Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Festive Mode | The 2011 Kaamulan Festival is now 4 Days to go

#1 Cottages were constructed along the Capitol Drive
Last 2 Saturdays ago, I went to the wet market to buy for our weekly food consumption and I passed by the Capitol Ground where I've seen this heavy preparation for the upcoming Kaamulan Festival. These are the normal view of the ground every time Kaamulan Festival is fast approaching. People were busy constructing cottages for their concession sites.

#2 Expansion of the Stage
Just last Saturday, I got a chance to chat with one of my friends who happened to be connected with the Provincial Engineer's Office in this province. He disclosed that the reason why the said stage were extended, is because of last year's incidents, when the convoys of the VIPs were able to occupied first the stage and the supposed to be allotted seats for VIPs were already taken by these convoys. So, in turn, these convoys where asked to vacate those seats to gave way for the VIPS. To avoid that incident not to happen again this coming March 5, 2011, which is the scheduled street dancing, and to kick off at 7 am,---they constructed another 2 kaamulan stage as extension of the existing, which will accommodate more or less 100 pax.
#3 The province also provide a public RR for tourists' convenience

#4 Liko Liko Kaw Ra - "Welcome Back"

#5 Maayad Ha Pag-uma - "Have a Good Harvest"

#6 The entrance to the Capitol Ground proper where the native amenities are located

#7 Driftwood Furnitures Display Area before the Entrance
Below are the night festive mode: I took these snap shots just last night  to feel the most awaited event.
#8 Festive Mode of Fortich Street where the Street Dancing be Held this coming March 05, 2011 @ 7 am


#10 Near the Jolibee Site
 Below are the Day Festive Mode at the Capitol Ground after the Entrance :
 I was able to take some snap shots when visited today the capitol ground. 
#13 Dunkin Donuts

Tara Na! Sa Kaamulan Festival 2011 on March 05, 2011 @ 7 am.

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  1. Mukhang engrande po ang celebration, masyadong pinaghahandaan.:)

  2. I actually have some friends who are attending this one! They are very interested about the local culture. I am too (kaso wala akong plane tickets.) hehe

  3. @claire.

    MEdyo nga engrande ngayon. At medyo may improvement na like before. Dahil sa mga feedbacks last year. Deployment of police force were also considered. :-).

  4. @chyng.

    Congrats pala sa diving lesson mo. galing galing mo. Inggit ako. Never experience pang ganon. snorkeling pa lang. Pa sponsor ka sa mga ads mo, hehehe, para sa plane ticket. :-).

  5. cge Christian. snorkeling. wala pa underwater camera. puede and ulo na lang? hehehe. May ka din snorkeling?:-). Ganda ng Bacolod mo, bai.:-). Ano ba camera mo?

  6. wow! ive heard about this but im not sure of the schedule. ill include it on my list for next year.

  7. hello dong ho. Thanks bai for visiting my site again. kumusta na man pre? naka uwi ka na from japan? Surely next year, we will wait for you here in Malaybalay City.:-). Just inform us ahead.:-).

  8. How long is the travel from Cagayan to Bukidnon? Hope i can visit there someday.

    Cagayan de Oro News

  9. Hi Akiko.

    About 2 hours if for Malaybalay City. 2 1/2 hours for Valencia, all from Cagayan de Oro City.:-)


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