Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bukidnon | The Magnificent View of the Mangima Canyon

The viewing deck - your "Natural Balcony"
After we have had the photo shoots of Alalum Falls in Kisolon, Sumilao, Bukidnon on that same morning of one Saturday, going to Cagayan de Oro City, the team took a break at this breathtaking view of the Mangima Canyon of Dalirig, Maluko, Manolo Fortich of this province.

The name Manolo Fortich is derived after Don Manolo Fortich, a prominent resident of barrio Dalirig and the first Governor (1902-1914) of the District of Bukidnon.

Manolo Fortich is formerly known as Maluko (from April 4, 1917 to June 20, 1957) where the first seat of the Municipal Government was then established. Manolo Fortich is further described here [.....].
The deck was installed by the DPWH of Bukidnon 3rd District sometime in 1998 and was developed later in early 2000. Providing a rest area in viewing the Mangima Canyon is really offers you a stunning view and short relief. Here you can take a short break,  eat your meals or snacks or have some short rest and stretching in the open cottages from a butt-numbing long drive of travel.
My colleagues had their lung vitamins, and the others were discharging their body toxins  while I was busy with the snapshots  on that morning.
These cottages were fabricated out of a waste road railings to accentuate that the site is a road side rest area.
Open Cottages made of waste road railings with tubular columns (post)
Probably what they mean is Viewing Deck.........
A Photo of the Poblacion proper of Dalirig, Maluko, Manolo Fortich;

Guide on how to get there:

1. The viewing deck is located about 3 kilometers from the Dalirig Poblacion proper. If you are from Cagayan de Oro City, heading Southern Mindanao (Davao), the viewing deck is at the left side. 

2. From Mangima Zigzag road,   it is approximately located about 6-8 kilometers. Mangima Zigzag Road serves also as your land mark.

3. If you are from Malaybalay or Valencia City, then you already passed by the Kisolon of Sumilao, where Alalum Falls is located, viewing deck is approximately 12 kilometers or midway to the Mangima Zigzag Road.

4. Practical Advice :  
     a. Do not litter and please throw your garbage at the designated trash drum. 
     b. Do not leave your little kids unattended. It's a deep ravine. 

5. The site is ideal for outdoor activities, such as rappelling. 

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  1. very innovative ang cottages but it looks dangerous, hehe.. parang masusugat ka anytime :D

  2. @Tina

    Oo nga tinez. nasubukan ko nga eh, kelangang mag ingat din. Pero well fabricated naman....:-). BTW, galing ng Bohol Series mo ah. enjoy talaga ang grupo..

  3. Kuya Bonz, that view is so magnificent! Ngayon ko lang nalaman ang place na ito. The road railings used for the huts by the way... awesome idea. they kinda look like some installation art!

  4. @Pinay Travel Junkie

    Hi Ga-ye. When somebody told about this innovative idea, I became curious on how they did it, where they got it. That was the time that I knew that they constructed these huts out of scrap....:-). At least, marunong palang mag tipid ang DPWH (?)...:-). Mangima Canyon ang tawa dito.:-).

  5. @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    Tama ka, mapuno nga laang. Hindi katulad ng grand canyon na deserted. Local version lang pre.:-).

  6. I didn't know there's a beautiful canyon like Mangima in Bukidnon. I also like the idea of recycling the railings for the cottages, very practical and resourceful.

  7. @Lakwatsera de primera

    hi claire, it is indeed very practical, resourceful and cost savings initiative. Hopefully, other agencies would try to replicate this system.:-).

  8. good evening. can i have their contact number? if possible, cellphone number? thank you so much

  9. good evening. can i have their contact number, if possible cellphone number? thank you so much

    1. hi Barbie. Whose contact number that you are asking?

  10. tried those recycled cottages, safe naman. ganda pa ng view. :)


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