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Cagayan de Oro City : Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan - Back to Alma Mater

The Bronze Signage near at the Entrance
One week before the end of September this year, I visited my Al Mater, Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines, to request for my TOR. I have to go down from Bukidnon on that day because I have a deadline to beat for the submission of my TOR as required by other institution and also as my future reference. I took a bus at around 7 am and arrived in Agora Terminal or Market Place Terminal in Cagayan de Oro at around 10 am. I filed a leave for that day just to request for my TOR. TOR stands for Transcript of Records. 
St. Ignatius de Loyola Monument
Twenty one years had passed since I graduated in the College of Engineering. Memories were still fresh like the physical development in the school campus that I've seen during this visit. Like the new buildings that were introduced while the old ones were replaced. The old trees we used to take a rest under its shed  were already CUT to pave way with the new buildings. It was so nice and I am glad to be back here---my Alma Mater. We cannot visit our Alma Mater unless if there are occasions that we also have to pay it with our spare time, like homecoming reunions, special meetings and other occasions that our presence is needed, like securing confidential documents such as Transcript of Records as this one.
So, what we have to expect after 21 years? Of course, some of these things is the physical development of the school campus. For instance, in the entrance gate, they already provided a card-controlled-rotating-entrance bars that one (a student) should swipe their I.D. cards in order to get enter. The wooden gym was transformed to a concrete one. The space along the entrance gate, became a commercial building for lease from a vacant ground during our time. Our XU High School buildings were also gone and transformed into a medium rise buildings to accommodate a bloating population of students enrolled at this institution. There are lots of transformation had been introduced from wooden or mixed materials to concrete and medium rise buildings,except, the building in the photo below that were still standing--- the Xavier University Loyola House.
The Old Building of Loyola House still standing
The College of Engineering Building
The above photo is our Engineering Building which was under renovation. The hallway or corridor still has no change since it was built in 1983 (during my 3rd year high school years).
The College of Engineering's corridor
The Chapel
 I also paid a visit with our Chapel which is located at the heart of the campus, where we usually spent our intimate time with God.
The old site of our high school building was totally changed to new buildings
The old canteen were also gone - replaced with this one
The old main library was already renovated with this one
After I filled-out a request form in the Office of Registrar for my TOR, still the old system prompted me to process a "Clearance". It is not sound a clearance to me anymore because the personnel in-charge, most of them are Student Assistant, didn't do any account validation/verification from any records. This whole process should be done first before I've got to pay the required fees at the Finance Office. It took me more or less one (1) hour to finish up that "clearance".  An old system after 21 years? How about if the one who requested the same document is from abroad? 

I verified their Treasurer's Office and averred that they are now into the idea of system conversion to online. Another thing also that they still encouraging a TOR which is not in a computerized form. I hope that they will now change this system, at least, all the request must be in a computerized form so that once they are in transition of system conversion, they already started the computerization.  Good luck for the future Online System. Kudos to that.:-).

Nevertheless, I am still proud with my Alma Mater---the Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, being one of the top rank schools in the Philippines for 2011.

2011 Top Schools in the Philippines :
       Institution                                          Ranking     Score
1. University of the Philippines                    62=     58.10
2. Ateneo de Manila University                      65     57.20
3. University of Santo Tomas                       104     47.10
4. De La Salle University                               107     45.90
5. University of Southeastern Philippines  201+     18.70
6. Silliman University                                    201+     18.50
7. Xavier University                                      201+     16.40
8. University of San Carlos                           201+     14.00
9. Central Mindanao University                  201+     13.60
10. Adamson University                                201+     10.40
11. Saint Louis University                             201+     10.00
12. Father Saturnino Urios College              201+     6.20
13. Mindanao State University                    201+     5.70

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  1. Hello!

    I like the pictures... You gave me an idea of how XU now looks like. This is also a tool for me to enjoy my...

    ... MEMORY RECALL...It's still crystal-clear. :D

  2. hi diamond_beau

    XU now has lots of changes in terms of infrastructures. Lots of people, like our teachers, were all retired or maybe transferred to another institutions. Glad to be back there last time.:-). Especially the chapel which remained untouched.

  3. Sir bonz I love the new watermark on your photos! yey! hehehee..

    I always hear board topnotchers from this Univ aside from MSU and dito pala school niyo.

  4. Hello edmar. nag change ako ng standard watermark ngayon. at least maganda pala. Dito ako nag school since high school up to college. Thanks so much ha with your tutorial last time.:-).

  5. From Xavier ka pala Kuya, hope matuloy na yung online system nila.

  6. Sana Claire matuloy na ang on-line system. yon kasi ang parating issue nong nasa abroad na kapag nag secure sila ng TOR.:-).


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