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My 7 Links : My Own Simplest Way in Thanking

As a busy employee, I can't no longer have some time to update my blog. I even have a little gap in blogging because of some personal reasons. The top reason is being a family man. I really have to adjust my blogging time and schedule, to give some time with my kids and family. I even thought of putting it aside and just glean it at times when it is needed. Honestly, I have to slow down.

Last Month, I was just surprised that two of my fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers nominated me to join this prestigious "My 7 Links" project. Tina of The Frustrated Traveler and Xavier Chin of  nominated me to join this blogospheric chain blogging in a week apart. And for this, I am so grateful to that. Thank you so much since you ignite back my interests in blogging.

This "My 7 Links", was started by tripbaseblog, with a goal to unit bloggers from all sectors in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to be revisited and rekindle the exploration, the overwhelming experiences have made and a no-holds barred exposition to the planet.  

To participate or take part, a blogger shall be nominated and tagged you and then publishes his/her 7 links to his/her blog. I would like to thank again Tina and Xavier Chin in nominating me;

To start with, here are my 7 links;
My Most Beautiful Post :
Figuratively and categorically speaking, Agora Market and Terminal has a significant transformation from  an untidy place to a classical one. I would say that this post is considered as the most beautiful post I ever had because of its physical transformation.

My Most Popular Post 
Indeed it is my most popular post in a sense that History begins here. All over the country and the whole world knew about the Rizal Park even some people were not yet able to visit this place.

My Most Controversial Post 
Controversies made us realized something, and we also learned something out of it.

My Most Helpful Post

Blogging is sharing to the whole world all information in the net.At times, fellow bloggers learned each other through their respective posts. In this post, it gave tourists a comprehensive guide in going to this spot.

 A post whose success surprised you 
Have tried the Pinoy Travel Blogger's monthly blog carnival for the month of May. As my first entry to the carnival, I was surprised not with the success but with the sincere comments made by my fellow PTB  bloggers. Kudos to that. It made me continue to share my travel experiences through blogging.

A post that I felt didn’t get the attention it deserved : 
As a newbie blogger in travel blogging, I don't have yet a DSLR camera. Hence, all my photos captured during the Finale of International Pyromusical Competition held in Mall of Asia last March 12 this year, were all in blurred "effect".  Though I felt that this post didn't get the attention it deserved, nevertheless, my spirit and passion in photography continue to thrive in my heart and soul and it did not stopped me there, instead I embrace the challenge.

The post that I am most proud of :  

Everyone has its own unique way on how we valued the most important days in the life of our loved ones. I first heard this phrase from my former boss in a construction company. He even advised me to remember all these important dates. They are namely; the birthdays, the wedding anniversary and valentine's day. In this event, it was my wife's birthday treat and I was so proud of her since he conquered the Longest Dual Zipline in Asia which I didn't made that time. 

This 7 links project also suggests to tag 5 other bloggers to keep it on. I am tagging and chose seven (7)  people because of what I learned from them, skills to admire with in terms of putting their heart and soul in writing , making the readers felt also what they've experienced and discovered during and after the course of their travels, their skills in photography, and their sense of humility. I chose 7 because for me it is a perfect number. Here they are;

1. En Route                           -  by Ferdz Decena (
2. Lakwatsera de Primera - by Claire Raborar  (
3. Out of Town Blog            -  by Melo Villareal (
4. Mindanaoan                    -  by Ms.Irene 
5. Suroy Pilipinas                -  by Earl Bolivar
6.             -  by Edcel Suyo
7. Langyaw                          -  by Estan Cabigas 

Lots of them are in my mind who really inspired me to write and to blog but I have to choose only 7 as a rule of this Link. This is also my simplest way in thanking my dear friends, my readers, my followers, fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers, Pinoy Bloggers, My Families, my  wife (happy 18th anniversary) and kids who really that so understanding and supportive. Thanks so much. 

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  1. Thank you for including me on your list Kuya Bon, di ko pa rin to nagagawa :( ang dami na nag-tag.

  2. @Lakwatsera de Primera

    Hello Claire.You write with a soul and full of sincerity. Best Wishes for you and charles. Keep on sharing your travel experiences.:-).

  3. dont worry sir, you all got our attention nung pyro =)

  4. @Chyng

    Hahaha. Tama. At home ako sa inyo eh. Thanks so much for that chyng. :-).

  5. Thanks for the tag Sir! Actually I'm done with this Project but I truly appreciate the kind words! Here's my post:

    Really admirable that you continue to keep blogging despite your busy sked. Will check out your other stories when I get home! :D

  6. maganda na pala sa Agora. Nice!

  7. sana maexperience ko din ang Longest Dual Zipline in Asia. Please continue to share all your travel experiences . =)

  8. thanks's an honor to be in the company of these bloggers we looked up to.i will try to find time to write my own 7 linnks. daghan pa kaayo backlog!hehehe....

  9. Weeee I'm tagged! Awww this is so cool! Salamat :D

    Hi Ed! Starring ka sa among chika gahapon haha! Nag meeting mi ni Kuya Bon :)

  10. @Ed

    Thanks. I'm just in the right track now to continue what i've started. Thanks also in sharing your adventurous stories. We learned so much on that. BTW, Irene told us that you went together to Hongkong with Estan...

  11. @Ding

    Kahit papano, hindi na kahiyahiya ang agora ngayon kaysa dati....

  12. @Chinchan

    There will be a perfect timing for your wish to go to Dahilayan Eco Tourism Park to experience the zipline adventure there.

  13. @Earl.

    Blog lang ug daghan. Para masundan na grasya, hehehe. Beer dayon...

  14. @Mindanaoan

    Ms. Irene, thank you also for bringing up projects for the group to keep us fueled our interests in blogging. Looking forward for our upcoming projects.

  15. you didn't tag me kuya? :( hehe joke, i;ve been tag before but still cant do it. I miss reading blogs lately. been quite busy. happy travels! :)

  16. Hello Ga-el

    I've noticed nga that you are so busy. Akala ko nga may tampo ka na sa kin eh. O may na sabi akong hindi mo gusto kaya hindi ka na nakabisita sa blog ko. I've noticed parati yata ang out of the country mo ngayon ah. Sama mo naman kami sa mga projects mo dyan sa norte....hehehe. I miss you all guys. Hope that we could visit again Manila.

  17. @bonzenti: ey sir, yeah, nagsama kami ni Irene sa HK courtesy of Airphil Express. alagang-alaga kami ni Irene. If you see her, kindly send my regards. :D

  18. @Ed

    She mentioned you during our meeting for our upcoming projects. I'll send your regards.:-).

  19. @irene: hi irene. basin ginabasa pa ni nimo, hi lang! hehe
    @bonzenti: haha, at I finally finished reading your 7 links series, pasensya medyop natagalan sir. pero I enjoyed reading your stories especially about bukidnon. thanks for sharing them!

  20. Hello Ed.

    Ang tiyaga mo bai. Neweys. Thanks bai for visiting my blog. Actually, Im planning to have my own domain name. Con Tour pa rin sana.


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