Thursday, December 29, 2011

Alma's Ihaw-ihaw and Lechon Manok in Kabacan, Cotabato

Looking for a place to dine-in is one of some experiences that a traveler wouldn't forget, with scorching heat and alighting a side car (motorcycle with custom built side passenger seat) in finding one. 

Travelers and the locals has distinct taste when it comes to a dine-in place. If we happen to ask a local where his taste of a restaurant has different standard as ours, we always end-up finding "another one".

That was the next step we had after we finally set foot in Kabacan, where we considered ourselves as total strangers.  It's better to choose a nice place to dine-in than just eat somewhere else. Because of my health history when it comes to food, I have to choose a better and acceptable place this time just to stay fit.
 In clockwise order : Tinolang Manok (Chicken Soup), Kinilaw  (raw fish blended with pinoy spices) and Grilled Tuna

We entered Alma's Ihaw-ihaw and Lechon Manok at around 12 am after our travel from Midsayap (a separate post on Midsayap Travel Chronicle which is part also of this series of stops will be published soon).

This time, the travel was on a separate day and I am with my colleagues. I would say that Alma's Ihaw-ihaw and Lechon Manok  is so far one of a good dine-in restaurants in the town of Kabacan.

Together with my colleagues, we ordered three (3) menus; Chicken Soup (locally known as La-uyang Manok), Grilled Panga (Tuna) and Fish Kinilaw. For three persons at 2 rice each, we only paid at least P550 pesos. Our orders are one of the viand combinations that we spotted on the tarps hanged-up inside this restaurant.
The tarps and the menus

While waiting with our orders, we have observed that the restaurant was jam packed with customers. Some were students and teachers because of the schools within the vicinity. So if you happen to set foot on this place, better to visit the place before 12 noon and you might be having a delayed delivery of your orders because of so many customers.

Alma's Ihaw-ihaw and Lechon Manok
Kabacan National Highway (right side in going to Davao City)
About 1 kilometer more or less from the Kabacan Bus Terminal

[This is my 3rd STOP of My Cotabato Travel Chronicles]- Thanks to Dennis M. Osia for the  treat when we had our lunch in this restaurant.
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8 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. Grilled tuna! Droooool! I miss seafood in the Philippines :(

  2. Ding. Lamian jud ang kinilaw lalo na ang grilled tuna. Sulit talaga ang waiting time. of more than 20 minutes. Peak time kasi. :-).

  3. Hello Ga-ye (Pinay Travel Junkie);

    May sauce sila na parang barbecue dun sa grilled tuna. :-).

  4. O nga Makati Condo Rental. Its good food.:-).

  5. kami po ang may ari ng Alma's Ihaw-Ihaw :) i honor those people who make this blog :) hopefully mag meet mo kayo ni mama :)
    this blog really makes me proud for the achievements of my mother. i really love my mother Alma Morala Bicera.

  6. Hi Bryan Bicera.

    I admired your kind appreciation in blogging your restaurant. Honestly, its really my first time in Kabacan, and I find your place very homy. Hopefully that I could go back in Kabacan soon.


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