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Unexpected | A Pre-Valentine Experience

Unexpected  -  Every 2nd Sunday of the Month, my family always expect that this is the day of an outdoor treat. The Brunch with the Monks, at the St. Benedictine of Transfiguration or simply known locally as the Monastery. 

We woke up late at 7:30 am this morning. We hurried-up and prepared ourselves to go to church as one of our Christian obligations. We divided our chores and I hurriedly warmed-up the car but still we went late and caught-up only the homily part of the mass.
In short, the mass has ended, and my 2 kids were both excited with the Brunch. Its my simple gesture also to give time to my family by dating them to this kind of  outdoor regular events. We rushed-up the entrance and paid P600.00 for 4 person or P150 per person,  since there are lots of visitors rushing down to the entrance of  the dining place.  It is also our way to support this community fund raising for the Monks. Anyway, that's only once a month. 

Why I am writing this article and entitled it as unexpected?
It is simply because,  we have noticed this man, who approached and asked the lady of the nearby table if the seat was already taken. The lady replied that it was already reserved to her colleagues where at that time were in line to get their food on buffet serving which is also just in the nearby table.

Having heard that man who were looking for a vacant seat, I called up his attention and offered him to seat and shared with us since the capacity of our table is for 6 persons and we were just 4. 

Before he introduced himself to us, at that moment, there's something that made me offered him the seat right away. I just do not know why. Maybe this man is a tourist and a first timer in this place. He is not familiar and seemed like a stranger to me, that was my  first impression to him.  As traveler, I'd already experienced these things. So I made and did a right choice.

I was the one who broke the silence and asked him in tagalog. "Taga saan po kayo sir?". (Where you from sir?). "Taga Davao po ako, sagot niya" (I'm from Davao, he replied). Ah, so you are just visiting the monastery sir? My follow-up question. Opo (Yes), replied the stranger. So, I told him that one of the landmarks of Malaybalay City is the Monastery.  You know sir that mostly tourists once they've got here in Bukidnon always preferred Monastery as one of their must  go destinations.

Then suddenly, he whispered to us......with a soft voice.....he told us, "pari po ako" (I'm a priest and a missionary). So, right away, we felt so surprised, me and my wife stared each other and we were really that surprised. That was really UNEXPECTED but we considered that experience as a blessing to us. 

Then, after he told us that he is a priest, he then introduced to us his name, "I am Father Robert Chua, a chaplain of San Pedro Hospital and Southern Philippines Medical Center and from Camillan Congregation".  My immediate reaction was to say "Wow, what a great day with a great blessing of person"---honestly told him.  "We are glad father to have you here--warmly welcomed him". He then told us all the places he had been, locally and internationally, which includes  among others, the Taiwan and the Australia. The Taiwanese people really liked him, but as missionary, they will not stay longer in a certain place- he further disclosed.

That is Father Robert Chua-photo credits for my wife

Before he was about to leave, I asked him to have pictures with him and my kids. He has a baritone voice and a soft spoken man and told us that, "once you and your family will visit Davao someday, just dropped-by our office at the San Pedro Hospital or at the Southern Philippines Medical Center". And immediately told him, "with all our pleasure Father, will visit you then". I then told Father Savio of our experience with the encounter of a newly found friend. A priest. 
That's Father Savio - Photo credits for my wife
I could not forget this rare experience in our life. An encounter with an unexpected people at an unexpected time line. Sometimes, these things happened to us especially along our way with our journey in life. I indeed believed that if you do good deeds in life, you will be receiving good things in return. Karma. There is always karma in life. If you do good things and sincere to do good things in life, you will receive good karma in life. Karma defined as the cause and effect. As the saying goes, "if you sow good seeds, you will harvest good fruit"

I wont deny that I am a sinner. But I strive hard not to sin again with the help of our Lord God for the sake of family and kids. If we will let sin dwells in us, we will have all the tendencies to sin again. The bible said, if we resists temptation, we will gain more blessings from God.

So, as traveler, we will always think that along the journey in our life, especially traveling in some places, we will always encounter good people. 

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  1. this is a very nice pre-valentine's celebration. very religious and helps the kids to have more faith in God.

  2. sir, thank you for this post. and thank you for inspiring those who read this post to be gentle, kind and selfless. May God Bless you more!

  3. @leave the cube. Thank you for visiting my site. You are right, we need to teach our children well. That's the only thing that we will leave to them aside from legacy.:-). I've your blog. I am so impressed with your posts. Gong xi fa cai!

  4. another photoblogger/ travel blogger in town. yihhhh!!!

  5. @pinoy boy journals. Thanks with your awe-inspiring words. Your comments also inspires us. Thanks also for accepting my invitation to be part of your friends and part of the PTB.

  6. @pusang kalye. Thanks for a warmth welcome.

  7. rare experience indeed Bonzenti. :) It's true, you reap what you sow. :)

  8. a unique and good pre-valentine experience.
    and I agree, you met a lot of people on the road, so leave a good impression of our country to others. =)

  9. @gael. Yeah. It was indeed a rare experience. We all experience that during our travels. What you reap is what you sow, that's always my standing principle.

    @chyng. We all have unique experiences in life. We have to leave good impression to others para at least makabalik pa tayo sa kanila.:-).

  10. one good thing will lead to another! nice way to pay it forward! :D

  11. @ed. you're right bai. pay it forward since we also travel from one place to another. Its hard that somebody will do bad things to you.

  12. It really pays to be kind to all the people you meet, you'll never know one of these days it might be you who will be put in that very situation. Good karma begets good karma indeed, nice post po :)

  13. hello claire. We dont know the people we encounter during our travels. All we always wanted in life is basically to be good and be kind to all the people we meet. So claire, keep up your good quality, I sensed that to you. You and gael, I know has a grateful heart. That's why you were blessed with good fortune. Keep it up.! Best Regards!

  14. nice story and indeed it was unexpected... iba talaga kapag friendly ang isang tao :)

  15. @james. katulad mo din james. friendly ka, kaya marami kang kaibigan. That's a blessings of person.

  16. Nice. I miss the food sa monastery and the coffee too. I hope to return back this holy week. :)

  17. Hi, Bit & Pieces:

    Druing this event, I like most is their monk's blend coffee. I am not a hard coffee drinker, but Monk's Blend Coffee is one of a kind coffee and proudly real Philippine Product.:-). Hope that you could go back here soon.


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