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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 6 | Wanted Taxi - On our Way to Rotonda to find a taxi for Intramuros

Photo credits : Journeying James
Best Experience

Maybe you might come across in your mind and might probably would asked me on how would I best described my experience after given a Chance to Witness the Finale of 2nd Pyromusical International Competition at SM Mall of Asia. I would rate it from 1-10 scale, it would be an upscale rating, in one or two words, it was the BEST or perfectly the BEST.  

Worthy and Grateful :

If I would give that experience on 5-phrases of 3-4 sets of words. These are described below;

"That was AWESOME"
"Twas WORTHY enough"
"Thanks to PTBs"
"Thanks to JourneyingJames"

Despite of too much Exhaustion, I should still have to move : My Secret? PHARMATON:
After the culmination of the said competition, we gracefully got back to the dance hall.  Done with photo shots with the PTBs that night and lots of chats with the group, at almost 10 pm, Journeying James gave a signal to vacate the place to look for beers.
Long hour of travel from Bukidnon made me so exhausted that night. Not already used with the vehicular traffic, we walked along the major thoroughfare going to Rotonda where we couldn't barely find a taxi that time. We saw one, but it was occupied. James, suggested that, if my option is to take a taxi, better spot is in the Rotonda. 

We walked and took some souvenir pictures of the Mall of Asia along our way. We landed at the taxi parking bay area, still the traffic was so heavy and bumper to bumper. It seemed that the movement of every vehicle that time was at a slowest motion because of multitude of people anywhere else within the vicinity of the mall.
Photo Credits : Journeying James

Photo Credit : Journeying James - James said, "Sir, I've just got a good shot for you".
This was my expression because of too much exhaustion. I started traveled on this day at 9:30 AM from Bukidnon.
I wish that I was with my wife---wandering while watching people rushing up to their respective homes
Arcade :

We then dropped by an arcade. We ordered 2 bottle of beers and checked the time. It was already almost 2 AM. We snooped awhile at the performers while sipping the single bottle of beer. When I remember the health guide about too much exhaustion and drinking of beer, I then signaled James that we have to take some rest and go home, because I still have to find my dormitory at the Intramuros. I'm still craved to drink beer at least 3 bottles that night, but my body was not too conditioned to respond to it. 

Presence of Mind :

Why was that? I have to avoid, possible Cardiac Arrest. I just remembered my friend in Land Bank Engineering Department who died from Cardiac Arrest because of too much exhaustion from a long travel from Batangas, who drunk first 2 bottle of beers before he got to bed. Then the following morning, he  no longer seen the light of the rising sun. 

Emphatic and Compassionate Person :

Good thing also that Journeying James was so emphatic  and compassionate to note my exhaustion that time. We went out from that arcade and proceeded to the Rotonda, assisted me to carry my other bag without a word. That was really another good deeds of a Good Samaritan. James is a good man. I sensed that from Him. He is a true person that you can lean and rely on. For me, I would considered that encounter as one of my most memorable experiences in my life. An encounter of a good person who helped me all the way up to the rotonda, (carried my bag) no other than Journeying James who is also a teacher by Profession, and good event that was worth to be remembered. 

I still believe  that if there are lots of "bad people" out there, they were  still outnumbered with good people. Journeying James is one of the good people that I encountered on that day aside from Melo Villareal (met through phone) and other PTB friends that I've met on that day.

Surely, I will be missing the Mall of Asia.....Someday, I will bring my family to this famed mall. 

Almost got an accident :
Though the taxi driver roamed me around the Intramuros that dawn at almost 3 AM, pretending that he was not familiar with the place, do not know where Cabildo St. or the Land Bank Training Center is and almost got an accident that time by almost collided with the  entrance  gate, the guard on duty still allowed me to check-in our dormitory at 3:15 am at dawn.  I salute you guard!!
I would still even say that Mall of Asia is one the chosen HOME OF THE GOOD GUYS, most importantly, prayers for a safe travel.

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  1. galing ni James, endorser talaga ng MOA! :D

  2. Journeying James is also one of my favorite PTB peeps I met in person. Was a nice gesture from him to help an 'exhausted' but fulfilled traveler from all the way from Bukidnon. If all of us could do something like that to other visitors/ tourists then we'd see Manila as the number 1 place to visit for foreigners..

  3. salamat sir for the warm words, i learned a lot from you over a bottle of beer, hahaha :)
    kudos to people like you, very down-to-earth.
    more paglalakbay at kita kits sa bukidnon

  4. @marky. I agree to your opinion. That will definitely boosts the tourism industry thus provision of more jobs shall follow.:-).

  5. @Ed.

    Real people, thats how I assessed James when I met him.:-).

  6. @james.

    Hayai, sa next time, we will order more beers. Thanks also with the kind words.:-).


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