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Kaamulan Festival 2011 | 8 contingent-street theater dance competition

The Datus or Leaders of the 7 hill tribes lead the street competition - as their usual sequence
I woke up @ 6:00 am this morning to catch up the early assembly of the street dancing of Kaamulan Festival 2011 @ Sumpong, Malaybalay City, but still  me and my family  were a little bit late. The competition was already on at around 7:15 am in my watch.

The main thoroughfare was closed to the vehicular traffic to give way with the competition, we opted to walk along the sidewalk heading up to the Jolibee for their breakfast.
Dancers of Malaybalay City contingent

I left my family in the Jolibee and walk along the Fortich Street heading up to  the Bukidnon State University entrance gate, where I have to meet also my cousin Marie Panganiban Antipasado, who is also a member of the Bukidnon Bloggers Group to get my ordered tshirts. There I've met the Malaysian Ambassador, his wife and the delegates from their country just to witness the Street Dancing, which was graced also by the BSU President, Mr. Barroso and his wife. These VIP Guests and delegates where being graced with our organizer and co-member, the Bukidnon Online's Ms. I, and Ms. Marie Panganiban Antipasado, respectively last March 04, 2011, upon their arrival.

After a little "beso-beso" with theVIPs, picture taking with them, welcoming them here in Bukidnon, I then grab my P&S Canon Camera since the first contingent is Malaybalay City was almost near from our place. 

Here are my snapshots taken ; The Malaybalay City Contingents,

Manolo Fortich's float



Valencia City

The driver of the Valencia Float

Sumilao- the maker of the corn coffee

Photo Credits to my wife, JF Panganiban

 Our very own Senator Migz Zubiri -  Oppps! Galing Talaga ng P&S ko, I captured the VIP of Bukidnon

This year's street dancing competition were more focused on an interpretative type of dancing and they were asked to give their own interpretation on a one theme, which is the first quest of  peace in Bukidnon. This is first and different from the previous performances of street dancing competition ever had since I've started witnessing this competition---as the new administration wanted to give Kaamulan Festival a distinct presentation.

They converted the usual street dancing competition to a street theatrical form of performance. 

This year's competition is gracefully attended by only 8 contingents and they were from Malaybalay and Valencia Cities and from the municipalities of Baungon, Lantapan, Libona, Kadingilan, Manolo Fortich and Sumilao

The following photos are the faces of graceful interpretation that captured by my P&S Camera;

This is my first coverage of a festival, and it was an awe-inspiring one.:-).

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  1. Hi Bonz - Unfortunately Jim and I weren't able to make it to the Kaamulan Festival this time so thanks for sharing your great photos here which gave us an idea of what its like out there.

  2. Hello, mam marilou. We missed you here this morning and sir jim. Actually, we already have tshirts for BBG members only. Hopefully that you and Jim would be able to have that tshirts. I'll to order another one for my wife. she likes the design. How are out there in Talakag? Hopefully that we could visit you there someday.:-).

  3. Great post!At least murag nakakita ghapon ko sa nahitabo kay tua ra ko sa sumpong during the competition proper.Go BBG!

  4. Thanks earl. init lang kaayo earl gahapon. pero sulit baya kaayo. naa sad ko kuha "fan like image" ba.:-).

  5. wow! i must see this soon! into my bucket list! thanks for sharing your experience with us...

  6. @mervz.Ok pre. you're welcome here.:-).Hope that they will improve the number of the Lumads or the natives.:-).

  7. You're doing a great job promoting the place, it isn't as popular as the Sinulog or Dinagyang festivals now but who knows, someday it might evolve into one of the biggest festivals in Mindanao.Kudos po :)

  8. Hi claire. You are right. This festival is more than 17 years na since I first witnessed it. I first witnessed the street dancing in 1995. But now is really a different from the previous dance competition. Aside from reducing its numbers.:-). Thanks again for visiting me here.

  9. congrats Ms. Irene.:-). Job well done. kelan tayo punta ng Malaysia?

  10. Thanks for sharing with us your experience. Love your shots, you were able to take a photo of the VIP in Bukidnon.

    Cagayan de Oro News

  11. @Akiko.

    Thank you for that. Its just timely shot.:-).

  12. Excellent post!Awesomepictures,thanks for sharing.


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