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Cold Spring in Bukidnon | Baroraon, Kalilangan, Bukidnon, Philippines

One of the Baroraon Hills - chocolate-shaped-hills

Kalilangan, Bukidnon is one of my areas of coverage this year until December 2011. Kalilangan is located 45 kilometers from the Municipality of Maramag or almost an hour of Bus Travel. It is located at the Southwestern part of Bukidnon, and classified as 4th class Municipality. Kalilangan is considerably distant from Bukidnon Capital-Malaybalay City, at about 110 kilometers more or less.  

Topography of the place :
Kalilangan is simply characterized by rugged terrain with a limited plain or level area situated on the Poblacion and portion of the municipality. From its total land area, a dominant 76.57 percent are within 8-15 percent slope characterized by moderately undulating and gently rolling land. The barangays of San Vicente Ferrer and Ninoy Aquino are dominantly within this slope type.

Areas with 18 percent slope and above cover 15.61 percent. These are very steepy sloping and rolling land in many directions. The barangays of Macaopao, Lampanusan, portions of Kibaning, Public and Pamotolon are dominantly within the slope type.

The remaining 7.82 percent of the municipality level to nearly level land and gently sloping areas in one general direction within 0-3 percent, 3-5 percent and 5-15 percent slopes. These are common in the Poblacion portion of the municipality.

The term kalilangan came from a Maranao native tongue which means "extreme happiness". It used to be a barrio of Pangantucan, Bukidnon. Due to influx of settlers coming from the different parts of the country, it becomes an independent municipality.

 The mouth of the source of the cold spring

I arrived Kalilangan proper at around 11:30 AM last February 15.  In going to this town  it can only be  made at around 30 minutes  by private vehicle, but if you just take the bus, it can be made at around 1 hour because of so many rounds of stop over. Buses bound for Wao has a lot of stop over once they already passed by the Municipality of Maramag. 

It was already past 1 pm when we headed to Barangay Baroraon of the Municipality of Kalilangan, Bukidnon for a routine inspection of sugarcane crop production in this area of a particular client, after we have had finished our lunch. Being as first timer in going to his area, as protocol, this company client accompanied me to his property offered as collateral in this Barangay. 

When we are about to leave the place, after done with the area validation, I asked the client on where would I find a spring in this area since the area at not so far a distance is bounded with two rivers on its Northern and Southern part, the Malatipay and Olayan Rivers. The client then proudly told me that he has a very cold spring in  his property which is about 500 meters and located in the downhill.

Mouth of the Cold Spring at Focus

We shortly trekked the downhill of the "chocolate-shaped hill", where the cold spring is located. During my photo shoots on the crystal clear catching pond, I've seen small fishes, which unfortunately and amazingly were not captured by my P&S camera--(nag tabi apo na man ako ah)-I asked permission from the Apo.

Touching the spring if it is really cold.----Wheew, it is indeed cold.

I tasted it. "Ang Sarap ng Tubig- all naturals" but do not stock it for more than 3 days. It is not safe anymore.

As I estimated, the  discharge quantity of cold spring from that bamboo spout, is most likely around 1 gallon per minute. It can supply enough water throughout the whole Barangay Baroraon and even the neighboring barangay, the Barangay Kibaning, which is about 5 kilometers. 

Presently, the spring is the temporary source of water supply of Barangay Baroraon and its neighboring barangay Kibaning, wherein until this visit it is still undeveloped to Improved and Treated Water Supply System.

Baroraon is derived from the name of a tree called as Barorao, that wrapped -up with cotton like fiber in its branches and trunks as the locals recalled it to me. They also recalled that there is a dead volcano near the area but they can't identify its name.

The Malatipay River - a glance

Here's my video of the cold spring and I hope that it will bust your stress through its natural sounds;


 Site Map of Kalilangan:

 Landmarks of Kalilangan, Bukidnon :

The Municipal Building :

LGU of Kalilangan Municipal Building

How to get there :

It is accessible via Barangay Kinura of the same town. The spring is located about 14 kilometers from the crossroad of Barangay Kinura and the National Highway going to Kalilangan proper. Kinura is about 10 kilometers from the Poblacion of Kalilangan. There are available motorcycle for hire in the town proper at a fare rate of P100 pesos per person-one way.  Until now, the cold spring has no name.  I would be glad if they call it as BONZ COLD SPRING, from the one who exposed it to the world.

14 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. kung may hot spring, may cold spring din pero parang as gusto ko nung hot. lamigin ako eh. sign of ageing.hehehe

  2. I would be happy just to frolic on the river banks, lamigin din ako :)

  3. @pusang kalye. Actually, at the nearby town, Pangantucan, Bukidnon, may hot spring daw. They called as Kidangin Hot Spring. I am scheduled to visit that place this March. Hopefully. Sabi nga daw nila pag nagkatay sila ng baboy, iloblob lang daw nila para ma balatan.

    @claire. Parehas pala tayo na lamigin. Hindi nga lang developed itong cold spring nato.

  4. I've tried dipping into cold waters like inside the cave in Sagada and the small rivers en route to Mt. Halcon. Simula lng malamig pagtapos sarap na hehe it bites your skin then it get used to the cold.

    I heard about the many hot and cold springs in Bukidnon, hope to visit it someday.

  5. @marky [Nomadic Experience]. Yeah, you are right. Its cold at first but if you're used to it. Its so refreshing. Kayang, dito sa amin sa Bukidnon, cold spring pa lang merong developed like in RR Mountain Spring Resort which is now a famous cold spring resort of bukidnon. Hot springs is still limited at present.

    I-explore ko yong nasa Pangantucan, the Kidangin Hot Spring. Talaga hindi pa daw developed yon.

  6. ive been to bukidnon too, pero para mag zipline lang sa dahilayan! ang lamig ng place nyo, at ang sarap ng hangin!

  7. hello chyng. True. Malamig talaga dun sa Dahilayan kasi you are at the range of Mount Kitanglad. Part na ng Mt. Kitanglad yon. Parang sa may paanan na yata yon.:-).

  8. i never knew that there's a place called kalilangan. all i knew was it was a festival. now that's how you show your place.

  9. @Dong Ho. Thanks for visiting. I never heard that Kalilangan is a Festival. But, neweys, I just want to share it with you guys that our place is indeed a Food Basket of Mindanao, as tagged for Bukidnon. Kalilangan is a Valley area.:-)

  10. Looks like a good place for landscape photography ah!

  11. @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    Indeed there are so many places in Bukidnon that are good for landscape photography, but I dont yet how to capture them like what would be the appropriate time for best shots....I'm still reading more materials on this. Thanks pre.

  12. Thanks for sharing with us your experience, i haven't heard this cold spring at Bukidnon actually. Keep on posting.

    Cagayan de Oro News

  13. @Akiko.

    Its not a popular place-a secluded one. :-).

  14. nice one sir bonz! i'll be in bukidnon later this year (finally!)


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