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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 1 - Road Experience- Check-point, Check-in Hassles, Credit Card and Late Lunch

at the extension seat of the bus going to Cagayan de Oro City
Some of us were always drifting what to expect, where to go and what type of transportation that we are going to take in Manila once we get there.  On my part, though I am used to this place,  I still have to take some precautionary measures from people who  will take advantage to a "promdi" like me. Nevertheless, according to Lakwatsera de Primera, a sensible traveling dictates a smooth transition in going to your final destination. You need not to be smart. All we have to do is to ask from authorities on what type of transportation we are going to take for a safe and budget travel. (I will write a separate post on this about my experience in taking a right transportation to my destination to MOA).

Two (2) weeks ago before the travel time, I was worn out of things that might happen to me such as, the approval of my training in U.P. Diliman because of so limited time in transmitting our request, the available time slot in service provider if there's any that is available for me and the work that has to be done in order to avoid backlog in the office after done with the training.  In short, things were set smoothly and we were able to book our flight through online booking with the Philippine Airlines. The booking of tickets were done by my office mate, Engr. Papo Bolivia through online-net booking system using his credit card. When I already got the print-out of travel confirmation from the Philippine Airlines at around 2:00 pm of that Friday before the scheduled flight, I then secured the document in my laptop bag without care in reading the condition written at the back.

The travel were all set on Saturday, March 12, 2011, at exactly 2:10 p.m.

I arrived at the Bus Terminal of Malaybalay in the morning of Saturday, anticipating of early bird passenger in the airport's departure area. Rode a "motorela" (a local transportation in Malaybalay) and just arrived in time when the bus is about to move from the terminal bay. I was sitting in the so-called extension seat of the bus.

Check-point Hassles :

At around 20 minutes of travel, we were apprehended by a checkpoint and prompting all the male passengers to get off the bus for routine check-up. This is unusual now in Bukidnon. But because of  recent ambush incidents that killed 4 policemen in Barangay Mapayag last 2 weeks ago, the authorities prompted this routine check-ups of public and private vehicles going to and from Cagayan de Oro City. The inspection were done about 2 minutes and we were then requested to get inside the bus.

I am used to this checkpoints. At least this is also for the safety of the passengers.

After we passed by the Kisolon area, a barangay of Sumilao, about 30 minutes ride from Malaybalay City, just after the checkpoint,  I've got a call from Melo Villareal of Out  of Town Blog and a fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers, informed me that I am invited to witness the 2nd Pyromusical International Competition at the SM Mall of Asia. That was awesome. I repeat, that was really awesome. A call from a famous blogger in the Philippines? I can't believed that. Then I asked myself that time, is this for real? O, cmmon. Then I smiled and thanking him so much of giving me a chance to witness the competition, a chance to meet the other Pinoy Travel Bloggers, a chance for an enduring experience that I will meet MOA that Journeying James have featured in his blog.
I arrived at the Cagayan de Oro Domestic Airport at around 12:15 past noon time.

Check-in Hassles and Late Lunch :

Right away, I proceeded to the check-in counter for early checking in of my baggage. The guy in-charge asked my I.D. for verification of the travel confirmation paper of Philippine Airlines for online booking tickets. Followed by asking my credit card. I told him that it was not my credit card that was being used for booking, its my office mate's card. "Do you have the photocopy of his credit card sir? I said, "none". Then he asked me to have it photocopy or emailed at an email address he gave to me for confirmation of virtual transaction. I then asked him if there is another remedy on this, since I have not brought along a photocopy of his credit card? He replied, sorry sir, that's a company policy. Luckily, that time, my office mate was about to leave their house and about to leave his card in their house, when I contacted him. Whew! that was really also an awesome experience. While waiting with the email, I read the back of the PAL's travel confirmation document. Truly, it was there at the back, an instruction in a bold letter, which state like this, 

             "Virtual credit card is not accepted as form of payment as we may require the actual presentation of the credit card used online."

