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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 17 | Life is Constantly in the Fast Lane in URBAN MANILA

MRT Rotonda Station
Life is Constantly in the Fast Lane in URBAN MANILA :  

Some would might think that fast lane refers to a lane in a grocery store. Some also refers it to a lane in an expressway. All of these are right. This lane is purposely created to be more convenient to every one.

What I am referring here is a fast lane comparable to a life in Urban. Like in Manila. That is always on the rush. Might as well as to those who work in daytime, who have to wake up early in the morning at 4:30 a.m. just to get out of the traffic build up is a usual ground daily, for every employee, like us. 

Yes, that’s daily. Employees like us have to do that daily especially to those who lived in far places. Far from their work place. Some would prefer to live in a boarding house just to cut the daily expenses on fare, as other option, and go home only on the weekends.
When one arrives in the office not late and having been finished with a cup of coffee, matched-up with “Pandesal” and done eating a “silog” food bought at the nearby mobile restaurant for a breakfast--that would be a delightful moment for him/her. 

But, breakfast have to be done fast within 30 minutes before the  time @ 8:30 am, in order to start the daily routine and be finished on time, before 5 in the afternoon, in order again to get out of the heavy traffic.

All of these routine are normal in Urban Manila. That routine becomes an exception, only on every Sunday. Our Rest Day. And sometimes to break that monotonous routine in our life. Mall would be the answer. Some would prefer to go to other places, outside the Urban Manila, like beaches. Yeah, beaches would be a perfect choice to bust all that stresses. Again and again, the cycle is always like that. We have no other choice, but to accept all these things in our life. 
Good thing that our government responded to all of that needs. To beat the RUSH HOUR, and Light Railway and Metro Railway Transit System were the answer to all of these. For me, it is really that convenient and comfortable in embarking this type of transportation. 

When I thought of that I will be late in meeting up my in-laws in SM Mega Mall by 3:00 P.M. after my con touring activity at the Luneta and Rizal Park, the solution to beat and shorten the travel time is to ride the MRT. 

I embarked a taxi from Rizal Park to Pasay Rotonda and paid at least P150 pesos and gave a tip of P30 pesos to that taxi driver who is from Bohol Province. Rushed up to MRT ticket booth and paid only P29 pesos for Shaw Boulevard Station. I left the Rotonda Station at 3:00 pm and arrived at Shaw Boulevard Station at around 3:10 pm or just a 10-minutes ride.  I was amused when I almost forgot to use the MRT Card, but I still have the guts to ask the guard on how to use it, just for sure. 
MRT Cruising along EDSA - Photo Courtesy to my wife @ GoHotel Vantage Point
Every day in my Urban Life during my days in Makati, Railway Transit is my partner in that Fast Lane. Thanks to the new technology coz it really helps us commuters.

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  1. nagmahal na ba yung MRT? ba't 29pesos na to Shaw?

  2. laking tulong din ng MRT sakin dati nung nagcommute pa ko from Alabang to Quezon Avenue, bus hanggang Magallanes tapos MRT na. Sad to hear na nagmahal na nga ng doble sa original na presyo.

  3. @ga-el.

    Nakalimutan ko lang kung magkano talaga. parang 29 pesos yon? or 16 pesos yata...hehehe.

  4. @Lakwatsera de Primera

    Clair. I am not so sure if 29 pesos na nga. Pero parang 16 pesos yata yon. Neweys, malaking tulong talaga sa atin and MRT lalong lalo na pag nagmamadali ka sa pupuntahan mo.:-).

  5. I must agree that life in Manila is constantly in the fast lane. Wew! By the way, that's a nice heading. Anyway, it has been 3 years since I had been to Manila. I really hope that the MRT fare has not increased so much. Many people prefer to travel through MRT because of its cheap fare.

  6. @Cagayan de Oro jobs.

    That was my experience when I was in Manila for 5 years. I really hate pollution and to much crowded.:-).


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