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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 18 & 19 | The Place of Refuge

When I was here sometime between 1987 and 1988, that was in my college years, there was no overpass that cross over the highway of EDSA and so with the MRT railway system. I remember also that when we got off here from Muntinlupa and took another public transportation in going to Divisoria, there was still no structure of Shangrila Plaza and the SM Megamall at that time. All you can see in this place  before these structures were built, was  a vast tract of grazeland and vacant land. I can recalled, that there were already a temporary enclosure, an indicator that an upcoming construction activity will be put into place. 

When I came back here in 1991,  as a job seeker, there were already structures built, and these structures were the Shangrila Plaza and the SM Megamall. This was also the time when Ortigas Avenue and its neighbors were in economic boom. Structures like high rise buildings were simultaneously built such as condominium buildings, etc.
From Grazeland to what is now
Before the existence of Mall of Asia (MOA), SM Megamall and Shangrila Plaza were frequented by Mallers from nearby suburbs, including me and my ex-girlfriend, who is now my wify.    

The 2 -malls were our favorite hang-out every weekend to de-stress our routinary and boring job being both as corporate employees-- because  of the proximity of our residence from these malls. 

From Kalentong, our dropped-off point is in these famous landmarks of Metro Manila, the CROSSING or the SHAW BOULEVARD.
Mallers going to SM Megamall
In Shangrila Plaza, this is where they first introduce the sensory powered glass double-swing door.
When I first saw this roof system - skylight.
I stopped for a while, took some snapshots on this beautiful skylight and I  was apprehended by the guard-on-duty that taking pictures here is prohibited.  I asked why is  it restricted,  the guard replied, just for security reason sir. I  then asked an apology on that.  I was thinking about the connection of taking pictures of the facade on why it is prohibited which in fact all the entrance of the mall were equipped with security measures and  well equipped with CCTV Cameras. Granting that someone has intention / plan to do  something  unpleasant to the mall, pictures on the facade are not sufficient to be as their guide but instead they will bring along a spy camera to see the interior of the building.  In my case, I was just fascinated with the design of the skylight roof of the covered walkway because I am a civil engineer by profession, and that is why I took pictures on that.     

A post of one of my colleagues in PTB, Cedric Solidon, last June 22, 2011, entitled, Metro Manila: Land of the Paranoid, quoted the following lines that I would like to stress out further my opinion about taking pictures on the mall's facade,

I do not want to expound this anymore, since this post is all about my past and recent experience of this mall.

So, the feeling in coming back again to this place was really that  inexplicable and baffling.   I reminisced the moment when we were still both single, still young and already taken. Like any other people, SM Megamall and the Shangrila Plaza is our place of refuge, our weekend home and hang-up place after a week of dull and mind-numbing respective jobs. 

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  1. Bon, sa Landbank Plaza, gibadlong pud mi sa guard kay nag-picture picture mi sa gawas. bsan nagpaila na mi na landbankers mi. daghan jud siguro paranoid sa Manila....hehehe.

  2. @Earl (Suroy Pilipinas)

    Morag daghan jud earl mga paranoid didto. Maski pa jud nga nagpaila namo ha, gibadlong pa jud mo...What da he..?. I know they just following orders, but hopefully, that orders should be well rationalized.

  3. Despite the crowded streets and the existence of shanties, Manila is still a good place to go especially for groups/families who wants to explore and uncover a glimpse of history. Manila is indeed very rich of it.

  4. @Cagayan de Oro whitewater rafting.

    I agree with you that manila is rich in history....

  5. Palaisipan din sa akin yan. I don't understand why they won't allow that na if you have din naman telephoto lenses, eh di ganun din. Weird. Heheh. Nice photos, Kuya Bon!

  6. @Mindanaoan

    Hope they will improve their system. Thanks Ms. I....BTW, your 2 sites looks very nice na. Improved one..


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