Then a text message from my co-office mate confirming that he had already emailed the scanned copy of his credit card. A sigh of relief followed when I also had a confirmation from the guy in-charge in the check-in counter. I only had a matter of 15 minutes delay in checking in. 

Moral Lesson :  

1. Had I read the back of PAL's travel confirmation document, and brought along with me the photocopy of the credit card that was virtually used, I would not experience that little inconvenience.

2. If I arrived late, what would be the outcome? My initiative to go early helped me with that inconvenient situation to have at least sufficient time to deal with in a composed manner.

3. I would have my lunch not so late. I took my lunch at around 12:45 p.m. at a nearby food counter, the Mama Inasal.

But still, I was able to board the plane on time at 2:10 p.m. This article is also to thank my office mate (Engr. Papo  Bolivia) of his initiative to prioritize in helping me that time, the check-in counter in-charge, Mr. Cesar Diaz of the Philippine Airlines for his kind words in dealing with this kind of situation, the  Aviation Security Personnel who gave me some advise on what to do and the airport cooperative for a budget snacks. Thanks to all of you.

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  1. Hi Bon – I bet your heart was beating real fast thinking whether you’ll make it or not! Anyway just to share some similar stories:
    My cousin paid her online Cebu Pacific ticket with her own credit card. On the day she travelled she decided to leave her credit card in the house as she thought she won’t be using her credit card where she was going anyway. Upon check-in she couldn’t produce the credit card. Since the airport is quite a distance from her house, she ended up buying a new ticket there and then. Fortunately she had enough cash for a one-way ticket.
    My nephew also travelled with an online PAL ticket paid by Auntie’s credit card. This time he had a photocopy of the credit card which should be OK. WRONG! He was asked to produce a photocopy of Auntie’s ID with a signed note that Auntie has bought the ticket on his behalf. PAL said that it was to ensure that the credit card wasn’t stolen or used without the credit card owner’s knowledge. Luckily it was Auntie who was at the airport to see him off and she was able to write a note on a photocopied ID.
    Lessons can be learned here.

  2. I always bring now a photocopy of the credit card and ID of the card owner after the incident in Davao City. It was my friend who booked our flight before but good thing she was with us. So far Air Phil Express didn't require me to show a photocopy of the credit card 2 weeks ago when I went to Bicol. (Cebu Pac and PAL do)

  3. thanks for posting this sir, would not do that too (photocopy cc) just to be sure =)

  4. @Mam Marilou.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I am really that so nervous when the counter-in-charge required my that photocopy of the credit card that we use for on line booking. good thing that he gave me an option by sending it through email.

    I showed also to the in-charge my company I.D. just for the benefit of the doubt with the booking transaction made. When he required me to just email the photocopy of the card, I felt relieved with the option.

    That was really a lesson learned. So next time if I will use others card for on line booking, I will have it as certified true copy and have it signed with the owner.

    Thank you also mam marilou with your sharing. I will take note on that.:-).

    By the way mam, kelan kaya kami makatikim ng TALBUKS COFFEE?

    Best Regards!

  5. @claire. One thing good also with my experience was I still have time to deal with the situation in a compose manner.

    Just lucky enough to contact my officemate and requested him for the check-in requirements. tsk tsk tsk. My company I.D. also helped me with the situation and the in-charge opted me to submit the other option, to email the photocopy even without my officemate's signature on it.

  6. @Christian:

    It was indeed my first using others credit card. I do not have credit card anymore because I already paid it in full last 2009. I do not credit card for the meantime. I just want to tame myself in purchasing goods on credit. I gave me a headache in paying the monthly minimum due.:-).

  7. wow. i hope they scrap their policy requiring for the photocopy of the credit cards since most airlines don't ask fir it. although i know this is for security reasons, i just wish they verify these stuff during booking the online tickets to avoing inconveniencing passengers. i'm glad you didn't miss your flight!

  8. @doi

    Its just ok if they dont scrap the policy but they should have rationalize or revisit the requirements, so that passengers will not be offended.


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