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Bukidnon | The "Trisikad Boy and Bread Peddler" - Never Say Never

Ely - The sidecar boy and bread peddler
"Find some ways to survive and for daily subsistence, everything that has of trade value, I will spare a day just to earn for a living---but in a good way"---that's what Ely told me when I bought a chicken-filled bread from him, for my afternoon siesta. "Lahi na ang panahon karon sir, kung magpakatapulan ug dili ta mokayod, gutom imo pamilya", Ely said in Visayan (Life nowadays sir is so difficult if I will not find ways for our subsistence, my family will get starve if I will  chose to become lazy, we need to  work).

Some people like Ely would somehow gives us inspiration to move on and serves as our reminder that life is always on the road for a long journey, and life must go on.

Prior to the photo shoot, Ely was so hesitant and even asked me on why I am taking him a picture. I replied that I am a blogger and I'd like to cover his story about peddling business. I  bought a piece of bread just to convince him that I am that dead serious.  Afterward, he began to break and started to tell me his story. It is all about his decision in shifting from a mere employment to a simple and small scale businessman. 

I started asking him on how much did he earned in this line of Business? He  replied that he preferred peddling ways rather than remain as a low income earner employee in one of bakery establishments here. He had a salary of more than 100 pesos a day and for almost 3 years in working as a mere employee, he found out, that his earnings was insufficient to sustain their daily needs. He is also a migrant in Malaybalay, married for 1 year and still has no kids. He didn't stopped innovating, at least, to improve their lives even  better. He then decided to shift to this kind of endeavor. Peddling of bread

Venturing into this kind of business for him is really that too risky, but he never say never, because he wanted to have kids later and wanted to alleviate their lives from poverty. He is earning at an average of 300 pesos a day in simply peddling to a nearby provincial government offices.

As encouragement, I also told him my experiences in life. I told him also that I was once a poor vendor in a public market, peddling cooked quail eggs (itlog ng pugo) in the morning, and a sidewalk market vendor at night selling dried salted fish (toyo) and processed salted fish (bagoong) in Cogon Public Market of Cagayan de Oro City during my high school and college days. I may consider myself as a working student that time, helping my parents in our small scale business just to survive in the urban jungle. I even wear my Xavier t-shirt while selling our stuff without reservations. But because of my dream and ambition, to finish my course, that served as my motivation to move on despite the hardship. In short, I told him that I graduated in Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan and eventually passed the board exam on the following year. I also shared to him about my principle in life. My standing principle in life as I quoted him was "I will never let poverty to ruin my life, and be an excuse not to pursue my ambition to finish my studies". Let me quote this one, I read it in one of the articles  of my fellow bloggers and a friend of mine about her experiences in backpacking to Singapore. This quote inspired me to write this article that I'd like to share it with you also;
Ely as he continued listening about my story, he then smiled at me. I  sensed that he began to get inspired and motivated, to do the same what I did. And what Gael as above quoted. 

Sometimes, we begin to get discourage and surrender. And if we always dwell in a negative thoughts, with low morale because of life's poor condition, when problem drenched us and at times we felt that nobody cared for us,  losing our faith in God, there our tendency to commit crime. Good thing that most of us have deep foundation of Faith. God has always a purpose on why we experienced these things in life. When there is darkness in our life, there is always light ahead. 

Ely agreed with the wisdom I've shared. When he told me that he has to leave to continue his peddling activity, I then say a nod. I know that I gave him some encouragement and he was grateful with what I've shared to him with that smile.

We traveled so far in doing good things. Lets continue doing that in our journey in life and remember these things;

1. "Let's not use poverty as an excuse to commit crimes and destroy our identity. There are other ways to earn." as quoted by Gael Hilotin, The Pinay Solo Backpacker.
2. Remember always the Golden Rule; "Thou Shalt not do unto others, as you do not want them to do unto you"-by Confucius. 
Lina, not her real name, chose to innovate his earnings by selling deep fried chicken
3. If you are a student, then remember this principle -"I will never let poverty to ruin my life, and be an excuse not to pursue my ambition to finish my studies".
Toto-not his real name-knows the extent of being a trusted person and the value of education. His kids are now in college
4. Ask yourself. Are you one of among the LAZIEST PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY? There is no such thing as Juan Tamad in the Philippines, but I do believe that there is JUAN MASIPAG in this Country. We were just conditioned to think negatively on whoever invented that name, Juan Tamad.  Tsk tsk tsk. 

