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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 20 | Inside the University of the Philippines - Diliman

When there is opportunity, grab it and enjoy its benefit. - Fr. Savio of St. Benedictine of Transfiguration (Monastery). 

This is one of Father Savio's passage in his homily delivered in one of Sunday Masses in Monastery that we  attended last time. Opportunity knocks once on your door. 

This is what I've felt when I read the memorandum that was routed in our office last time, requiring all in-house appraisers to take the Real Estate Appraiser's Licensure Examination as required by the RESA Law or R.A. 9646-entitled the Real Estate Service Act of 2009, if not qualified for the grandfather's rule. For those who has 10-years appraisal experience were not required to take the board examination anymore as required by the said Law and this is also called as "The Grandfather's Rule. On my part, I only have to take CPE or Continuing Professional Education as required in Section 20 of the said Law.

Rare Opportunity :

Opportunity to visit the top and prestigious school in our country, the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City for a career advancement program is really a most rewarding moment in my life as an individual. Rare opportunity of this kind is really a blessing to me, because it was my dream to study in this school  way back in my high school days. But because my parents were not that so blessed in terms of financial capacity, I was not able to pursue that dream after graduation in high school. Blessing in disguise, I still settled in one of competitive schools in the Philippines.
Jogging at the Academic Oval early in the morning together with my colleagues
Entering the U.P. Diliman Campus :

After visited the SM Mega Mall and the Shangrila Plaza at the Crossing on the 13th of March, I took a bus ride and disembarked at the Philcoa near the entrance gate of the University. I then boarded a passenger jeepney in front of a 7-11 convenience store branch in Philcoa, bound to U.P. campus with a signboard of U.P. Ikot.  I boarded that jeepney at around 7 in the evening. Luckily, the lady seated beside  the driver is his wife and seemed like they were in their early 60s. Since the passenger front seat is vacant, I opted to seat beside that old lady. I got a chance to ask them if from that jump off point to the campus is just a walking distance? As a word of concern, maybe they thought of that I planned to just walk to the campus at that moment, then they advised me not to try for security reason. 

From that point, I felt so blessed with people like those couple who gave some advises and tips in going to the boarding house where we have booked our stay and to a stranger-looking-guy like me and seem like new to that place, it was really a big respite on my part. I chose to ask rather than pretending that I am already so familiar with the place. I remember the word of my professor during my college days. He said, "The best thing to learn is to ask-where ever you go."

And in less than 30 minutes, I found the Benitez Alumni Hostel without experiencing much difficulties in locating the place. I am so glad that I encountered people like those couple that night and thankful that I arrived safe. 
jogger's / biker's lane
Uncomfortable Stay :

The boarding house is so simple in a sense that it is made of wood. The lodging fee is so cheap at around P250 per day, but I  am uncomfortable during my stay there. Not only that I am not used to that place but also because of one of my roommates who snored so loud. The space is so crowded for  3 persons in that room that adds to my unrest nights of stay.  I have no choice since the person who snored so loud is my immediate supervisor. So I have to bear his snoring style. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

With only 3-4 hours of sleep. I got up before 5 o'clock in the morning on the first day of class, and went out with my officemates for a jogging exercise. I've just walked and jogged and have the chance to see the academic oval of the university. Haven't noticed that I finished 2 rounds or a total of 4.4 kilometers. 

While walking, I've got a chance to take some snapshots and captured this sun rising that time.
beautiful sunrise in the University's Academic Oval
Another thing I've noticed during my short walk was the road system around the oval. The jogger's or the biker's lane. A system is so simple and yet so functional and useful for those who really like to take some physical exercises like jogging, biking and for those with low stamina, walking is advisable.  

I've just remember the discussion with Mr. Noel Silan, the school director of my kid's school, a good friend of mine and an alumni of this university, opined that if all the road system all over the Philippines is patterned of this kind, Philippines would somehow shifted to non-smoke-puffing vehicles and less accident would happen on the part of motorcycle drivers.
My backdrop - The U.P. Engineering Building
You could just imagined that in this institution, they produced lots of topnotchers not only in Engineering but also in other courses. If i could go back in time through a time machine, I would still chose this institution to pursue my Civil Engineering course. 

