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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 11 | Visita Iglesia - FATE because of FAITH

The Basilica of the Black Nazarene or The Quiapo Church

2nd Day in Reconquering Manila | Con Tour @ the Quiapo Church - visited "The Black Nazarene".

This is actually my 2nd Visita Iglesia on my 2nd Day of Reconquering Manila after done  with the Manila Cathedral, Palacio del Governador,  The Fort Santiago and the Old and New Houses of Intramuros.

Philippines is dominantly a Christian country. Filipinos have so many beliefs. One of these beliefs is to visit first the Church of a certain place if its our first time. Some kisses the pavement of the airport upon arrival. There's nothing wrong with this practice since we have our own unique ways in doing so.

Structures that epitomizes our Catholic Faith are our Churches, and one of these Churches is the Quiapo Church.

Quiapo is located in a bustling, busy, crowded and referred to as the Old Downtown of the City of Manila. It is a district where the Quiapo Church is located, and the feast of the Black Nazarene is being held, with over a million of devotees attending annually.

Quiapo is also known as the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene and is geographically located at the very center of the city of Manila. It is bounded by Estero de San Miguel on the South, San Miguel on the East, Recto Avenue on the North and Quezon Boulevard on the West.
The Black Nazarene
In 2004, my wife recalled her experience in cruising the Lacson underpass. As far as I also remember, this underpass has eight holes or octagonal shaped-underpass.  Every time she passed through this 8-holed underpass, she always got lost and could hardly managed her way to the exit going to the Quiapo Church. She had regular visits  every Tuesdays and Fridays for her special prayer intention, and believed that the "Poon" or the "Black Nazarene" had lead her to the altar of the Church.  Saving our marriage, was her special prayer intention.  
Lacson Underpass
If the prayer is sincerely done,  it could lead us to good FATE.

The Feast of the Black Nazarene is on January 09. My daughter's birthday is on January 10. Now that we are together, our daughter's birthday always keep reminding us of that miracle and answered prayers.
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That was happened in this season of lent.

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  1. Love the first photo! Sadly, we weren't able to do Visita Iglesia this year. Actually I haven't done such in a long time. Hopefully I can join my relatives next year.

  2. Halu gay. You may try to visit your nearby church. Try to visit the blessed sacrament. Spend there about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Talk toHim.:-). I have a nice experience in intramuros in my last visit. Regards to Baby Luna and your hubby.:-)

  3. Some devotees are heading to Antipolo church in Rizal by means of alay lakad. They use to do it during the night of Holy Thursday until they reach the Antipolo Church.

  4. @Thunderbird Rizal Casinos:

    Hello thenderbird Rizal Casinos. Thank for sharing this additional info. Actually, I've experience that before with my wife. That was in 1993. :-). Hopefully to visit again Antipolo someday.

  5. thanks for sharing this ...We have the same fascination with churches... Its really about time for us people to visit the church.Pray.Talk. and blog about it... nice and very informative site.. hope I could get into those places you have been to as well.. May God bless you and your family.=)


  6. @Chinchan:

    Its indeed about time to blog about church. You're right.:-). Thanks for this one. God Bless you too and your family.

  7. Hi Kuya Bon, it's been a while since my last visit here, marami pa po bang nakalinya sa Manila series?

  8. hello claire. its been a long time not seeing you here. Hows Australia na? Yeah, up to 22 series pa to. Just rest muna. dami pa trabajo. HOw are you na?

  9. Quiapo Church is formally the San Juan Bautista Church but is better known as the shrine of the Black Nazarene, object of delirious frenzy every 9th of January, perhaps the iconic representation of Manila and the people of the Philippines itself.

  10. Hello Buy and Sell Philippines.

    Thanks for that additional info.:-).


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