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Lanao del Sur | In Transit to Marawi City

Expectations would somehow could lead you to have a mixed considerations about the place you have not yet been for more than half of your life. And that's was how I felt when we are in the highway in going to Marawi City.

Our objective was just simple and clear. We have to finish our transaction in 1 to 2 hours, then have lunch in Midway Resort in Initao, Misamis Oriental, and also to have some rest from a long travel from our point of destination which took us 5 hours of travel and left our point of origin at nearly 4:30 at dawn.
This post can be considered mainly as photo blog or a combination of a  travel and photo blog. And the photos that I've captured during that travel is just to share to you how the place looks like.

We cannot have a full appreciation of a place unless we have a personal touch and experience of the place we dreamed to set foot. In other words, we cannot tell a story about a certain place unless we ourselves have been in that certain place and the people we meet on the road or along the road on our way to our destination.
When I captured this flat terrain agricultural land along our way to Marawi City, I was struck with its backdrop verdant hills and valleys. A place where we could consider as potential for food production areas if fully utilize.
I even struck with the design of the arc before entering the Northwestern Part of Lanao del Sur, the entrance to the Islamic City of Marawi. I felt that I am in a foreign land in my own country. A feeling that these guards would require us to show any passport or visa before entering the border-like arc. The structure is really that unique and rare because I've been in so many places in Mindanao and pass through so many checkpoints, and this is my first time seeing this kind and type of a structure. A symbolical structure. A symbol of holiness. At a first glance, the structure looks like a mosque.
Finally, we then reached the entrance to the Islamic City of Marawi. During my high school days, I have a best friend with a family name of Guro. He even invited us to pray in the mosque which we eventually accepted and pay respect. We even do the praying by vowing. 

While getting into the City proper, I then remembered what my friend said to us as his circle of friends, that respect would lead you to understand more the belief of other religion, especially Islam. Even in other religion, like Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and Christianity, if you pay respect about their practice sincerely and holistically, you would understand deeply their belief. I've already observed the Hare Khrisna, Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism and found out the common belief among these religion, that is they believe in ONE GOD, OUR GOD.
The signage in going to MSU Campus and the Provincial Capitol
The Hospital that financed by Land Bank-the only bank who has the heart in serving the countryside.
Nearing the Registry of Deeds of Marawi City
Finally, the Registry of Deeds for the Province of Lanao del Sur
With Mr. Jalil Moctar-the LARES and IT expert who assisted me to have the documents photocopied
I learned a lot of things from him about the history of Mindanao and particularly Marawi City. I personally thanking this people in assisting me with the transaction, and we are very much welcome in here and they are warm people as well. Kudos to that.

BTW, the Registry of Deeds for the Province of Lanao del Sur is now in the process of automation and computerization in order to have more comprehensive processing of titles and speedy arm's length transaction.

Special thanks to Mrs. Monirah A. Codingan, the record's officer who also helped us photocopied the necessary documents.
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  1. too bad, i wasn't able to see that beautiful arch... naka jeep kasi ako when I went there...

  2. @Pinoy Adventurista

    Mervz, I was inside our service but I seated at the back. When it slowed, I took that chances to take some snapshots. Ganda nga eh. sayang at hindi rin tayo nag pang abot.:-).

  3. Wow, going through that welcome arc does look lika a border crossing!

  4. @Pinay Travel Junkie

    Hello Ga-ye, kinakabahan nga ako na hindi ko mawari. Parang nasa border nga ako, na parang ibang bansa na ba. But i like the design of the arc. Its so unique.:-). BTW, kumusta na?

  5. That is quite an interesting arch. It makes me think you're about to enter Brunei or Malaysia :)

  6. @Lakwatsera de Primera

    Hi Claire, I've just remembered what you've shared when you enter the airport and apprehensive about the guards. That's how I felt also when we were haulted by those guards. Its the same thing also when you are entering the border of one country to another.:-).

  7. I haven't been personally to Mindanao and looks like Marawi is an interesting place to visit.

    I also love it when you said: "We cannot have a full appreciation of a place unless we have a personal touch and experience of the place we dreamed to set foot." Very true! :-)

  8. @Pinoy Travel Freak

    Gabz, its true. But more importantly, we must have a sensible travels. Usually, I dont recommend a place, except a place with unquestionable peace condition.:-).


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