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Bukidnon | Kisolon, Sumilao - A Glimpse of New Development

Y-type roof design terminal for their parking bays
Some say, terminals are sources of all kinds of diseases. But it can also be a relief for our personal necessities especially in season like this-rainy days. 

The regular bus stop-over for the North bound buses or from Valencia City and even from Davao City is in Barangay Kisolon, Sumilao, Bukidnon. If you are new to Bukidnon and you are from other places, at least you have an idea where to discharge for personal necessities. Kisolon is 30 minute-ride and 30 kilometers from Malaybalay City.

My employer again sent me to a seminar in Cagayan de Oro. While in transit, I overheard the driver that they do not want to stop over this terminal for a travel break. I then say out-loudly to stop for my own personal necessity. I then told the driver that I would rather be bold in telling them with my "personal necessity" than be inflicted with kidney infection. Practical sense made me in doing this where some people still timid in doing so to the extent that they will exchange it to more serious health problem.
When some of us where about to get off the bus to visit the rest room, some even thanked me for what I did in boldly asking the driver to stop in this terminal for personal necessity. A simple gesture of gratitude, made me feel good that day.  
The pay toilet- the partly captured building on the right side is their food court to be completed sooner.
It was not only happened to me once, but more than twice, and I often heard some people expressed their gratitude because of my action.
sidewalk vending
As a bit of historical background of this Barangay Kisolon :
Sumilao is politically subdivided into ten (10) barangays, six of which are traversed by the Kulaman River that separate them from the other four barangays. The ten barangays are Kisolon, Kulasi, Licoan, Lupiagan, Occasion, Poblacion, Puntian, San Roque, San Vicente and Vista Villa. Unlike any other municipalities, the seat of government in Sumilao is located at barangay Kisolon, Barangay Poblacion serves as satellite barangay for other rural barangays. This is one of the unique traits of this municipality.
during a gloomy day-together with my family in transit to Cagayan de Oro
The development of this Barangay Kisolon was started by the Baula's family, but it was under the administration of Honorable Mayor Mary Ann Baula where the public market and the bus terminal realized into this form, with the collaboration of the Provincial Government.
full view of their future food court
Some of us are travelers. Man or a woman has personal necessities. So we have to be braved and bold enough to say that to the driver to avoid serious ailment especially kidney trouble. That is our privilege to say it, surely, they will always grant that request. Lastly, as a sort of advise, don't be shy. "Sh-y sana ang magsabi na huminto kami.......(:-).

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  1. If i were on that bus, I would have thanked you too for speaking up... Hug you even!

  2. Hi Pinay Travel Junkie.

    Ga-ye. Hug sabay sabi pabulong, salamat at naka-raos din ako at nakabawas na din.:-). hehehe. Masakit na kasi pag pinigilan pa. aguy!!

  3. Hahaha! It was nice of you to speak up, buti nlang at marami ding nakaraos :)

  4. Hi Tina.

    Natawa nga ako dun tinz. Marami din palang gustong magbawas, eh, naunahan yata ng hiya. Alam mo na pag aircon bus at tag-ulan na. At least, nakatulong din ako sa kanila.hehehe.:-).

  5. It only takes one man to speak up for others to appreciate what its like to have a voice even in situations such as a necessary bus stop to heed the call of nature. Kudos for speaking up..also I'm kinda excited for all the economic developments happening that you featured here

  6. @Marky.

    Tumpak ka dyan marky. Medyo matapang lang tayo pag call of nature na, ano? Especially when we commute during early in the morning.

    I prefer featuring economic developments at least to give you some idea on what's new in here in our place. Thanks for that marky.:-). Hope to see you soon with bottle of beers with journeying james soon.

  7. Man I can smell the wet soil and grass dews from the pictures... nice one!

  8. Hi RON |

    Yeah, its true. It is really an outback and laidback place. Thanks RON.

  9. Nice to know that, most of our cities in the country is growing faster in industrialization..

  10. Tim.

    Sorry to say this one. I hate massive industrialization. :-).

  11. Very well written about the place. Where did you get those information in such a short stop? I am impressed. Anyway, the photos clearly say that this place is heading to an improvement. Good job.

  12. @Cagayan de oro 2011.

    I work in Malaybalay for 17 years now, Bukidnon is my area of coverage. I personally know the Baula family. Anyway, thank for the kind words.:-). Thank you also for revisiting my blog, I appreciate that.:-).

  13. I think here in Metro Manila, the DOTC wants to have a centralized bus terminal. 1 for north and 1 for south terminal. Well, for me this is not enough. They must have at least 4 terminals here in Metro manila. because millions of passengers are here in Metro.

  14. Hello thunderbird. In Metro Manila, with regards to centralized bus terminal, I do not know how they come up with that kind of planning. I can say the 2 centralized terminal maybe not enough. Your suggestion to have 4 at least, maybe suffice the requirement. They must find the central core of metro manila and have it protracted to where are the points of entry/exit from and to the Metropolis. They must look up the map, I think the basic thing to do. I am pretty sure a bottle neck to north and south will emerge once only 2 centralized bus terminal is considered.:-).


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