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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 4 | Meeting with some Pinoy Travel Bloggers at Mall of Asia

The moment has come. The 4th in 22nd series in reconquering manila.

Meeting with some Pinoy Travel Bloggers in the Philippines  that could be considered as one of my unforgettable experiences in traveling solo.

 The gathering and meeting with some of the famous Pinoy Travel Bloggers at the 3rd Biggest Mall in the World, the MALL of ASIA, had been realized.  One by one, we arrived at the meeting place, in front of the Coffee Bean near the Dance Hall. The first one who arrived was Claire [The Lakwatsera de Primera],  followed by Chyng Reyes [No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin'!].  I then saw Gael  Thepinaysolobackpacker, Jonel of Lets Go Sago and Izah  the Trip@dora, who were already in the assigned table at the Dance Hall. 

Mr. Christian Miguel of SM MOA was the one who distributed the Media Tag and the SM Gift Check worth to be remembered.

Photo Credit to: Izah Morales of Trip@dora
The 2nd Pyromusical International Competition was to start minutes later.  To make a remarkable shots,  they set-up all their photography gears. I then asked Ms. Izah on this shot. 

I said to myself, at last, that was really a mission accomplished coz I've already met Mall of Asia and some of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers in the Philippines and this could be considered as one of my unforgettable experiences in traveling solo. If I could describe these people, I could best describe them as simple, humble and sincere people. 

You could just imagined that we've just met virtually some months ago and then met each other in this famed Mall of Asia, where these could only happened once in a lifetime. 

We could revisit not only the memorable places we've been, but also the  good  and the memories that we've been experienced in a certain place. Like the Mall of Asia, and the other places we've been and the experiences and memories we been through, such as the food we ate that was free and courtesy of the CABALEN, the free ticket to personally witness the  finale of the 2nd Pyromusical International Competition, the gift check, and the friendship that we could value for a lifetime.
Chyng Reyes - "No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin'!

The Dance Hall

From Left: Izah Morales [Trip@dora], Claire Raborar [Lakwatsera de Primera], Me [Con Tour Blog], Gael Hilotin [The PinaySoloBackpacker] and Chyng Reyes [No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin'!]

The Food by CABALEN

The CABALEN Food Crew

That's Jonel of Lets Go Sago besides Chyng then James Betia. Marcos of Ambot-Ah   and Angel Juarez with black cap    

from my left Darwin Miranda Cayetano and James Betia

The two lovely ladies- the others were busy with their photo-gears
My share
I would like to express my special, worthwhile and sincere thanks to Melo Villareal [Out of Town Blog], Mr. Christian Miguel of Creatif Foire Pro Incorporated and SM Mall of Asia for the ticket and Cabalen for our  free and delicious dinner.

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  1. nice meeting you too sir!
    iniwan nyo naman kami, nag-inuman kayo ni James! haha

  2. thanks for the post Bonz. there are now faces to the names at least of some PTB folks! Hope to meet them too!!

  3. Hi chyng. Gusto ko na kasi ding mag rest na eh. nakakahiya nga kay james. siya pa nag bitbit ng bag ko, tig isang beer lang kami. mga 2 am na kasi. hahanapin ko pa yong dorm namin sa Intramuros. nag set kami ng another schedule, kaso lang hindi rin natuloy together with Earl (Suroy Pilipinas). I was invited by the speaker to have dinner with them. See you next time manager chyng.:-).

  4. Hi, mhe-anne. Hope to see you soon atty. Busy lang kayo sa practice ng choir dati. Madali lang kayong mag meet sa kanila dahil magkalapit lang kayo dyan.:-). This post is really dedicated to all of you.:-).

  5. Hi gay. All I thought that you were just in Manila. Hope to meet you also.:-).

  6. Hi! I already posted your link in my blogroll. Thanks for the link back and for visiting my blog... :)

  7. i hi ako sa two lovely ladies wehehehe

  8. @Venus. thanks also. :-). Hope that we and Bukidnon Bloggers will have another meet up activity.:-).

  9. Wow swerti!! Anjan din ako nun pero di ako kasali sa mga superbloggers hehe, kakalat kalat lang ako =P

  10. @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas :

    Sayang, hindi tayo nagkita ba. Hope to meet you, photography master.:-).


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