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Bukidnon | Pantaron Range - The Depleting Hidden Paradise

End of the World?

Perhaps or maybe it shall be happened. But we do not know and no one could say as to when would be the end of the world. This is the hottest news in the past few weeks all over the world that some groups predicted to happen last May 21, 2011. In May 24, 2011, the same group admitted that they were short with their interpretation on some verses in the Bible. Instead, they again predicted to happen on October 21, 2011. - Latest News.

Almost 4 hours on the road from Malaybalay City, right after lunch, we then headed to the Pantaron Range or the protected forest areas of this place. When we are about to ascend, I then observed that there is indeed a hidden paradise in this Barangay Kalagangan of San Fernando, Bukidnon. The guide then asked to take some pictures of this hidden paradise. I then whispered on how great is our creator, giving us this paradise, a place where we would spent the rest of our life, and then later, some people will just destroy the nature by cutting trees without even care for reforestation. 
Depletion of forest areas by cutting trees without reforestation? This is the cry of other organizations. We have to protect our Watersheds.  Pantaron Mountain Ranges is one of the declared protected areas in Bukidnon along with Mt. Kitanglad and the Mt. Kalatungan. 

Endangering if not properly handled by the people who have been authorized to protect and secure the place. Cutting of trees will be rampant in a few days from now, thus, this will deplete also our WATER RESOURCES because of the provision of the highway linking Bukidnon and Davao Norte Provinces. 
Development is not bad, if political will is there to protect these protected areas. Conversion of lands into Alienable and Disposable in order to provide more production areas should not ignore the fact that along the boundaries of the awarded land there should be spaces which will be planted to  trees. But what was happen instead? I will leave this question to you.

As I observed in con touring all over the fringes of Bukidnon, people are now aware of about the worsening condition of Mother Earth. We can now feel the brimming heat of the sun. Hence, we have to continue with our advocacy. An advocacy to continue to plant trees for the benefit of our children and their children. 
We can even see that some parts of the Mountains were now being utilized as production areas even though that some of these were still part of the protected areas. 
The Protected Areas- The Pantaron Mountain Ranges-is it really protected?
Can you see that some portion of these protected areas is now denuded. 
Kalagangan Bridge

Our Water, Our Life, intended for us and for Our Children

Crystal Clear water from this Mountain.

Some evidences of denuded portion of the mountain
Longest Solar Dryer ever existed while still not fully utilize as highway

The End of the World lies in our hands if we continue ignoring the cry of some organizations whose advocacy is to protect our Water Sheds. Let us put aside our worldly desire or interest to some extent that we cannot be of blame about the worsening condition of our Mother Earth. We still want to see that the earth is still blue. My son's internet screen name is blue earth. At the age of six, he invented that internet screen name. 

Even a little child, cannot speak what he feels, but the cry of his heart is really that obvious about the worsening condition of our nature. If the spelling of HEART dropped down the letter "R", it will becomes HEAT. That would be the time that I will conclude about the End of the World.

Updated :Seconds of Video on the water stream.

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  1. Sustainable development I guess is the key Kuya Bon. Embracing the changes but with less impact on the environment.

  2. @lakwatsera de primera.

    Hi claire. It is indeed sustainable development. Another key here is adopt a watershed program should also be sustained.

  3. There is a need for nationwide education on sustainable development in our country. We cannot just take away resources for our own good. Take away, give back. Life should work that way, right?

  4. @neldeleon

    I agree with you nel. I am sad seeing some of the portion of protected areas already denuded despite of the fact that almost all of us now are gearing towards rehabilitation of our forests and yet there are still some people who take advantage. There should be a nationwide awareness through educational campaign on this matter.

  5. great photos bon!i felt sad seeing the denuded mountains though.

  6. I agree, people should be educated so they know the consequences of their doings. It's just sad to see that there are some people who abuses the environment just for the sake of money.

  7. @Earl.

    I already heard about the Pantaron Range Watershed before. I never expected that I could go as far to the foot of this sacred mountain as they say. When I discovered that some parts of this mountain were already denuded. I cant help but to take some photos on it, just to expose it to the world on what is happening on our forestal areas here in Bukidnon.:-).

  8. @Tina.

    Depleting also of some production areas which finite in nature, some people now tend to go as far as the protected areas [forest areas/watersheds] which is highly restricted. These people were not fully aware of what is happening with our mother earth right now.:-).

  9. thanks for sharing photos of Bukidnon! nice to see what it's like to be there sir!

  10. Hello Ed.

    Me and Earl has that unsolicited effort to share about our province for you guys to feel what it's like to here in our place. Some of our friends in Manila asked us before kung san daw itong lugar namin, lalong lalo na ang Malaybalay, at kund itong lugar daw namin ay inaabotan ba daw ng kulog...natatawa na lang ako sa comment na yan. Neweys, thanks for visiting my site and reading some of my posts. I also followed your site. Nanginginig lang ako kasi, I have fear in height.:-).

  11. The beauty of the south is getting known because of your blogs guys. Thanks for your unsolicited eforts.

  12. Hello Thunderdbird Resorts.

    Long time no hear. Thanks for visiting again. Because of being the food basket of mindanao, development is in slow pace right now.:-).

  13. nel, that's quite right. we should advance and prioritize the preservation of our environment!

  14. Bonzenti, are you from Bukidnon? Such a nice place. My family visited there particularly in Dahilayan Park and tried that ziplining. Truly your place is gifted with beautiful nature. Anyway, good advocacy about preserving mother nature. Thumbs up!

  15. I see that a lot in my town now of Montalban. It's really so sad to see the mountains there denuded nowadays :(

  16. @cagayan de oro

    Yeah. I live here in Bukidnon. Bukidnon has lot of place to offer to travelers like us, but some these spots were still undeveloped or under develop. Thanks again with your kind appreciation. Lets us be an advocate of environment. By doing that, we then realize that in simply throwing our garbage, we always consider our environment.

  17. Hi Aleah.

    Often times some people dont realize that. Here in our country, we do not have strict implementation of reforestation. It is sad also that Luzon is now experiencing flood and even some of the areas in Mindanao because of indiscriminate cutting of trees. tsk tsk tsk. What else can I say now.:-). Lets do our part na lang in leading some of our friends in planting trees.

  18. great job guys....we are happy to know "responsible mountaineers" who really care our nature. Indeed, Bukidnon is a highland paradise, a safer place for nature lovers.


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