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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 15 | The Reflection of Yesterday : Rizal Park, Luneta Park and The Bagumbayan

Still on the 2nd day of reconquering manila series. This post is dedicated to the 150 years of Jose Rizal (1861-2011) on June 19, 2011, coincides with my grandpa's birthdate.

The Highlights of the Rizal Park:
Dr. Jose Rizal was born on June 19, 1861 in Calamba, Laguna to Don Francisco Mercado Rizal from Biñan and Doña Teodora Alonso Realonda from Manila. It was said that his paternal grand-parents were descendants of one Domingo Lamco, a Chinese immigrant from the Chinchew District of Fookein, China. Doña Teodora’s father Don Lorenzo Alberto Alonso was also said to be very “Chinese in appearance.”
In compliance with the 1849 decree of Governor-General Claveria regarding surnames, the Alonsos added the surname Realonda, while the Mercados chose Rizal, meaning “of rice” or “of green fields.”

The GomBurZa : Stands for Gomez, Burgos and Zamora 
Excerpted from 

Con Tour @ The Execution Place of GomBurZa-
my wife's middle name is Gomez
"The Filipino people had been languishing in silence and apathy during the long time they have remained under Spanish rule. Though there were a few brave souls who refused to remain silent in the face of injustice, they too needed a big push before they could pick up the cudgels for the Filipinos who fell victims at the hands of foreign oppressors.

It was after the execution of Fathers Mariano Gomez, Jose Apolonio Burgos and Jacinto Zamora on February 17, 1873 that this needed impetus to fight for freedom came.

Their Crusade :
The three priests, all graduates of the UST, were brilliant men who utilized their education to fight for reforms to break the 400-year old dominance of the Spanish government.

They led the secularization movement which alleviated the plight of Filipino priests by insisting on the prior right of the native secular clergy to assignment in parishes over that of the friars newly arrived from Spain. Burgos, the youngest and most brilliant of the three, was especially vulnerable in this regard since he was the synodal examiner of parish priests. He got into a tiff more than once with then Archbishop of Manila Gregorio Martinez in this regard.

Burgos was linked to many activities perceived as hostile towards the Spanish since he was also one of the organizers of the Committee of Reformers which campaigned for more liberal laws. The Committee was composed of two sections: the laymen and the clergy. The lay group was led by Joaquin Pardo de Tavera while the cleric section, which included Gomez and Zamora, was led by Burgos.

This reform committee staged demonstrations both during the liberal administration of Gen. Carlos Ma. De La Torre and the reactionary period under Gen. Rafael Izquierdo.
Gomez, parish priest in Bacoor, Cavite was the founder of the newspaper La Verdad (The Truth) in which he described the deplorable conditions of the country and printed the liberal articles of Burgos.

The priests earned the ire of the Spanish and were called "The Filibusteros"."
Con Tour @ The Rizal Monument
The execution of Dr. Jose P. Rizal
on December 30, 1896 (wikipedia)
The Rizal Park :

The Luneta Park or Rizal Park in Manila is truly a reflection of  yesterday and the national hero's great work. Jose Rizal was the one who led the uprising against the Spanish colonial  leaders and was executed for his work in Bagumbayan using his brain. 

Rizal Park laid in the middle of Manila where it is fragmented into three sections. Adjoining the Taft Avenue is the Agrifina Circle. The 22 hectare extends up to the Roxas Boulevard and the 10-hectare open field located across the Roxas Boulevard fronting the Quirino Grandstand.

The park has gardens and stadium, observatory, open field concert hall, artist's sanctuary, theater, restaurants and fountains.
Con Tour @ The Bagumbayan - The Execution Site
In the middle of Manila's Rizal Park is the bronze monument of Rizal that stands a few meters away from the execution site, the Bagumbayan.  The significance of the park is that, a round the clock guard, in honor of the National Hero. 

The bronze statue is also where his remains had buried underneath.

The execution place of Dr. Jose P. Rizal

In the present times the Rizal Park is a picnic venue for the families on holidays and weekends. It is also one of the famous tourist's destinations and attractions in Manila. The bands and the orchestras perform for free in the park is an added value of the park. .

