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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 16 | Famous Landmarks

"I love skycrapers-but I hate heights because of phobia"
If you are from the Province and haven't been set foot yet in Manila, and if the name Roxas Boulevard is being mentioned, we then know that this Boulevard is facing the most visited and photograph place, the Sunset in Manila Bay. That is undeniable, since this shoreline Boulevard has been made popular because it is being taught to us in the Classroom, especially on Social Studies, Civics, and history books.

After my long walk in reconquering manila, I stopped for a moment and sat down on the edge of one of the plant boxes in this park, and take the opportunity to see some of the Skycrapers lined up along this famous landmark and took some photos on them.
We do not have that kind of structures yet in our place. So as part of reconquering manila series, I must have take these chances to have some souvenirs on this historical site, the skycrapers, Roxas Boulevard Version.
I really like to stay here for a moment. Sitting down and listen to roaring sounds of cars passing this famous Boulevard while looking at some of the visitors here, observed young couples dating, children playing in the open areas and said to myself, this is the place for simple people. Would you think if you are that rich, would you care visiting this place? Oh, common. Maybe, I will leave this as a challenge to you. Would you dare and care? Anyway, do not mind this anymore. It's just an exploratory discussion.
The Cultural Center of the Philippines
One of the structures that we have tackled during my college days in engineering. Allegedly, The Cultural Center of the Philippines, was constructed in a month time for three shifting or round the clock work with 20 more or less workers have died during the construction period due to the urgency of its completion.
The horn of the "Tamaraw" is the emblem used by the Toyota Cars today. At the backdrop is the Manila Hotel.  

My father recalled it to me in late 70s that he had been in Manila Hotel for a conference. I am happy that my father had been in this hotel during his employment years, though I only took a 100 pesos lodging fee in the Intramuros Training Center to save my resources.

As I preparing myself for another urban jungle assault, I recalled the number of hours of walk which covered about 8 hours that started 7:30 in the morning when I first heard mass in the Manila Cathedral. I leave the heart of Manila at around 3:00 PM. And I would say that my walk in reconquering manila is worthwhile, worth remembering and worth revisiting someday. On my next post, though still reconquering manila series, I will post another version.
Manil Hotel @ the Ocean Park view-One of the Landmarks in Manila-Photo Courtesy of my wife

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  1. nice shots Kuya Bon, talagang sulit yung time mo sa Manila :)

  2. @Lakwatsera de Primera

    Hi claire. Napagod ako dito. Umupo lang sandali. Habang nag pahinga, photo shots na naman. Sulit na sulit talaga claire.

  3. Very nice pictures Bon. How I wish I can take the same quality shots with my Nikon D7000. I took up Basic Photography Workshop in Cebu last month and I have still to eat many bags of rice before I can take the shots with the same quality as yours.

  4. I love this post because I've never looked at the Roxas Blvd skyline from this perspective. I usually look at the other side - the bay - and not notice the buildings. Even if I live here, there's always something new to discover, especially from the eyes of a fellow traveler. Kudos Bonzenti!

    Btw, I didn't know Toyota got its icon from tamaraw's horn and that the CCP was built in a month. Cool trivia!

  5. @Tina.

    Natuto na lang sa pilit even without any formal seminar-workshop on photography. Explore na lang....Thanks for visiting me here. :-).

  6. @Islandvacations.

    Sir. Your unit Nikon D7000 has good features. You need to explore its functions for better results. I am still an amateur photographer sir. Just follow where your heart goes.

  7. @AJ

    Totoo yan AJ about the emblem of toyota. Sungay ng tamaraw yan. Parang sa boyscout natin dati. About the 1 month construction of the CCP. I am not so sure with that. I just learned that in my college days.:-).

  8. I ran 10K along Roxas Boulevard during the Run with the Masters last month. I observed that Manila Bay, with beggars and vendors all around, is not a pleasant sight anymore. I hope the local government of Manila would revive the glory of the place where the world's best sunset view can be seen. Great photos Bon!

  9. @Earl.

    I was shocked also when I saw people slept along the Roxas Boulevard baywalk. There a lots of them.

  10. Hi
    Really so nice blog dear. I like this blog.. its blog looking really so cool . this is real so good work.......

  11. Thanks for your kind appreciation (Hotel in Jaislamer).

  12. Great view.. It is realy impressive & Appriciable.. Keep it up... Now you can live like Maharajas in their Palaces and Forts. Then relax in Goa, and enjoy your beach holidays in India.

  13. Wow what a view..
    It is very helpful to know about travel & tourism spot in country..
    Lovely photoes..
    Exilent click Dear..
    Keep it up....


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