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Pine Hills Hotel | A Review - EEVD(Embarrasing Experience on Valentine's Day)

Pine Hills Hotel  |  A Review - EEVD (Embarrasing Experience on Valentine's Day) - Last February 13, 2011, I wrote an article entitled Unexpected | A Pre-Valentine's experience, that was happened in the St. Benedictine of Transfiguration or simply known as the Monastery, which drawn  various  good impressions amongst my friends.  I also mentioned in that article about the effect in doing good things while you are still in this world. But on the following day, the Valentine's Day proper, it seemed that we were confronted with our patience when we went in a hotel of Malaybalay to celebrate the heart's day. The Pine Hills Hotel.
The entrance of the Pine Hills Hotel

My wife went to that hotel in the morning on that heart's day for a reservation of 4 persons. We were charged at P387 per person for dinner date and half for each kid.  She paid the whole amount to be sure of our reservation. After she had my approval, I said to her, "isang beses lang naman yan sa isang taon ang mahal" -(that's only happens once in a year),  I then cracked a joke, "kaya nga mahal eh dahil araw ng pagmamahalan"

The P387 per person was a buffet type of serving and my wife were also informed by their restaurant supervisor that the buffet was an "eat all you can" concept. So, my wife were then satisfied with that information and left the hotel with a sign of satisfaction on her face, as she recalled to me.
We preferred this hotel to celebrate the heart's day because it has a romantic ambiance and surely offers you a quite moment with your family.  

When we arrived at past 7 pm, we headed right away to the "reserved table".  My wife were surprised that our reserved table were already taken by some of familiar faces in this City. That moment, I was very busy in photo shoots. It was only my wife and my kids were the ones who approached the table. 

These were the things why we were very much disappointed and embarrassed on that day.

1. The reserved table -  were already taken by familiar faces and friends of the owner of the hotel. 

2. Food  - there were no food available on the table. The tin bucket were empty and only  a salad and a cold soup were available. They were run short on their estimate. So we waited for almost 30 minutes for their refill. The waiters told us that they were still cooking for the refill. 

3. Table - The available table is a long one with a bench chair having a capacity of 10 person. I then suggested to the waiters to set-up another set and provide us another round table. They took more than 10 minutes to set-up.

4. Response Time :
     4.1 Refill of Viands - they refilled all the empty bucket for more than 30 minutes.
     4.2 Cooked Rice        - over-filled with water and became almost like a  porridge. So we 
                                               have no choice but to eat the porridge like rice.
     4.3 Cups for Soup     -  We asked the waiters to give us some cups for the soup. We need 
                                               to follow-up it in the owners. Maybe about 10 minutes delayed.
     4.4 Water                     - I asked the waiter to fill our glass of water. The waiter forgot          
                                                what  we asked him. 

We were almost in a condition of extreme discomfort and losing our temper with that unexpected inconvenience. But because of our fresh experience in the church that preceding day with a priest in the Monastery, we were able to manage our temper. 

Starving stomach could make you lead to extreme discomfort like temper. That's natural since we paid P387 per person and later we would be able to experience disappointment with their services.

Its not the fault of the waiters but the one who presently managed the hotel. I would not want to display hypocrisy here just to ruin the names of the hotel management but to let them know where to improve their services, especially on special occasion like this one.
This is our P387 per person food.

Blurred result because of starving stomach

Not part of the P387. I ordered separately just to cool down myself. A medicine of  ill-fated reactions with their poor services - "Abre Gana"- appetizer.
At least cooled-down with the beer - roarrrrr.
Transparency of impression would lead to self-improvement for the ones who really want to improve themselves - a crystal clear admission of fault will also lead you to succeed to improve - photo credits to my son

I am just transparent with my sentiment, purposely to let them know that they have to improve their poor services to slightly poor. At least, a little improvement would be sound better.

Though disappointed, we went home sorry with that experience and most importantly we learned to control our human nature.Photo credits to my son
taken by my son, JB-the flashing Buddha

Because as cultivator of faith, we need to deeply understand the side of the management. So, as traveler, we need to have a balance thinking in order to conquer our emotions  especially on this kind of incidents. It happens on the way of our travel- especially in life. In this experience, we learned to control our human nature-the temper, to deeply understand all the restaurant crews and most of all the management.

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  1. Good thing you were still able to control your temper. It's so easy to make a scene especially if you're hungry and you're not getting your money's worth. I hope this feedback from you will improve their service next time.

  2. hi claire. true enough if you are already starving. we cant control our human nature. I am hoping that this will give positive feedback on their part. By the way, are you in Manila right now? or still in Australia.

