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Bukidnon | Alalum Falls [ @Kisolon, Sumilao, Bukidnon ]

The Alalum Falls
We left Malaybalay at 8:00 in the morning and arrived 9:00 in this beautiful view of Alalum Falls. There are various failed attempts to take some snapshots on this majestic falls of Kisolon, Sumilao, Bukidnon, but this time, I was fortunate that we, together with my colleagues in inspectorate team while heading to Cagayan de Oro, had a chance to view the said falls, last weekend.

The falls is so amazing and relaxing. The cascading sound of water  as it plunges on the connecting river stream down below is more relaxing. It stands more or less 45 meters. The river and the Alalum Falls, served as the natural boundary between the Municipality of Sumilao and Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. 
Con tour at the viewing deck
This falls can be seen from the National Highway, located about 20 meters away from it. The viewing deck was purposely provided for the tourists by the LGU.
Surrounded with lush vegetation and it is located about 100 meters from the seat of the Municipal Hall of Sumilao, Bukidnon.
The concrete stairway
If the local tourism will install a zipline within this place, and Alalum Falls serves as added attraction, the local government unit would surely earn an income out of this tourist spot. 
  •  "There is no wondering about what the waterfalls were like yesterday, no way to know what they'll look like tomorrow. There will always be a shade of difference, a nuance noticed or not, but to see them right now, in this moment in their powerful splendor ---that is the way to celebrate the present."-Anonymous. 
I know that when we left Alalum Falls on that Saturday morning,  I am a relieved person from a stressful week of monotonous job routine because of its therapeutic effect. And that might be the start in exploring more of our country's majestic and powerful splendor falls.

Trivia :
The word Alalum is closer to a "Lumad-Binukid" word (local native dialect), "Madalum", meaning, "Deep".  --special thanks to Datu Aligpulos, a native with origin from Mount Kalatungan and a friend of mine in helping me with the word Alalum. Visayan dialect is "Lawom".

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  1. Wow! Ganda din ng falls! Ako din, nrrelax ako sa view ng falls. :D

  2. So cool! This reminds me of some of the waterfalls we visited when we were still living in the city of waterfalls... 'love it!

    Safe ba magswimming dito? :-)

  3. @Tina.

    Engulfing with nature tripping, really has that therapeutic effect to our mind when we are so stressed-out with our work.:-).

  4. @Anonymous.

    I havnt seen anyone did swimming during our visit because of time constraint.:-). Watching falls like this one here in kisolon is the common activity. :-).

  5. @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    Hindi na kaya ng time. At tsaka, wala akong nakikita na

  6. Wow, beautiful falls! Na-miss ko tuloy ang Iligan hehe

  7. @Aleah.

    Kelan babalik ng Iligan?

  8. it would be nice nga kung may zipline na dyan as an added attraction... although the falls is already an attraction in itself... thanks for sharing... :)

  9. @Pinoy Adventurista

    Merz. If the zipline would be installed and will pass along the deep ravine, the viewing deck would also serves as the landing deck...:-). Dadami cugaradong tao rito and it would be part of their itinerary of their travel.

  10. Thanks for the post. It looks like a hidden falls. Nice shots.

  11. Hello Renevic.

    Thanks. The only advantage of this falls is near from the National Highway which is located more or less 20 meters.:-).

  12. Wow, love this falls, another gem in Bukidnon that I would like to visit someday.

  13. Will take note of this waterfalls. Thanks for sharing!

  14. @Lakwatsera de Primera

    Claire. Madadaanan lang ito in going to davao, just in case you happen to visit this route.


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