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I Wanna Grow Old with You | My Home, My Town, My Hometown

The Provincial Capitol Ground sits on Malaybalay City being as the Capital of Bukidnon

In almost all of the occasions that I have attended, like last March this year, knowing me and where I've been, they would then ask, why I chose Malaybalay City as my second home? My home and my town?. That was indeed a very difficult question if you have had worked in a bustling, crowded and busy district of Makati, and if at that moment, that question was thrown and you are still deciding to transfer. A hard question if it entails to come up a major decision especially in moving-in from one place to another. 

It is simply because Malaybalay City has something that will help me for my career path. Aside from career advancement, the factors that made me decided to transfer to this place were its cool climate, less air pollution, less traffic congestion and the time factor in going to the workplace which only took me 5-10 minutes ride from my residence. Literally or figuratively, I have a good job with sound compensation package having settling to this town with less in cost of living, helped us earned and have some little investments.

I then fell in love with the place especially that we were able to rent a room with my wife at a house, only a 100 meter distance from the Provincial Capitol Ground, a home of joggers and runners.

I was the one who first moved in, my wife then followed, after six months. During our first year in living here, it was indeed a deep adjustment from bustling city to a quaint town. We have to recompose ourselves and with acceptance that Malaybalay City has a big difference from Metro Manila.  
Kaamulan Festival
In going to this place, one would think the following destinations as an itinerary.

1. Kaamulan Festival : Every 1st Saturday of March each year.

One of the tourist's attractions here in Malaybalay City is the Kaamulan Festival, it is scheduled on the first saturday of the month of March.

The Kaamulan Festival was orginally scheduled on September. That was our first time have witnessed a very lively street dancing that participated with almost 26 contingents, way back in 1995. 

Fortich Street, the main thoroughfare of Malaybalay City is where the venue of the street dancing be held. Then at the Capitol Ground is the final stage of judgment for all the contingents.
Brunch with the Monks at the Monastery of Transfiguration

If you intend to extend for a week or a month of stay in Malaybalay City, a brunch with the monks would also be a good venue to treat your loved ones or family with a combination of renewal of faith with God by going to hear mass first and brunch with the monks would takes place after the mass has ended.

Brunch with the monks is a fund raising activity of the monks in collaboration with regular church goers who are willing to spare their resources by way of donation. You can eat their affordable food at a rate of P150 pesos per head, with a combination of hot famous monk's blend brewed coffee and hot porridge or "binignit", while mingling with them. If you are a birthday celebrant for the month, you will be graced together with other celebrants with a slice of birthday cake. Brunch is an acronym for Breakfast and Lunch (Brunch) with the monks.
The Monastery Church
3. The Monastery Church - Enjoying the view of the Mt. Kitanglad at the backdrop and the majestic pyramid type of structure Monastery Church at the Eastern View. The church is the most visited site in Malaybalay City throughout the year. This pyramid type of structure was designed by a National Artist, Architect Locsin.

Fogs kisses the Mountain at the opposite side of Mt. Kitanglad View

4. Coolness of Climate - If you visit Malaybalay and hear mass in the Monastery, from June to February, you must bring along with you a sweat shirt or jacket. You can feel the cool climate here during those period. You will then witness the fogs that kisses the mountain while hearing mass.

5. Kaamulan Ground -The Green accent of well maintained lawn-mowered grasses and home grown trees that adds an ambiance of natural green environment, the chirping sounds of birds and whistling sound of wind during windy season ---a unique kaamulan ground's natural amenities.

You may also have a dry picnic along the Kalawaig Creek side, during weekends and even on weekdays. The "kaamulan ground" is also best suited for outdoor sports like "Family Fun Run".

Kaamulan ground can also be considered as "People's Ecological Park". As part of the Environmental Conservation and Protection Program of the Government, this site is a concrete example in preserving the nature and environment, most importantly, a "Natural Park" that must be preserved for the next generation. Kaamulan, a native term, meaning a "social gathering", or in Spanish, it is called "Fiestas".
Kaamulan Theater or "The Dome"
6. Kaamulan Theater or "The Dome" is the only man made amenities in the Kaamulan Ground that offers you an innate blend of nature and vibrant mode of atmosphere where you can choose it as one of your options for your special occasions, like Wedding, Birthdays, Seminars, Conventions, School and Community Play, School Graduation rites or Commencement exercises and other occasions that would require a big space for a big crowd.