We need a collective effort to alleviate from poverty. It is not fair that we always blame the government with our present situation--we need to reflect further on that. We need also to work and to help ourselves by not so dependent on what the government can do for us.
Nong Ben, at age 58, still working as a laborer and a rough carpenter-says, "Never Give Up and lost Hope while still breathing.  
5. Lastly, we are not born as sinners, but we are born basically GOOD PEOPLE in our first more than 400 days in our life.  Lets continue being  what God wants us to be.
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Karma has two (2) faces, the good or the bad one. Which one do you prefer? Which path do you like to follow now? So, in life's VOYAGE, let us remember that to live life in the fullest, it shall be in the Greater Glory of God. Never say NEVER, because in doing GOOD DEEDS, we will reap / harvest good things in LIFE. Our fate depends on what we are doing right now. Right at this moment, it is still not too late for us to change, think it over before you do drastic actions and examine your conscience, Never Say Never, in doing what is RIGHTEOUS.
Here's another photo for reflection;

Trisikad - is a sidecar or a non-motorized tricycle in the Philippines. 
Never say Never - From the movie, The Karate Kid 2010.

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  1. "Those who have experienced a hard life with deep anger always find means to be taken away in that situation. May God continue to give light to the right path of righteousness... but it requires strong faith, determination and perseverance."

    It's so nice to experience hardships and failures in life because at the moment you reached your chosen level of success, there will be an over-flowing happiness to enjoy.

    I, for one have experienced it. :)

  2. Hi Anonymous.

    My experience in life especially hardship is really a gift of legacy that I could leave to my children someday and will always be their inspiration. :-). I will teach them how to fight life with full of faith and perseverance as what you've said. Thanks for your inspiring comment. I will live with that passage.:-).

  3. @Earl.

    Thanks....This is the other face of travel. The journey of life.

  4. Very inspiring post Kuya Bon! These are the reasons why many of us should be thankful of what we have right now.

    Super love the quotation from Gael too.

    My heart goes to the kid in the last picture.

  5. We need more post like this Kuya Bon, very inspiring and enlightening.

  6. @Tina.

    Hello tina. That day when I saw that boy, I knew he just endured the cold climate and that heavy downpour just to deliver the vegetables. I felt fainted that time seeing this kid and right away recalled my own experiences, coupled with the article that gael have shared to us her experienced in the host country where she went.:-).

  7. @Lakwatsera de Primera.

    Hi claire. Thank you for that suggestion. You guys also gave me such inspiration to continue what we have started, blogging and sharing our experiences not only to our friends but also to other people as well....

  8. I really admire people who choose to have an honest job even with a low wage than engage in some monkey biz - or worse crime. Inspiring indeed.

  9. What an inspirational well-written post Sir. :-)

    I already added you to my links, sorry kindda late medyo busy "kunohay" Sir.

  10. @Pinay Travel Junkie

    Hi ga-ye. They serve as inspirational to others, hopefully....:-).

  11. @Phingtravels.

    Hello phing. Thanks for that kind appreciation. Inspired. BTW, Hows life now in Cagayan de Oro?

  12. Inspirational. Brighten up my afternoon. Nice post. =)

  13. Thanks Renevic.:-). Iba din talaga ang mandaragat. hehehe. Thanks for visiting my site.

  14. @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    Thanks so much sir....:-). BTW, I like your Romblon series. The pictures with tripod creates a good result especially using the slow shutter speed that made the water as in silky mode.

  15. very inspirational post sir! very nice to read these posts that keeps us informed of the more important things in life.
    food for the soul. :D

  16. @SolofligthED

    Ed. Just happened to see the guy while i'm in transit to our office. When I saw his smiling face I then stopped and bothered to have him interviewed. At the moment that I've learned about his story, I then remembered my past experience in life during my school days. :-).

  17. very encouraging blog,..

    change aLways start in ourself, if MAN ONLY determined to alleviate himself, govt has skills training and Livelihood programs,. read bulletin and Look for job..
    Life onLy needs dedication and determination.. god bless us aLL.


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