Monday, May 02, 2011

RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 14 | Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila


When I finished my VISITA IGLESIA on this 2nd day of reconquering manila series, I decided to visit the Luneta Park or the Rizal Park, just a walking distance from the Intramuros or the Walled City. With baggages with me, I still chose to walk along this path of Intramuros, the General Luna Street. When I spotted the PLM or the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila,
I then stopped for a moment to take some snapshots of this school which I am almost enrolled myself to a Masteral Degree last time when I stayed in this place.
I used to walk along this path since from PGH along the Taft Avenue to Palacio del Governador and the Manila Cathedral , which has a distance of 5 kilometers more or less. 

While walking, I've noticed a pregnant woman also walking along the General Luna Street in the walled city.

She also took some snapshots on the Old Houses along Gen. Luna Street, and overheard saying that old houses were so beautiful. With that, I did not hesitate to ask her on where does she lives. She replied, that she lived in Tondo, Manila for 12 years and that was her first time visited the Intramuros.
Simple but elegant covered walk
I then smiled and whispered that this woman, who lived just a block away never been visited this place within 12 years, and when she does, she was so fascinated with the old architectures of the old houses. How much more a guy like me who lived miles and miles away, really had spared time to visit this HERITAGE SITE OF OUR NATION. How about you? For me? I don't wanna be a stranger in my own land.
The entrance of the Intramuros or the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) is just about 500 meters away from the Luneta Park.

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  1. Super Like! :)

    I miss this place! I'm a proud PLMayer :)

  2. Its a really wonderful blog. Traveling for work or pleasure is great, but returning home can be difficult on the body and brain because of jet lag.

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  3. @Tina.:-).

    Hello Tina. PLMayer ka pala. Your school is part of my past daily experience in cruising from Taft to Palacio del Governador when renovated that for Bank use. Thanks for visiting me here.:-)

  4. Thanks Samual for a kind appreciation.:-).

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  6. Thanks Harry for passing here.

  7. sabe nila pag taga PLM ka matalino ka. :) ganada nung building, pero d ko pa yan nararating. thank you for sharing kuya! kelan ka balik ng Maynila? :)

  8. hi gael. Boss ko graduate ng MBA sa PLM. Ngayon manager na siya. Ang kanyang apelyido? Bonifacio. Babalik ako dyan maybe on Sembreak. Sama ko anak ko dyan. ipasyal ko sa Ocean Park.:-).

  9. Manila is truely one of the best destination because Rizal park and Intramuros.

  10. @Thunderbird Resort Hotel and Casino

    When I was child, I was brought here by my parents and uncle from Guadalupe, Makati. Pero di masyadong matagal.


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