Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cagayan de Oro City | Puerto Fly Over, the First Ever

Another milestone of Cagayan de Oro City, aside from the newly constructed Market City and Save More, is the construction of a first ever structural steel pre-fabricated fly over and is now on its almost halfway to completion. The construction of this flyover is now in progress at the junction road going to Bukidnon and Butuan City, which has a total estimated budgetary cost of P300 Million. The project is to be financed by Land Bank of the Philippines Cagayan de Oro Lending Center.

As usual, the flyover is to address, the worsening problem of traffic congestion in this junction road to Bukidnon and Butuan City, which is common to highly urbanized Cities like Cagayan de Oro. Houses of informal settlers along the road right of way were affected and demolished, to give way with the said construction. Once this will be completed this year, an easy traffic flow will then be in place in going to and from Bukidnon, vice versa this City of the Golden Friendship.
Pre-fabricated structural steel supports and beams are one of the best methods to hasten the construction, such as of this type, the fly-over. With the present development and accomplishment of this 200 meters stretch project, the estimated completion will be on or before this year end. 

Development has two faces of effect, the beneficial and the non-beneficial. One of the major  benefits is to address the traffic congestion which is a bottle-neck or a converging zone in this particular area that caused clogging-up and it stands almost an hour before we could finally pass through. The other effect is non-beneficial to all informal settlers who settled along the National Highway who were affected by a connecting node of programme of works,  which is the road widening. These affected informal settlers shall be given a "just compensation" as a result of the power of "eminent domain", and this shall be initiated by the concerned LGU and shall likewise be given a resettlement area as a result of their displacement.

If you are choosing Cagayan de Oro as your gateway to the City of Durian (Davao) or the Food Basket of Mindanao (Bukidnon), you will no longer experience a heart-pounding traffic in this area once this first ever fly-over of Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City be completed.

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  1. I miss CDO! Been 2 years since my last visit.

  2. Ambilis no? Kaso is it just me or does the flyover doesn't look safe/sturdy at all? O_o

  3. @Ding.

    Cagayan de Oro is into economic boom where some of the prominent figure have engaged into property investment through a partnership scheme with prominent developers.:-). Thanks for visiting us here.

  4. @BukidnonOnline

    Hello Ms. I. The flyover is structurally sound though it seems unsafe when looking at its physical features. :-). Thanks for visiting me here again.

  5. We're going to visit our colleague in davao this late december. Hope to set foot also in CDO :D

  6. Wow, ang daming developments sa CDO, kapag ganito yung progress ng lugar hindi ka manghihinayang na magbayad ng tax, at least nakikita mo kung saan napupunta yung pera.

  7. @Renevic | Mamumundok

    In order to make use of your time of your visit in Mindanao, I suggest you exit in Cagayan de Oro. Travel time from DVO to CDO is only 6 hours, via Bukidnon-Davao (BUDA) Highway.:-).

  8. @Lakwatsera de primera

    Claire, returning the favor of paying the taxes by enjoying the benefits in providing support services.:-).

  9. i miss my hometown!

  10. @Anonymous

    You may visit your hometown and see some of you friends.:-).

  11. The bridge is prefabricated using materials from France. This explains why the flyover is almost finished. Right now, the construction involves putting a concrete link between the concrete and the two ends of the bridge.

  12. @Cagayan de oro water rafting

    Thanks for this additional information about the construction of the fly-over especially the source of materials they installed. Thanks...:-).


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