Tuesday, April 12, 2011

RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 5 | A Chance to Witness the Finale of 2nd Pyromusical International Competition at SM Mall of Asia

The night was so calm and complemented with a good weather, but the event, the  Finale of the 2nd Pyromusical International Competition, held last month at the Mall of Asia, above all, was really complemented with a remarkable performances that participated with the Australia and the Philippine contingents. 

Thousands of spectators rushed up early before five in the afternoon, bravely traversed the bumper to bumper heavy traffic along the major thoroughfare leading to the Mall of Asia, and patiently waited for almost 3 hours before the event was started by the Australian contingent.

Though I do not have tripod, I still managed to take some selected snapshots on that night. I only perceived just to have some souvenirs with that spectacular finale, nothing less, nothing more. 

I was only packed with full of excitement, courage to document  though with blurred photos, I still did not gave up the eagerness and enthusiasm to grab the rare chances in our life  in that moment---that is to witness and have some captured photos of the finale. 

Why rare chances? Because I came from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.  That week before the event, I'd posted a comment in the FB account of PTB group,  informing them with my side trip  to MOA on that day of March 12 for a seminar-training engagement at U.P. Diliman. Right after I posted an announcement, Melo Villareal of Out of Town Blog informed me that I'll be given a Media Pass for that final event of pyromusical competition. That was really a humble invitation for me, though it was not assured because of other PTB members who were also that interested. 

However, If there is more than sincere words in thanking him for the rare chances to witness that event, that word is really a final say. Wootwoot!     
Until now, I still cant believe that I was given a chance to  Witness the Finale of 2nd Pyromusical International Competition.   That would be a lucky day for me, because on that day, I only planned to visit the  SM Mall of Asia and  I was unaware that that same day was the FINALE of the said event.

Above and below are the snapshots that I have taken (just bear with the blurred effect :-).

spectators in the dance hall near our place

Below are the captured photos for the Philippine Entry.  Since we have with us the media pass, we have an easy access to find a great vantage point. The best vantage point was the seaside wall, where you can capture also the reflection on the seawater.

The guy with video is Darwin Miranda Cayetano, also a member of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers, from Batangas

After the event, China declared as the champion, followed by the UK and Japan. The blurred effect was just a camera effects.:-). Cheers!!

2 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. i missed this one when Melo was giving out passes to travel bloggers. di kasi ako nakadaan ng Manila at the time. but it would've been a nice way to bond with other PTB members! :D

  2. Ed,

    laking pasasalamat ko nga kay melo villareal in giving me this opportunity. imagine, libre yon.:-). Chance din na nakapunta ako ng maynila that time.


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