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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 2 | Fluffy Cotton View - Inflight to Manila

If you haven't read the Series 1 of Reconquering Manila, the Road Experience, Check-point, Check-in Hassles, Credit Card and Late Lunch please read here....

When I heard the announcement of  the flight stewardess of  Philippine Airlines, that "all passengers for the Philippine Airlines Flight 283 bound for Manila must now ready for boarding and fall in line". My heart was pounding. Asked myself, on when was the last time that I boarded a passenger plane? Ah, that was 2006. So, that was 5 years ago, I whispered.

When I stepped outside the pre-departure area, I kept my composure when I saw the Philippine Airline Bus Plane right outside the parking bay/deck and feel the breeze of cool air of the runway, still feeling so excited to go home. Then I grabbed my camera and sees to it that every step I've made towards the ladder of the plane should be randomly taken and documented.
Ah, that was full of excitement. Every step that I made, has full of memories. I first rekindled the time when I and my father went home to his home and migrated land, Gumaca, Quezon, Province and also my birthplace, to  pay respect with the wake of my grandmother in March of 1986 or exactly 25 years ago, as of this post.
Second, the time when I was already in the Bank. That was the time when they sent me to attend a training for 45 days, the Core Credit Batch XI in Intramuros in May 1995.
 The Cagayan de Oro Domestic Airport

 Third, when I fetched up my family in Manila at the onset of our family crisis....
The Airport's Control Tower where one of my classmates, Jedwin Duapa is one of the technical personnel.

Fourth, when we attended my brother-in-laws' wedding, in October 28, 2006, where I represented in lieu of his late father, my father-in-law. On this same date, I was also been invited to represent as Godfather of Earl Bolivar - Suroy Pilipinas, which was in conflict of my brother-in-laws' wedding day.

When I was already on board, a very beautiful smile made by the stewardess  greeted us passengers, "Good Afternoon Sir, Welcome aboard the Philippine Airlines". A feeling of sigh and again I whispered, "this is it".

Finding the seat number assigned, Passenger Seat 14A. I then  placed my hand carry baggage to the compartment. I sat down, and immediately saw the plane's left wing.  I chose the window side so to have a different vantage point where the plane's wing is also a good photography subject. The moment I sat down, I then right away called up my wife that I am already inside the plane and informed her that the plane was about to leave. Then she asked me, "what is your feeling pa, when you saw the plane and you are now going home".
 The plane is slowly rolling down to the runway

I replied. Its too different, ma. I have a mixed feeling at that moment. I felt poignant,  that I already missed very much my father's homeland, the Luzon Island and my birth land, the Metro Manila where I've met my first job and my beloved wife, and much of excitement because finally I will be meeting the 3rd Biggest Mall in the World, the MOA, where most of the tourists fell in-love with its grandeur structures.  
Because of that excitement in boarding again the plane that I've missed so many years ago, I asked my seat mate for a single shot of myself. Thanks to my seatmate which I forgot to ask his name. I think, that seatmate, suffered a hepatitis "A" because he looks yellowish with his gold jewelries. Actually he is a seaman like my brothers.
I have to take pictures even the interiors of the plane to have a rave review if ever my memory would have a gap someday.

Then later, the Captain announced the signal to take-off.
While the plane were ascending, I began to take snapshots of every trivial view. A tick of a moment that again to rekindle was then followed. I can even felt the back draft of the wind that dynamically flowed outside with the plane's wings even that I am inside. 

I can now even say that Cagayan de Oro continued its expansion and development by expanding the area of subdivision within the radial accessible distance from SM Cagayan de Oro wherein, 6 years ago, this area is still a raw land, as far as I can remember. One thing nice right now, that I already started documenting my travels. Thanks to the new technology and my company in issuing me a very nice Canon Point and Shoot Camera.
Someday, this raw land will be turned into a developed subdivision. There's nothing wrong with the development, provided, however that green environment will not be put into a hopeless case or not to be ignored by ignorant professionals. 

Land Use Planners, like me, should always and must consider the green development which includes the retention of the green environment.

The Fluffy Cotton View
I did not mind what other passengers would say while taking these snapshots. All I care is to see the other side of God's creation.

The ocean of clouds

The last time I was aboard a Philippine Airlines, there was no monitor for flight travel updates.
Its snacks time...Coffee with Hansel and greaseless peanut.
The bed of clouds
The monitor told us that Manila is about 21 minutes remaining before touchdown.....

I've seen already part of the Southern Luzon where Gumaca, Quezon is located.

Turning right facing the runway route...

Visibility of densely populated area of Metro Manila.....
The Captain announcing the descent of the plane..."To all passengers, fasten your seat belt, we are now descending to the runway of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport or simply known as NAIA"...Before, this was fondly called as MIA.

Passing over the Roxas Boulevard Extension.....
Seeing part of the Pasay City...
Nearly approaching the final touchdown...
I already seen the old structure of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, where once I've accompanied my brother when he set forth for overseas work. The final touchdown..
The New International Airport-Terminal 2. Then the Captain announced our arrival after the final touchdown.

My dream is really to become a commercial pilot. That dream is still remain a dream now because my parents cannot afford to send me to a pilot school that time. Anyway, I have already 3 professions right now which I enjoyed much in practicing today.  A consolation of a dream which did not come true---to become a commercial pilot.

So, to have a closer view with the pilot's deck, I then asked the stewardess to take a shot with the pilots of the Philippine Airlines. Thanks to these 2 captains for letting me took a shot with them and the pilot's deck

At last--A Dream Come true - to See the Pilot's Deck

Welcome to Manila, "Mabuhay", as I read one of the billboards in the Terminal 2. 

Finally, I felt a sigh of relief when these two pilots managed to land the plane in a smooth and precised manner.  The precision in an angle of inclination in landing a plane is very important to have a smooth touchdown. A special thanks to Captains Johnny Iluscupides and Harris Magallanes.
The more that I approached the exit of the Terminal 2, my excitement to see the MOA was overflowed. At last, MANILA......

My next post is the MOA's experience.....2nd Pyromusical International Competition.....

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  1. Wow, I haven't experienced flying on a PAL plane, thanks for a sort of walkthrough.

  2. ako din, d pa ako nsakay sa PAL, pang budget planes lng ako. haha ang ganda pala sa loob, sowsie! :)
    at pede pala magpapapiktyur sa my piloto. ayus!

    glad to have met you kuya Bon, hope to see you again soon! :)

  3. hello gael. ganda nga ngayon eh. dati walang monitor to see the updates of your flight. Ngayon, sosyal na sila. Nag pa huli lang ako sa pagbaba. Game na man sila at mababait din.

    Glad to meet also gael. galing ng kuha niyo sa fireworks. Inggit ako dun. hehehe.

  4. i really thought the guy had hepatitis. lol on the description.

    astig! i should have one of those cockpit shots as well. hehehe.

  5. hello, fetus. astig jud bai. its my childhood dream to become a commercial pilot. That is why, i did not let go that chances to take a shot with the pilots before i got off the plane.:-).

  6. @Mar. Thanks for visiting my site.:-).

  7. Hahaha natawa ako dun sa "hepatitis" part =) I like reading your entries, Kuya Bon! Very honest, engaging and I learn a lot about you through your entries =)

  8. Hello Irene [Bukisnon Online]

    Once It comes from the heart with utmost sincerity, it will just flowed. Thanks for this kind appreciation.:-).


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