The Theater can accommodate at approximately 500 persons more or less. You may directly coordinate with the Provincial Governor's Office for any reservations and it must be a month or more ahead before your scheduled occasion, for proper coordination and advance booking.
The central tip support of "The Dome"- a grandeur structure
This structure was built more or less 10 years ago, under the administration of Governor Joe Zubiri. For the people of Bukidnon, especially for Malaybalay City, this structure is really of great advantage especially on occasions where it has to be held here and holds more than 500 spectators, still that number can be accommodated.
The Theater's Stage

7. Provincial Capitol Building - At the forefront of the Kaamulan Ground, it is where the Provincial Capitol Building is located.
8. Trekking Sites -There are lots of trekking sites in Malaybalay City. If you are an outdoor enthusiasts, you could spare it either in the famous two-trees at the Provincial Tree Park or in Barangay Imbayao (photo above), where both you can over view the City of Malaybalay. Summer is also the best time for trekking activities.
Two-Trees -Trekking Site - Photo Credits to Earl [Suroy Pilipinas]
Mount Kitanglad - "The Triple Ridge View"
9. Mt. Kitanglad - or you may take your time to climb the 4th highest mountain in the Philippines or just take a breathtaking view in Dalwangan, Malaybalay City as I did last time. This is really one of the pretty awesome views that I have captured by my camera. The best time to visit Mt. Kitanglad is during summer season. You may ask permission first from the authority before the climb for proper coordination.
Cottage in the D'Stable Eco Resort
10. The Quadra or the D' Stable Eco-Resort - The "Quadra" or translated as the stable,  is now the family's favorite hang out resort during weekends where you can encounter and experience a true scent of nature and a wonderful view of natural landscape and the thriving view of planted pine trees.

Quadra offers you an open cottages where you can stay and have a relaxing moment while enjoying the view in the surrounding beautiful and vast verdant hilly  landscape. One of the unique traits of this resort is their order button, a signal that you are  placing  your order for drinks or short orders menus. They also offers close cottages where you can spend an over night stay with your family.

So, there are 10 good sites that you would remember once you plan to visit Malaybalay City.


I lived here for 17 years now together with my family, my kids, my friends because of my job. I may now declare and consider Malaybalay City as My Home, My Town, My Hometown or Bukidnon as my home province, where I wanna grow old with my family, my kids and friends.

This serves as my entry for the May edition of PTB Blog Carnival with the theme: “MY HOMETOWN.” Mhe-Ann of hosts this months blog carnival. For previous Blog Carnival topics, do click the Blog Carnival Logo on the right side of the post.

 Enjoy, reading!!

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  1. Being a Mindanaoan myself and a frequent traveler at that, this Island Vacations enthusiast had visited Malaybalay for several times and I can vouch the beauty of the city.The next time I'll go there, I'll make sure to visit the sites being mentioned in this great blog.

  2. Awesome feature! Would love to experience Kaamulan Festival someday.

  3. @Sir Edsan.

    I am glad and my pleasure with your kind words of appreciation.

  4. @Pinay Travel Junkie:

    Will wait for your here. A real jungle awaits you here.:-).

  5. with an inviting post like this, no wonder people would start booking flight to Bukidnon. sayang, Ive been there pero for a short time lang. never really go tthe chamce to explore. may araw din sakin yang Kaamulan na yan. hehe

    regards po to your wife! Ü

  6. Hi Chyng...

    You mean, you've been here already for awhile? Kaamulan Festival is not so popular as Moriones Festival but influx of visitors still continue. Participants were reduced to 8 contigents last March this year.

    Thank you pala for the Manila Ocean Tickets. Touch na man ako dun sa abunotion least nag meet din kayo ng wife ko. Good luck and have more travels to come.:-).

  7. Pwede ba mag-couchsurfing sainyo Kuya Bon kapag napadpad ako sa Malaybalay? :)

  8. @Lakwatsera de Primer.

    O ba. basta ba magdala ka ng kangaroo galing ng Australia ha....isama mo na si hubby mo. Bakit ikaw lang? After the wedding ba?

  9. Cool! I love the view, and i love the place. Hope to visit there someday.

    Cagayan de Oro Philippines

  10. @Xang.

    Bukidnon is just here and waiting to be visited.:-). Enjoy your time in the Province.

  11. ang ganda ng view ng mt. kitanglad grabe. hanep!!! sir, double sold na ako sa inyo ni suroy pilipinas!!! ang ganda ng bukidnon!!!

  12. @PBJ,

    Jerick. Mas lalong lalo kang ma mangha pag nakapost na ako sa bago kong discovery. I will be posting it 2 weeks from now.:-). Hidden Paradise of Bukidnon.:-).

  13. I've been there once since it's my father's hometown but I never got to go around. I grew up on my father's stories of Bukidnon and I would really like to go back there and see it the way you are showing it to us now. What a great entry, Bon!

  14. @Aleah.

    Where in Bukidnon is your father's hometown? Is it Malaybalay City? Its high time now to visit your father's hometown, aleah. :-). We will wait for you, dai.:-).

  15. Is it really cold at Bukidnon?

  16. @Akiko.

    Here in Malaybalay, relatively cold but not so cold. Baguio is still so cold than Malaybalay City.:-).

  17. ganda ng photo ng Dome!
    thanks for featuring your hometown Sir! my mom spent some of her college years here and I'd like to experience how cool the climate here is.

    and the transfiguration chapel. I feel that I'll be at peace when i visit that place.

  18. @Ed

    Dito pala nag college mother mo. Try to revisit our place again. :-). See you around some time next year.

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