Well, since last year, I was given an opportunity to get enrolled in distance learning module in U.P.O.U and have finished two courses in Real Estate Continuing Professional Education. When I've got my certificate of completion of that 2 courses, I am so grateful of the people who gave me this rare chances to be with this institution. Last year, my former President Dra. Mary Gaw So of Philippine Association of Realty Appraisers, Inc. gave this opportunity to become one of the scholars of the first batch of Land Laws and Planning for Development. On March this year, I was again invited to take the 2nd course and eventually finished it just last month. And this was the reason why I stopped my blogging for awhile. 
International Valuation Standards, sponsored by our partner organization, IPREA
After the enrollment in U.P.O.U last March this year, I was able to join the other appraisers in taking up another CPE in U.P. Diliman, with a topic entitled, the International Valuation Standards. I also would like to thank my boss Joen Faune in allowing me to join the group and my regional head, Mr. Cesar Magallanes for their selfless recommendation, thank you so much.
U.P. campus so far has the same environment with Malaybalay City except the cold climate. They still preserved the green environment amidst the fast urban development in Metro Manila. The danger here is transforming the campus into a commercial development. Hopefully that the U.P. administration would still consider the preservation of the green environment. 
The monument of the Father of Labor Union in the Philippines
The building where we held our training workshop-I know The PinaySolobackpacker can name this building
since I forgot it.
Our lecture room
In this campus, I saw some of the unique and rare structures which I considered as my inspiration to replicate in the future. One of these structures is the above covered walkway with cantilevered structural support  that was made of steel. I took photo on it in anticipation that I might replicate it and construct one in my front yard connecting to my entrance gate. :-).
So far, the best among of the speakers we ever had during our training workshop, Dra. Lim, former Museum Curator
Feeling Alumni talaga.....
Under Restrictions :

One of the highlights of my con touring around the U.P. Campus after every class was to take photos with the "Oblation"--- The famous landmark of this institution. I wonder why one of the guards apprehended me not to take pictures on this famous landmark per instruction allegedly by the school president and further stressed-out that some of the photographers were accordingly do some earnings  out of the photos. Since I was not satisfied with his statement, I asked the two guards I spotted not so far away from the one I first asked permission. I was shocked since these 2 guards allowed me to take photos on it.
It is not because sometimes I am stubborn if I am not satisfied with the answer but because the oblation itself symbolizes --"Continuous Discovery of Wisdom and Truth, Excellence in Workmanship, Love of Country and Service to the Nation and People" (thanks to PTB Guys for the translation-kudos to that). 

My intention in taking pictures on the oblation is for my own personal consumption only and for musing purposes.


One of my favorite subjects in photography is taking pictures of this kind---taking pictures of trees. I really love nature. That is why, I am that at home in the campus.

At least, I felt that I am now part of the history with these people (engrave on the tablet) who have been the prime movers in Philippine politics and economy.
"The physical state of the pictures can be paid by money as the direct monetary value but the memories and time spent in this institution has distinct value----the KNOWLEDGE that I gained during my studies in this institution is considered to be with INFINITE VALUE" - Con Tour.

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  1. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

  2. Haha! I wouldn't have the guts to tell my supervisor he/she snores loud if I were in your shoes and will just deal with it. I miss running around UP D :(

  3. @Math Resources

    Thank you for that kind appreciation. That's a Moral booster, thanks.:-). It makes us continue with this craft.

  4. Natry mo din ba Kuya Bon yung mga murang kainan sa campus?

  5. @Pinay Travel Junkie

    Hello Ga-ye. I'll take your advise. hehehe. Kaya pala may shape, runner ka din pala.:-).

  6. @Lakwatsera de Primera

    Hi claire. Na try ko din yong murang kainan. lagi nga ako dun. Very affordable naman. Nakakain ako ng at least budget meal na 45 pesos na breakfast. Yong malapit sa grocery yata yon. Dun sa may mga small establishment. Naglibot din ako dun banda. Hanggang makarating ako sa may University Hotel. Galing din. Alumni ka din dun ano?

  7. Nakaka miss ang UP ah.. It's been two years na ata since I last visited the place..

  8. Namis ko kumain ng Rodics sa upd . ginutom ako bigla...

  9. @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    Tama ka. nakaka miss ang U.P. ang ganda ng campus. Iluvit.:-).

  10. @Chino

    Hindi ko masyadong na explore ang kasuloksulokan ng U.P. D. Kaya hindi ko alam ang ROdics.:-). hehehe.

  11. @Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

    Hi Alexandria. Just full of enthusiasm in writing my experiences in U.P. Thanks for your kind appreciation of my photos. BTW, You too have great shots in your blog.


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