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Bukidnon | Valencia City - The City of the Golden Harvest

The Welcome Signage at the entrance of the New Integrated Bus Terminal in Brgy. Bagontaas of this City
City of the Golden Harvest, the name that was being dubbed to Valencia City. Valencia became a City in December 05, 2000, by virtue of Republic Act No. 8985-entitled "Charter of the City of Valencia", which was approved by then, President of the Republic of the Philippines, his excellency, Joseph Ejercito Estrada. 

Valencia became a progressive Urban City in Bukidnon and the heart of Trade and Commerce in the Province, even before it was converted into a City. The expanse of its development is now observed up to the stretch of Barangay Bagontaas. A lateral development that emerges along the National Highway. 

The name Valencia was derived after the name of a town of Bohol-Valencia, Bohol, where the first teacher of the first classroom in 1911, Jaime Galorport, came from. 

Valencia City is once part of the 13 Barangays of Malaybalay City, and then separated in the same year after the installation of the first classroom. Migration from Luzon, Visayas and other parts of Mindanao began in 1930s, and population started to bloat in 1960 and 1975.

The vast plains in lowland areas were focused on rice production, hence, it is where they have got the idea in dubbing the City as the "City of the Golden Harvest"

In one of my travels last month, I have captured the following photos for you to glean some of the vast plains of rice production areas and popular landmarks of this City, such as the NVM Mall, etc.
Mailag Farmers begun planting their rice seedlings
Valencia City is located at the heart of Central Bukidnon. The Province is dubbed as the food basket of Mindanao.

Bukidnon is the major producer of rice and corn in the region. Plantations in the province also produce pineapples, bananas and sugarcane. Rice cropping season in Valencia City is observed twice in a year.

We are grateful that we have still brothers who still love rice production for our food consumption. And these farmers can be considered as one of the unsung heroes of the modern times, amidst the urbanization of Valencia.

Maapag Plains - view in going to San Fernando, Bukidnon
When I about to pass by this stretch of vast plains of rice production areas of this City, I vividly asked my colleague for a round of snap shots. When I am about to take some shots, I first took a deep breathe, get a whiff of the scent of the bread of life for the Filipinos and the neighboring Southeast Asian Countries. 

Then after taken that wonderful shots, we then headed to San Fernando, a municipality with Hidden Paradise and Splendorous Skies at dusk.
If you are in the Poblacion proper. There the first built mall in the City,  a medium size NVM Mall is located. It is adjacent to Jolibee Valencia branch and along the National Highway in going to Davao City. This mall was built sometime in year 2003-2004.
The Mall's Signage
The Mall's Facade
St. Agustine Parish Church
The center of worship for all Roman Catholics in the city, is the St. Agustine Parish Church. Their patron is San Agustine, same as the Patron of Cagayan de Oro city. The feast day for this patron saint is on August 28 of each year. The church is located right across the City Plaza.

Another one famous landmarks or shall we say a famous tourist spot in Valencia City is the Lake Apo (Photos Below). For your travel guide in going to this Lake Apo, you may read the full article here on this natural amenities of the City.
The Bamboo Cottage Floating Raft
Site Map :
After visiting the Lake Apo, a must visit natural landmarks of Maramag is near from the Poblacion of Valencia City. The Musuan Peak or the Mount Calayo (Mountain of Fire). Mount Calayo [or Mt. Musuan de Calayo] at 646m last erupted on Nov. 13-16, 1976.
Despite of its previous eruption, Mt. Calayo or Musuan Peak is still one of the fave trekking sites among the students and other outdoor enthusiasts in the Province of Bukidnon. This is one of my to do lists this year. Trekking in one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines. 
Taken at the cross-road going to BUSCO Sugar Milling Site.
Just in case you happen to visit Valencia City, all the above information are your guide. As an advise, "A sensible travel must always be at hand".

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  1. Classic farmers tilling the land shot pre!

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  2. Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    Pre. Antayin ko yan pre. Ang pagpunta mo ng CDO.:-).

  3. Nice photos as always! :D

    Pwede bang mgswim sa Lake Apo? :D

  4. Hi tina.

    puedeng mag swim provided may life jacket ka. Mahirap na kasi parang volcanic water kasi sya.

  5. Hi welcome2thailang by lily

    Lily, hopefully that you could visit also the Philippines, particularly here in Mindanao.:-). Thanks for the visit.

  6. I love your Bukidnon series Kuya Bon, you're really giving this place a new face.

  7. @Lakwatsera de Primera

    Claire, I just want to share with all my friends out there, especially those havnt been here yet. To give them some guides and idea the different faces of Bukidnon. Though almost of the natural tourists spots here are still undeveloped, the locals are still that proud of their place, including me. Ika nga, simplicity is beauty..:-).

  8. i'll be coming over here in valencia sometime mid july, i'll meet a good friend who migrated here from cebu. i'm looking forward in trying ultra light flying gecko in malaybalay and this musuan peak. :)

  9. Hoefully that we could meet together with earl of Suroy Pilipinas, Fetus. Just inform us day before your arrival so we can check our schedule also that time.:-).


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