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Bukidnon | Verdant Hills and Valleys of the Province

The boundary between Valencia City and the San Fernando
For more than 10 years, I have not visited this place since I have been assigned in the Southern Bukidnon. A place that is located in the Southeastern most portion of the province, the Municipality of San Fernando, Bukidnon

The first time I heard about the place, especially on news about the activity of the extremist in the area, I was so scared that time. The last time that I've been here was in 1997, and more scared when at that time, I saw a battalion of soldiers boarded on their 6 x 6 vehicles heading to the eastern most part of this town. That was also the time when we visited the area, it was so laid back to the extent that some of the bridges were so old and some portion where we have to pass through the namnam river using our motorcycles of which the only way to get to the Barangay Namnam. When I first stepped on their Municipal Hall Building, it was an old building. 

I have 2 things in mind, when I was scheduled to revisit the place. One, by wandering about the peace and order in the area, and second, was about the new development of the place. 

Together with the company's client, I've told him about my passion in photography and wanted to take some pictures on the scenic view along our way to Brgy. Kalagangan, his residence, which he then later granted me that favor. He likes also their area be exposed especially on its new development such as their new bridges and their Municipal Hall Building which was constructed 5 years ago more or less, as he recalled it to me.
Their new Municipal Hall Building which was constructed under the Administration of Gov. Zubiri.
The municipal hall building is located in Barangay Halapitan, San Fernando. Barangay Halapitan, the Poblacion area, is dubbed as the center of trade and commerce in this municipality. 
The Tigwa River - A serpent-formed river traversing this long stretch of valley [Valley Rivers]

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia
San Fernando is located in the Southeast portion of the province of Bukidnon. It is bounded in the north by Malaybalay City and Cabanglasan, in the East by the Municipality of Talaingod, Davao del Norte in the South by Davao City and North Cotabato province; and in the West by Quezon and Valencia City.

The municipality’s Poblacion is 31 kilometers from Valencia City and 71 kilometers from Malaybalay City.

The municipality has two major river systems. The Tigwa and the Salug River, wherein the early settlers in these rivers called themselves as Tigwahanons and the Matigsalog. 

These early settlers are also natives of Bukidnon who settled within the Pantaron Range and this mountain ranges were already declared by the Government as one of the Protected Watersheds in the Philippines.

The backdrop of the Tigwa river is the Pantaron Range.

The Sumpitan Twin Bridge
I was blessed with a good weather in capturing this image. 
Contoured farming system-irrigated riceland
The View of Bunacao Bridge
This road system which is under construction and will be connected to the Davao Norte Highway at Barangay Talaingod.
The Salug Bridge
The Salug River
The major crops planted in the area is corn and rice production - heading towards the Brgy. Kalagangan. 
I may then conclude that San Fernando is the Verdant Hills and Valleys in Bukidnon and it is generally peaceful, except on some unlikely incidents. 

How to get there? You may go to Valencia City (Jollibee as jump-off point) and hire a habal-habal/motorcycle for hire or ride a passenger jeepney in going there. More or less the fare rate in going there is 100 pesos. For habal-habal, it is more or less, 200 pesos.

Site Map for your guide:

Map courtesy of Wikipedia

Heading to Barangay Kalagangan of San Fernando, Bukidnon. Located almost at the tip most of this municipality. 

On my next post, I will be featuring the Hidden Paradise of Bukidnon.

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  1. Thank you tina for a kind appreciation with the pictures. I just love nature very much.:-).

  2. This is so embarrassing pero here goes...I have never been to San Fernando :(

  3. @Bukidnon Online.

    Try to visit this place. You will be stunned with nature scenic view.:-).

    1. i just hope people in san fernando would see what u ha seen... i love nature too..and i love our own place.. SAN FERNANDO...

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  6. OMG!!! tga sanfernando po ako..and i just really loved how you showcase our place.. thank you sooo much...hindi ko alam, ma aabot pala ang lugar namin kahit gaano kalayo...

    1. @Anonymous.

      Malayo pero napakaganda ng lugar. Parang Lord of the Rings pag nasa higher elevation ka...:-).


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