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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 3 - Road to MOA - Is the FARE Taxi Rate really that FAIR?

baggage conveyor area
Please read series 2 for better appreciation to read this post. 


After I disembarked from the plane, right away, I proceeded to the tarmac,  the escalator of the terminal 2, and headed directly  to the baggage conveyor to get my bag.
The first thing I did was to have a minute of observation and re-familiarization of the terminal premises. Then got up using the escalator and proceeded to the taxi bay outside the pre-departure and arrival lobby.


I spotted the taxi drivers right outside the terminal and asked one of them on how much would be the fare rate from the standpoint to the MOA.

Much to my surprise, the rate he disclosed to me is P250, flat rate. Mind this one, its not  fare rate, it is a FLAT RATE. Flat rate in my own definition is synonymous to "contracting without using the taxi meter". I am a budget traveler. In as much that I could spend less even that I have baggage to bring along, I should do it. 

What I did,  as budget traveler, I sought a second opinion from a guard, if the flat rate is fair and worth enough. The guard advised me not to take taxis from the airport especially in going to MOA, since MOA is just only not too far from the airport.  He further told me that the nearest bus stop is just 80 meters from the terminal lobby.  

That was really a good advise from a guard on duty. Luckily, the guard on-duty is also a Cebuano like me. Thanks to that, my friend. 

Wiser decision is to take the bus because of heavy traffic. The bus has no meter, though it has a flat rate, I only paid at P15.00. See, I save more than 90% of P250.00.

I really miss this bus' signboards when I was once an employee in Makati., especially the Crossing. We used to visit SM Mega Mall almost every weekend for malling activity.  

I took a shot on these signboards as my guide, and your guide too on what signboard should you remember in going to MOA. Just look a bus with a signboard of  "MOA", or "Mall of Asia" if you are from Quezon City or Philcoa or from within Metro Manila.
The usual scene - heavy traffic.
When asked by a conductor where I've been. At first I did not told him that I am "promdi probins", instead I counter his question on what province did he came from? He told me that he is from Butuan City. Then that was the time I told him, that I am from Bukidnon. He then told me to just drop off at the Baclaran Multicab terminal bound to MOA.

Before I took the multicab bound to MOA, I tried to negotiate first with an Avanza taxi again.  When overheard by a lady at the back of me, she asked me to join and we'll just divide the fare, which is the usual here in Metro Manila. The taxi driver was hesitant to accommodate the lady's request and asked me to add an amount if she will join.  I told him  to  just use the meter. He didnt replied. Because of that, without a word, out of irritance, I slightly slammed the taxi's door and stared at him. That was really a disgusting condition. I already knew this kind of racket of few drivers in Metro Manila. They will always take an advantage to a "promdi", like me.  Do not let this kind of dealings happens to you. Sensible traveling is always that matters.

I then transferred to a multicab and paid only P11.00 pesos. So I only paid a total of P26.00 for the whole duration of my travel from the airport to MOA.

While the multicab was picking up more passengers at the terminal, I  was alert and observant to the barkers. I am not complacent with this place since I was once resided here. 

Matter of Advise:
As a budget traveler, be always on a smart look. Your facial expression does matters. Project a stricter look. As much as possible, use cheap sunglasses to oversee and observe people that surround you.
At last, my first 100 steps on the 3rd biggest Mall of Asia has come to reality. I then grabbed again my camera to capture the replica of our Mother Earth.
Another farther steps and stopped for awhile for a next shot. I spotted this twin hyperbolic structures with glass and ribbed type design, in which it's my first time seeing this  kind of structures with architecturally designed.
At a closer look of this hyperbolic ribbed type design, of which I then smiled to myself. What I have experienced on this day, from the airport to this famed Mall of Asia, the moves was indeed an "EASY MOVES" or in other words, a SMARTER MOVES. 
I then moved on to the baggage counter where I deposited  the same for a comfortable and convenient viewing of the 2nd pyromusical international competition which was to be shown 2 hours later. I arrived in the 3rd biggest Mall in the World at around 5:30 p.m., and got a text from the in-charge of the VIP Pass for the competition that Melo Villareal of Out of Town Blog had requested for its distribution. Again, I cannot outrightly explained my emotions that time, but I am really grateful that I am backed again to Dazzling MANILA and thankful to Melo Villareal.

The nicest thing in traveling solo is you learn more things, from the transportation you want to take, the places you've been and you wanted to visit and learned to ask more about the places.

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  1. nice tips! we will try this route the next time we're in Manila.

  2. @Earl.

    Better to take the bus. You can save as much as 95% of the P250.00 flat taxi rate from the airport to your final destination. Its more convenient. Good luck with your next manila trip.

  3. @Batang Lakwatsero.

    We just be cool in traveling. Lets always be smart in our dealings with people.:-). Always cool in temper.

  4. Sir, don't think what others think about promdis. i don't even get why people would think promdis are less of great. if i were given a chance, i would want to live in the province. sadly, i was born, raised and is living in the city. i knew one day, when i start a family of my own, i will live in the province and raise my kids in the province. When you're in Manila next time, let me know sir.

  5. PBJ. I'm just speculating with other people would might say especially those who would want to take advantage with the "Promdis". Promdis syempre are not too familiar with metropolis unlike me that I live almost half of my life in the urban cities. Since, I am a nature lover, I prefer to stay in the rural area for clean air, the cost of living, proximity to the office, etc.

    By the way thanks for your advise and concern PBJ. I appreciate that. I will let you know if i will be in Manila soon.:-).

  6. Sir Bonzenti, i'll be visiting MOA (1st time) this coming May 2011, could you help me with some directions on how to get to the baggage check-in/out office? thanks!

  7. @alxjvr.
    For checking-out. From the plane or tarmac, head directly and take the escalator going down to the baggage conveyor (airport). If you are checking-in your baggage, go directly to the ticket counter. Then you will be advised whether you check-in your baggage or not. if you can carry along with you, then it must be fine. if you a have excess baggage, better to have checked-in.

    I hope that I answered your query right. Thanks for visiting my site.:-).

  8. @Bonzenti

    thanks for the reply. apologies for my misleading question sir. i was referring to the baggage check-in/out at the MOA.

    i'll be arriving around 8 in the morning and i plan to leave my baggage first at MOA's baggage counter and kill some time there before checking in at my hotel at 2 in the afternoon.

    is MOA's baggage counter at rear part of hypermart?

  9. @alxjvr

    You can also leave your baggage in the baggage counter at the back of the hypermart.

    There is also a baggage counter at the department store which more convenient and accessible than the one at the back of the hypermart, while looking for a hotel.


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