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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 21 | Side Trip to MOA before Homeward Bound

Series 21/22 :  

After completed my CPE Units in the University of the Philippines - Diliman, that morning of 2nd week of March this year, I headed back to MOA to buy some kid's stuff, like school backpack and a running shoes. Though my running gig is not so tough or have some sort of rigid training, for me running has personal purpose. One is for healthy lungs and heart and the other is for my asthmatic son. I want to eliminate his being an asthmatic or a sickly child based on my friends testimonies. That is why I started to engage in outdoor activities like running together with my  son James.

I bought 2 well-knitted and water proof backpacks @ only P1,120 pesos, a Beverly Hills Polo Club (BHPC) brand and an all-terrain running shoes - a reebok brand at a discounted price.   

SM Mall of Asia is one of my homeward bound itineraries. Before heading towards the entrance of the mall, I asked one of the guards to take some shots with the Mall of Asia as the backdrop. After sparing his time with a shot (below), I then told the guard that "this is your first day of being a photographer" (encouragement). He then replied with a smile. Thanks bro with this shot, whoever you are (i forgot his name).
I arrived in the mall at around 9:30 am from Quezon City, so ahead of my flight schedule at 3:30 pm, so that I could still have some time to "Con Tour" the mall.  

To be here in this 3rd largest mall of Asia is really that of great pride being a Mindanaoan with Luzon blood and origin.  Surely, I'll come back for you.

I would say that, again, I have proved to myself that Manila is also a home to me. As once an employee here for 5 years, surely, I will miss you so much and you are so deserved and worthy of next and next, and some more visits. 
Though some says that you are dreadfully darned and dirty, I still would want to visit you Manila. It is not only your physical appearance that worth for revisit but your full of nostalgic and historical resemblance that make us proud to be a FILIPINO. 

And this is because this place is where we started to become more vigilant and wiser to think that other foreign nationals would just want to take advantage with our mediocrity, in a sense of being SO hospitable to them.  

Thank you also for the time to visit Intramuros, the Manila Cathedral, The Fort Santiago, Quiapo, Sta. Cruz, Luneta and Rizal Park, a chance to witness the Finale of the 2nd Pyromusical International Competition (Special thanks to my fellow PTB Melo Villareal of Out of Town Blog) , and places that I have visited in this series.

Thanking melo not only with the tickets that he gave me but also the opportunity to see and meet my fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers and also a special thanks to Journeying James, whom I considered one of the Good People that I've met on the road when he volunteered to carry my heavy bag down to the rotunda just to keep me safe in going to that place. A very very beautiful smile and warmth welcome of the lovely ladies, Claire of the Lakwatsera de Primera, Izah of the Trip@dora, Gail the Pinay Solo Backpacker, and the goodness of Chyng Reyes of No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin'!  for the Krispy Kreme, who gave discounts on tickets for the Ocean Park when my family also visited Manila. Thank you so much Chyng. Once you will get here in Bukidnon, I will not "single you out" on your way here. My house is open wide with open arms for good people like you guyz.

A chance to go side by side photo shooting with Toto Angel Juarez of Lakwatsero during the fireworks display, also with Darwin Cayetano of Tracking Treasure.  A short chat with Marcos  Caratao of Ambot-Ah!.            
Thank you also with the lovely lady airport personnel who took this shot.
Thank you so much PTB friends with your company during my short stay in Manila. See you soon, on the road.:-).

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  1. yey kuya bonz!!! successful ang installation ganda!

    Anyway, speaking of MOA, one day wasn't enough for me to tour the whole MOA. Parang a city inside a building. hehe.

  2. Hello Ed.

    Another big thanks to you, a fellow pinoy travel blogger from Baguio who have the heart to help a beginner like me. I studied it right now. My problem here is on how to change the slide show to my own photos from my own blog. tsk tsk.:-). Thanks for visiting my site Ed. I will visit your blog also once I am true with this design.:-).

  3. maganda talaga dyan sa moa although hindi ko pa talaga naikot yang part na yan maganda yan sa likod , nung nag manila bay cruise ang ptb. ganda . Anyway i love your new blog layout. Teka ang mura ng water proof backpack inggit...=) speaking of my Pantua ,baka mga relatives ko pa yan hahaha. Madami ako mga pinsan sa bukidnon pero matagal na kasi ako di nakakapunta. sa gensan din ata madami pati iloilo.

  4. Chino, the Pantuas here in Bukidnon are prominent people. Hope that you can visit them. They are businessmen from scratch and became a prominent figure in Valencia City.:-).

  5. Hello,

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  6. Thanks PhilippineAnswers. Just happened that photography is now my passion. Thanks for visiting my site.


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