello, josiah. you are right. its better to let them engage in sports rather than other means. keep every moment memorable to them.:-). By the way, I like your post on Victoria Liner - Safe Travel Tips.

  3. great family bonding :) hope other schools will adapt this activity as well, fun and good for health :)

  4. hi claire. Probably, this is my share not only with the family but to the community as well being as their Gen. PTA Board President. I've read your Mt. Guiting Guiting experience. That was awe-inspiring.:-).

  5. I hope they will have it next year and beyond. This really helps children develop there environmental awareness.

    Cagayan de Oro News

  6. Hi Akiko. I really want them to develop their full awareness in loving the nature like me.:-).


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