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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 10 | Blend of Old and New Houses

Gusaling Corazon C. Aquino

INTRAMUROS, or also known as the "walled city" is the old capital of Manila, was built in 1571. It remains a monumental, ruined, relic of the Spanish period in Philippine history. It is a city within a city, separated from the rest of Manila by its stone fortress. This ancient capital had well-planned road networks, plazas, the Palacio del Gobernador and churches. However, many buildings were ruined in World War II.

Fort Santiago was declared a national shrine and Intramuros a historical monument by Republic Act (RA) 597 signed on March 6, 1951. RA 1607 signed on August 23, 1956, declared the Walled City a “commercial, residential, and educational district.
As I about to leave these beautiful and medieval old churches and old houses of this historical site, I also observed that even though that the building  were too old,  there are efforts  about restoration of "The Historical Buildings" of this site and the restoration of its original moat and esplanade from the administration. .

As I continue roamed around, I also observed that new houses were blended with the old houses. Unfortunately, these new houses were not new in a sense of a pleasant design but they are shanties built by informal settlers.

I rented a "trisikad" or locally known as "padyak" or sidecar and I interviewed the driver about those shanties that I have spotted when cruising along the road of Cabildo Street. The driver disclosed that those shanties where already there long time ago. I did not have a chance to take photos on them because of fear from camera grabber.
I then asked myself on where was the glittering Intramuros when I visited this place in 1992? Where we could see a nice restaurants along the Cabildo Street to the Manila Cathedral. Perhaps by now, the administrators have plans to take some actions on how to settle the problem on how to deal with these informal settlers, since they were just so minimal in number.  However, the place is generally safe based on my experience. 

Korean Tourists on a "Calesa or Kalesa"-a horse-driven carriage- Experience the Calesa Tour

The Calesa Tour within the Walled City is just up to this section. I could say that my tour within the walled city or the Intramuros is fulfilled.
courtesy of for this map

The Walls -The Main Entrance is leading to the General Luna Street and to its end is the Manila Cathedral
Covered walk leading to the Luneta Park

4 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. my home for 5 years - jan ako nag-aral sa intramuros! =)

  2. @chyng.

    Anong school ka dito, Letran? Meron pang magagandang old houses dito sa Intramuros but that time, I was short of my exploration time.:-). Galing talaga ng intramuros. Its also my home for 6 months.

  3. I did the walking tour or should I say padjak tour of Intramuros back in 2009. I studied in Diliman kaya d ko pa naikot to date so sabe ko, everyone's talking about the old place and I hvnt seen it. So I grab my old cam and kahet pilay pa ako nun from my Sagada trip, inikot ko tlga xa. haha But I wasn't disappointed, super worth it! =)

  4. Hello Ga-el.

    Its super worth it in touring around the old place. Kumbaga, dyan nag umpisa tayo, ang Pilipinas and kung ano na tayo ngayon being a freeman from colonizers. But I didnt had a chance to visit the San Agustine Church because of wrong choice of way in exiting the place. May dala kasi akong bag na eh. But it was so nice and worth for another visit.:-).


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