Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why do we see so many PYLONS?

Lets take a break first from Reconquering Manila series. Lets take a look this structure and remember its name.

NAPOCOR Tower, as we fondly called this kind of structure, because the one who installed this structure is the National Power Corporation or in short, NAPOCOR. But through my intensive research of this type of structure, I discovered it that the name of this one is Giant Masts or called as PYLONS

Pylons  are the one who supports cables of wire that convey electricity from the source to its distribution area. In Bukidnon, our source of Electricity here is from the Hydroelectric Power Plant, like in Maramag, Bukidnon or the Pulangui IV. Unlike other places where they get there electricity from Wind and Solar, and the latest is from human energy discovered by a Japanese, as featured in the Discovery Channel.
The Pulangui hydropower plant in Bukidnon generates 255 megawatts (MW) and began operations in 1985.

For touring or educational tour purposes, the Pulangui Hydropower Plant in Bukidnon is located in Camp 1, Maramag.   It is located about 6 kilometers from Maramag proper and can be seen along your way to Davao City. 

Lastly, Mindanao generally relies on hydroelectric power to provide electricity to the region.,

Giant Masts or Pylons have been erected all over the country which are connected by powerful cables. Energy travels down these cables at about 250,000 kilometers a second, which is almost as fast the speed of light. 

Other thing also, that once your property will be affected  of these highway of pylons, automatically you will be compensated justly by the Government 

However, for loan purposes, if your property had been offered as collateral and affected by these Pylons,   a 30-meter easement will be deducted from the total area, thus the valuation of your property will also be affected because of the provision of easement.

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  1. interesting and informative, and I love the 2nd pic kuya Bon! =) thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Ga-el.

    I'd just love to take photos on this kind of structure. Luckily, I've got a good vantage point in shooting. Thanks for appreciating it. By the way, approved na pala adsense ko.:-).


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