Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bukidnon | Maramag - Update on New Development

Maramag now is on its way to economic boom, where mass construction of commercial establishments emerged within the Poblacion proper. Here, there and everywhere, in-house investors were now expanding their business. The only establishment as observed not yet present within the area is a MALL or a Business Park/Complex.
The Biggest Terminal ever built in the Province of Bukidnon with 12 parking bays.
Another observation of this Municipality of Maramag is their wide road networks, wherein the National Highway has four lanes with considerable widened road shoulders that stretched up to the Barangay Anahawon.
This public commercial complex is a twin concept complex.

The just completed twin food court fronting the 12 Parking bays Bus Terminal
I can now envision that within 5 years from this post, Maramag will become another City of the Province of Bukidnon, the upcoming 3rd City after Valencia became as one in December of 2000.

The road widening :

The National Highway of Maramag, Bukidnon

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  1. I really appreciate local governments that do something concrete in helping their municipality or city move forward. Hindi lang kupit ng kupit sa kaban ng bayan. :D

  2. @Cedric.

    Like in Singapore, as I have read in some of the articles about the development, their priority is its development maski kumukupit man daw sila.:-D. Different sa atin. Nauuna ang kupit bago development. Kaya lubog tayo sa utang, kulang naman sa development. Like Rural Development, farm to market road. Dapat, concreted roads na para paspas ang transporting of local goods.:-(.

  3. Hay salamat! Very good development! Yey!

  4. @Bukidnon Online

    Hello Irene, kumusta na? Thank you pala sa kape. Are we going to have a workshop again on Blogging 101, Making Money Online? Sali na naman kami...

  5. Magandang balita ulit Kuya Bon, sana bawasan ang kupit ;)

  6. Hi claire.

    O nga eh. dapat bawasan ang kupit para maging makabuluhan ang mga lagin nilang sinasabi na "support services". Hindi support services kung hindi mapakinabangan.:-(.

  7. There are already two food courts fronting the bus terminal. Naa pa uban infra on going ang construction.I agree na paspas ang development sa Maramag, Bon.

  8. @Earl.

    For a span of 4 years in my assignment in Southern Bukidnon, it is really a different Maramag way back 8 years ago because of massive construction of commercial buildings.

  9. i'll pass by maramag sometime this month! :D

  10. Ok Fetus. Just give us signal ahead.:-).

  11. Wow I am very surprised seeing Maramag in another level.. I am from Dagumbaan, a barangay of Maramag.

    Thanks for the post.. I hope to visit my home province soon. I am actually interested to rent out a stall there.. but never really see how it looks like.. now I do!

    Visiting from Viva Trips & Tips of Pinoy Travel Bloggers.

  12. Hi Tina,

    I am Glad to know you, a fellow blogger who came from this province. Maramag is a place in Bukidnon where you can be proud of because of its sound logical land use planning like Don Carlos.:-). Thanks for dropping by.


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