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Agusan del Norte | My Nasipit Journey Series : In[Side] Town

Near the port area
On the first series of "My Nasipit Journey", I shared my En Route experience while on board a Bachelor Tours bus from Cagayan de Oro City to Nasipit, Agusan del Norte. My encounter with stranger having heard with a repulsive words and just ignored that little and nonsense things but worthy to be learned as lesson of that travel-the virtue of silence and patience.

To continue with "My Nasipit Journey Series", this is the second part: 

I ate first my packed lunch prepared by my wife,  right after I'd got off  from the bus, before headed to explore the quite, small and yet a simple place. I am so grateful  that my wife insisted that I should bring a packed lunch just in case, there were some delays in the course of this travel. 
Truly, she is right with her intuition. I ate in a nearby bunk house eatery that looks clean and ordered a hot soup and an extra rice, at around 12:30 pm (a little late lunch). In short, after done eating my packed lunch, I then talked to a sidecar driver for a solo passenger ride. I contracted him for a P100 pesos to go around the town proper for assessment about their economic activity. Actually, he hadn't not offered any amount on how much would I pay him, I only gave him that much which I knew that ride was only worth P100 pesos, but I still gave his son, who came along with us, another P20 pesos.

Nasipit town proper is just a small town, with 7,000+ households. Quaint and laid back but as I observed during my exploration with the place, my impression was---the town has a clean environment.

I learned a lot of things with regards Nasipit, particularly the partial economic instability because of NALCO's closure (NALCO stands for Nasipit Lumber Company). 

Allegedly, lot of families were displaced due to the closure of this lumber company. During the company's existence, the town were full of life, as further unveiled by the tricycle driver, especially on payday. Part of my job as real estate man is the economic assessment of a certain place where a particular realty is located---and this shall be used as one of the bases of my valuation.
At the NALCO's compound
When I passed by along the NALCO compound, the saga continues by my "tourist guide", the motorcycle driver. I don't have any delve into taking photos on this compound, but I felt something about its serendipity of what had happened to once so lively lumber company. The displeasure of the displaced employees and affected families. I just remember an old ad line that says---"times like this, you need juicy fruit gum". Experiencing this kind of fate is sometimes part of someone's life.

According to WIKI,
The municipality of Nasipit, one of the 11 municipalities of Agusan del Norte, was identified by the Caraga Regional Development Council (Caraga RDC) through Resolution Number 44 Series of 1996, as the Regional Agri-Industrial Growth Center (RAGC) of the Caraga Region. The municipality's identification as the RAGC and its inclusion in the Agusan Norte Special Economic Zone (ANSEZ) can be attributed to the establishment of the Nasipit, Agusan del Norte Industrial Estate (NANIE). Covering a total of 296.9 hectares and located within Barangays Camagong and Talisay, the proposed estate is envisaged to be an industrial nucleus or manufacturing center in the province where industrial plants, bonded warehouses, container yards and other industrial facilities will be located and made available to investors.
So, there's always hope that Nasipit will shine and regain back its glory. With the fate of the Lumber Company, many of the employees had fled abroad for economic prosperity, the "tourist guide", added.
The entrance of the Port of Nasipit
Butuan City has shallow bay area which is not viable to construct a port and harbor, hence, Nasipit was feasibly qualified for a port area. But Butuan City has the airport with daily flights from Manila for both airlines company, the Philippine Air Lines and the Cebu Pacific. In going to Butuan City for air travelers, the airport is just 45 minutes ride from this humble town.
Their Plaza
I can felt the scorching heat of the sun during our con touring within the town proper. This was happened a week before the onset of the tropical depression that flooded part of Butuan City. I'd rather endure the scorching heat than submerged with the flood. 

We then headed in finding the property. The first person that I've asked about the location of the realty that I have to inspect is an employee of the Municipal Assessor's Office. The driver was inadvertently heard the registered name I've relayed to him and brought me to the house of this "Public Servant". When I personally asked this "public servant", he replied arrogantly, "nganong dinhi man mo mangutana?" (Why are you asking me here?). I was a little bit stunned with the answer from that arrogant "Public Servant", but I have to maintain my composure since I am a stranger of that place. 

Though I'm a stranger, but I don't deserve that kind of arrogant answer from a "public servant". With unruffled voice, I still managed to politely asked  permission to leave.  I was so embarrassed but was able to tranquilized myself from a burning emotion. Pondered and just accepted that, because for every place we set foot, these things can't be evaded. We sometimes encounter this kind of human behavior on the road. Still the best thing to do is use the virtue of silence.

Left : Richard Alipao, Right : Manong Boy Alipao.
Nevertheless, with the acceptance of that kind of behavior, I was complemented with sincere people who has the heart, assisted and accompanied me to the property (photo below). 

Thank you Manong Boy Alipao and Richard Alipao (Manong Boy's Son) for your heartfelt assistance in locating the property and with bits of information you've shared to me.
These people may look like underprivileged but are rich in heart, spirit, behavior, attitude and respectable than that of a "Public Servant" employed in Municipal Assessor's Office.  I am commending the Alipao's Family for their kindness and good deeds, because they have goodness and pure spirit in[side].
As the smiles of these kids radiates to us and said : "BE HAPPY,  and BE HUMBLE, whoever you are!

    5 Lessons learned from this journey :

1. The virtue of patience
2. The virtue of silence
3. Smile always as the best approach in asking the locals with a compose and unruffled voice.
4. Kind words of gratitude in thanking them and you will be complemented with a sincere smile when you leave the place.
5. If ever, leave a good trail---that is a legacy of good traits.

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  1. great post... it's nice to contemplate on the simple things in life when travelling. and yes, you'll definitely learn the virtue of patience when travelling :)

  2. Good thing you remained calm despite of the treatment of this public servant, you can't really judge people on how they look.

  3. Hi Gladys. It will also annoyed you if caught by surprise less expected to happen. We need to get ready on that. Because we are strangers.

  4. Hello Claire.

    Very disappointing and embarrassing moment talaga yong experience kung yon claire. Talagang nag init ang tenga ko nun. pero mali man ng driver. I did expect that. Since that was weekend, Saturday, so, baka naka storbo din kami. But the motorela driver asserted that that man behaves like that. :-). Well, patience talaga.


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