  3. you have a feigned smile there! i could sense a storm brewing behind those eyes, it could kill a thousand cows if it had to! hahaha...

    i will definetely DEFINITELY not come here. did they give a partial refund or at least apologize to you about this $h!tty experience? You could get this food at a lesser price, and with faster service!

    how incompetent, inconsiderate, and UNPROFESSIONAL for the hotel management to give out paid and reserved seats to their friends! i'm not surprised if they wouldn't be a competitive and profitable business with their work etiquette.

    Pine Hills Hotel FAIL. Boo.

  4. @fetus. Yeah. Though we had a bad experience on that. Fortunately, we managed to control our temper on that day coz i dont wanna spoiled that day for the sake of their incompetence. We just let that go and accept as it was.

    They're really that inconsiderate and unprofessional when they gave our reserved table to their friends.

    Anyway, lets just accept and reflect to that bai. Dawaton ta na lang.!!!

  5. if it was me, i could have done something i regret. i am not a fan of inconsiderate people. I could rally the feeling that during this day, you want to spend quality time with your wife and kids, and it seemed you were robbed with your money. Good job for naming the restaurant. I'll share this to my friends in case they go to Bukidnon. I am really sorry for what had happened.

  6. @Jeric. I did not considered anymore that we were robbed on that day. I'm trying to rationalizing things over on what had happened on that day. Thanks PBJ of sharing this to your friends so that they will be aware of these things.

  7. This is a very interesting blog and so I like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up good job. Kerala Tour Packages

  8. Yeah, nakakainis nga pag gutom ka na tapos ganyan pa mangyayari. And to think the food's quite expensive for what it is. Good thing you kept your cool. I guess there's really nothing that a cold beer can't fix. :)

  9. @rajasthantraveling.

    Thank you for that kind appreciation. I appreciate it much.

  10. @Cedric. Totoo yan talaga pre, lalong lalo na pag gutom ka na. Buti na lang at may beer na malamig (cccooollld beeerrr), at least nag subside and heater ko. hehehe. Ganyan pala talaga pag may good encounter ka the previous days, you will be tested on the next day. Pre, kung meron Canon 550D na second hand, o di kaya yang camera mo that I can afford to buy, baka lang ha ma afford ha. Mahirap na pag pamilyado na may hobby pang photography. LOL.

  11. Hay grabe naman. Puto-rice pa..
    Sana mabasa nila to para maimprove naman nila serbisyo nila.

  12. Wow!Posting your disappointments in your blog site is just a gesture of concern to this establishment. They should know that receiving feedback is the best communication for them to improve their services. I do hope that they will take an effort to win back your trust...Huh!Good that I was not there during that time. I should have done something in behalf of your family that they will be regretful about...LOL.

  13. @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas. Congrats again pre for winning a P&S Canon Camera. O, nga pre. They should improve their services. Hindi lang pala ako ang victim nila. Marami na, last year daw nangyari.:-).

  14. @diamond beau.

    Hello. Thank you for visiting my humble site. They will improve if they want a positive change and ready to listen. Good that you were not there that time, a scene might happen that I will not forget for the rest of my life. LOL. Thanks for that. What gesture of concern to a friend.:-).

  15. OMG!!! I can already see just how BAD the rice was. Para talagang porridge! Ano ba yun???

    Hay naku I'll write about this, too! The money you paid for just went to waste. Parang hindi talaga worth it!!!

  16. @Bukidnon Online.

    Thank you so much for visiting my site. We already missed you. Porridge talaga ang pagka saing. Dali dali cguro dahil parang marami na kc ang na dismaya nung gabing yon.:-).

  17. mabuti nalang at mahaba ang pasencya mo... hehehe!!!

    thanks for adding me up in your list...

    I've followed and added u already...

  18. @Pinoy Adventurista:

    Thank you for adding in your list of Travel Bloggers. Tama ka dre. At least mahaba ang pacencya ko. And I dont want to create a scene on that day.

  19. I admire your cool. If that were me, I could've made a scene AND demanded for a refund. I'm a man bitch eh. Hehe.

  20. halu. AJ. Its hard to make a scene on that day. But if they really provoked my patience, surely they would miss that day. Hehehe.:-).

  21. Wow! I love the foods:) ,how much is the single room here? The hotel looks huge.

    Cagayan de Oro News

  22. @Akiko.

    Actually, I dont like the food. I had a bad experience. That's why I wrote this review. The hotel room I think is 700 up.:-.

  23. Hi there and thanks for this interesting and important post.

  24. I appreciated your kind way of knowledge.Great Stuff Here..hope more to come.

  25. @Apartments in rio de janeiro and Yacht Crew. Thanks to both of you. See you around guys. :-).


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