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Agusan del Norte | My Nasipit Journey Series : En Route Experience

 My bus in going to NASIPIT-Jump Off point-Cagayan de Oro City Bus Terminal

Why Planned Trip?

The trip was planned two weeks ahead while awaiting for the notice to proceed from my friend in the Wisconsin, U.S.A., requested to assist her on a special real estate transaction. 

I read a lot of articles about planning a trip ahead, and I would say that it is still best and effective in a sense that we will have some alternatives if ever some unexpected things would happen, like the travel time, unpleasant incidents, etc.

Extended Travel Time (ETT) :

Travel time to Cagayan de Oro from Bukidnon was only at most 2 hours, in the last few years . But today, it changed to 2 and 1/2 hours, the worst is three (3) hours. We may wander why was that?  It is because the National Highway is now under repair. 

That was my first guess because of the recent physical development of the said highway in going to Cagayan de Oro City, but later learned that the reason why all the buses of Rural Tours or Bachelor Tours is having a longer or Extended Travel Time. It is because of vehicular accident in the Mangima Zigzag road  that happened few months ago. That accident was a head-on collision that caused the death of five (5) passengers. As of this writing, allegedly, the bus driver is still on preventive suspension pending the finality of the investigation, as disclosed by the bus driver.

I woke up at 3:00 am in the morning to catch up the bus at 3:30. I only ate bread as my initial breakfast.  I did not wait anymore for the aircon bus on that morning, but opted to take the regular bus which arrived first at the terminal.

It is indeed true that the travel time now is already extended up to almost 3 hours from my point of origin because of that road mishap few months ago in Mangima Zigzag Road. I arrived in Cagayan de Oro at almost 6:30 am, went directly to the rest room to discharge some of my toxins and immediately got on the yellow bus bound to Surigao-Butuan route. 

The yellow bus was scheduled to move out at 6:45 am. While waiting to roll, I bought a cup of coffee to heat-up my tummy at P10 pesos at the nearby terminal stalls, paired with a pack of crackers. 

Arrogant Passenger :

As the bus is in transit, the conductor set up their television and was then busy choosing his "best movie choices", when one of the passengers seated at the front told him that his chosen movie was already repeated many times. I am about to nap that time when I heard that guy. I was a bit irked with his arrogant approach and wander if he is one of the bus' crew, but later learned that he is one of  my old friends in Camaman-an, Cagayan de Oro City. He is the son of our church ministry, Mr. J. Borja, my father's friend.

Age does matter. As we aged, we sometimes experienced "memory gapping". That is much better than memory loss (palusot pa). I admit, I forgot his name and didn't bothered anymore to ask him because on the premise that it might be offensive on his part. I instead asked him about his father. His bus ticket was until Sugbongcogon, Misamis Oriental only.

Don't talk to strangers is really that applicable :
The other guy sat beside him intervened our conversation and even thrown a side comment that his impression on me is like a military man or maybe on the other side. He talked on a twirling tongue and I sensed right away that he is drunk. His two (2) impression on me were both disagreeable and untrue. That maybe because of my composure. I am a real estate practitioner and not a military man or the other way around. 

In this case, "Don't talk to strangers", a famous advise of our parents was eventually applied when that man interrupted our conversation. I've just  ignored and just glanced a little at him.
Balingoan Bus Terminal :

Balingoan Bus Terminal is a jump off point in going to Camiguin Island and it is located on the opposite side of the terminal, left side in going to Butuan.We arrived here at around 8:30 am. Time to stretch and time to discharge our body toxins. This is the first bus terminal where any bus going to Surigao-Butuan route should stop for stretching and for routine ticket inspection by the bus terminal supervisor. By the way, the name of the bus for Surigao-Butuan Route is BACHELOR TOURS and different name for BUDA Route, which is called as the RURAL TOURS, but they have of the same owners.
The stop is estimated at 10-15 minutes. It was extended to about 20 minutes since a sickly fat passenger went back to bus late, because he moved so slow. I suspected that he has a kidney trouble because of fattened legs. We left Balingoan Bus Terminal at around 8:50 am.
An Old Building still standing along the National Highway of this City
Gingoog City :

Along my journey to Nasipit, we have to pass by Gingoog City, the third class and the last City of the Province of Misamis Oriental in going to Butuan. Since 2009, there are no significant development noted along the highway except of their new bus terminal that is made of structural steel and some other new buildings as shown below.
New Architecturally Designed Building.
The second stop over is in Gingoog City Bus Terminal. Pronounced as HINGOOG. It is more or less 2 1/2 - 3 hours travel time from Cagayan de Oro City. From this point, I started to feel my butt numbing because of long travel from Bukidnon, which started at 3:30 in the morning. It was indeed a long travel because of extended time set by the Bus Company in order to avoid road accident on their end.
The new and the old bus terminal
Patience :

I still have to take another 2 hours to Nasipit from Gingoog City. A long road to the place needs also a long patience. This is the virtue that basically that we have to learn on the road, spell patience or count 100 times. I do not like to sleep while the bus is in transit but can't help because I woke up so early. I slept a little to regain my strength.
The long road to Nasipit
Until finally, I arrived at Nasipit almost 12 noon. After disembarked from the bus, I then started to look around and familiarizing with the place. First thing in mind was to eat that time since I've already felt like sipping a hot soup. At last, setting foot in this quaint town of Agusan del Norte-Nasipit for more or less 8 hours of travel. Patience is needed especially for long travel like this one is the real sense of this Journey. 
The Nasipit Bus Terminal

This is my Series #1 of a mini series of My Nasipit Journey - Agusan del Norte. Tara Na! Sa Nasipit, Biyahe Na!

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  1. Will be in Bukidnon, ADN and ADS for work...I hope I could stand the long travels. I have only been up to Balingoan and never really explored Northwestern Mindanao (CARAGA). I think I will be awake all the time...hehe.

  2. you forgot to take a photo of BDO MisOr Gingoog Branch , it is the no. 1 bank in Gingoog City , when you visit the branch it is like when you visit SM LOL...

  3. Ding, if i am new to the place, I am awake all the time. I know that you can endure also the long travel.:-)

  4. Anonymous,

    Its not advisable to take photos especially banks.:-). Thanks, maybe next time.


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