The Kilometer Zero
The Kilometer Zero : 

The marble marker designated as KM 0 fronting the Rizal Monument in Rizal Park is Kilometer Zero for road distances on the island of Luzon and the rest of the Philippines. If you notice a kilometer post, and noted for instance, KM 1580, that means, you are 1,580 kilometers from this Landmark or Benchmark.

"The Reflection of Yesterday"
Reflection of Yesterday.

Many of us, had been here when we were a child. We were brought in this park by our parents, for a weekend siesta, to unwind from their work's stressful activity and most of all, a simple bonding moment with the family. Simple people or the common-tao, would still prefer Rizal Park or Luneta Park for family bonding for simple reason, they can afford the less expensive life than the life in malling activity. 

Yesterday and today, the park is still preferred by simple people. Some of those simple people today are now more than simple in terms of status in their life. Though already has a new life because they strived hard to become one, they still remain simple in their heart because they always value the simpleness and always remember where they came from.

The yesterdays of being a full pledge Filipino, started here. Our ancestors fought for our freedom from the oppressors after their leaders executed in this place-- the Rizal Park, Luneta Park and the Bagumbayan. It is also the best place for REFLECTION OF OUR YESTERDAY.  

Con Tour-@ the Rizal Monument as his Backdrop-is proud of this place. How about you?

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  1. Andyan pa rin po ba Kuya Bon yung mga photographers na naniningil ng 50 pesos kada litrato?

  2. Hi claire. Actually, nakisuyo ako sa isang gurl nito nung nag pakuha ako ng pics nato. I observed kaagad on my left side a couple being charged with 50 pesos to develop the shots with the one who took that shots. Marami sila claire. naka yellow vest ata sila. hindi pa bibitawan yong camera hanggat hindi ka nila ma convince. Sabi ko na man, what a twist and effect of technology to local photographers like them. They were so affected with the innovations. Kaya nag innovate na din sila.:-(.

  3. Time to travel and explore Manila especially Rizal park and Intramuros. Time to give life again on the travel destination that once the number one destination here in Manila. The Rizal Park.

  4. Hi Fiesta Casino Philippines

    Its time to give back the glory of Rizal Park.:-).

  5. Uy buti ka pa na-feature mo na luneta sa blog mo, di ko pa nagawan ng blog yan hehe

    btw, may photo contest ang NHI about rizal ah, sali ka pre!

  6. @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    Anong website pare. Yong contest...? Inadvance ko na rin post ko about luneta park. kasi 150 years ni Rizal na on June 19. Tamang tama ang pagbisita ko nung March. hehehe.

  7. @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    Timely lang sa 150 years na anniversary ni Rizal.:-). Buti naka visit pa ako.

  8. I love Luneta! It's so accessible from our place in Malate. Masarap umupo lang sa damuhan tapos magbasa ng libro :)

  9. Hi gaye....Taga malate ka pala? Malapit lang ang head office namin dyan. O nga gaye, sarap ngang bumalik at umupo dun sa may tapat ng grandstand, at mag relax. Ako nga, umupo ako sa may plant box pag ka tawid ko galing sa may Rizal Monumento. Pinagmasdan ko mga tao dun. I am glad to see Luneta Park still have lots of people loved to roam around and relax.:-).

  10. Parte ng bawat pamilyang Pilipino ang Park ni Jose Rizal, family bonding na hindi mapapantayan ng kahit anong malalaking malls.
    I remember our family picnic during my elementary age.

  11. @Anonymous.

    Maski kami na taga mindanao nga gusto talaga namin maka daan ng Luneta or Rizal Park. Para bang pag nakapunta ka diyan, part ka na talaga sa history.

  12. this was one of the places that my friends brought my when i dropped by manila. saya ng Luneta. i remember buying barbecue jan na tag 10 pesos ata. then naglakad kami papuntang MOA (hangga't di na namin kinaya at nagtaxi na lang) hehe. nice featuring Rizal here sir!

  13. Ed,

    Totoo yan, ako nga nilakad ko lang yan mula intramuros at Fort Santiago. Napagod ako sa bigat ng aking dala at nag taxi na lang papuntang Rotunda.:-).


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