Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cotabato : Cross-Roads and Intersection

Kabacan Cross-Roads :

One of the things that we should be thankful is the presence of various landmarks in the Philippines. Like in Manila, one of the famous and the most helpful landmarks is the Luneta Park or the Rizal Park. Why helpful? In surveying, Rizal Park or the Luneta Park is where the zero benchmark of our Philippine Highways, starts or most commonly known as the Kilometer Zero.
Landmarks like the Kabacan Cross-roads can also be our fix reference, may either be our starting point of reference or a reference that we are getting closer to the place of our destination.  

If you are going to the left or taking the road at the left side, it will lead you to Kabacan proper and Kidapawan City proper. It is also the highway in going to Davao City. Taking the road to your right, it will lead you to Cotabato City.
When I decided to traverse this route, and took a bus ride from Bukidnon, I conducted a research of some landmarks to help me about the real look of such intersection or cross-roads, in going to Cotabato or Davao City, but it has no available data in the internet. The "cross-roads" that I've found in the net were about the individual's "decision making" but there were no data about the cross road landmarks or photos on this road intersection.

Courtesy : Province of Cotabato Web Site
This little thing is often been neglected for some but for one who is keen of this "little" details, it would be a great help to every travelers like me. It is in a form of a triangle and it can also be called as "triangular-intersection".

This landmark is located about a 15-minute ride or 15 kilometers more or less from Carmen, Cotabato and it is part of Kabacan, Cotabato proper. Travel time from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon is 3 and 1/2 hours more or less, for a bus ride. This crossing is called locally as "crossing cayaga".

This is my Second Stop of "My Cotabato Travel Chronicles". My next stop was to find a food house in Kabacan, Cotabato.

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  1. Bandang CDO ka pre diba? Hopefully you and your family's safe from Sendong.

    Merry Christmas bro!

  2. My parents, brothers and relatives are there. Dito na ako sa bukid pre. for good. Merry Christmas Pre pala sa family niyo din.:-).

  3. wish i could go to cotabato, soon... it's often overlooked whenever plans of going to mindanao are made.

  4. More places to explore in Cotabato Gladys. Galing ng tandem niyo ni Mokong. Teach him well. You're such a wonderful mother to him. Keep it up.

  5. for sure makakarating n rin aq sa cotabato nxt year:) hapi holidays bonzenti! stay safe and more travels bro!

  6. I'll visit Cotabato one day to try their airport. I don't know where to go though! :))

  7. @Morion

    Kelan ang punta mo Jeffrey? Maganda daw dun yong mosque? Makakarating din ako dun sa Cotabato City. :-).

  8. @Lloyd.

    I am not so sure if they have an airport. Upon my query here, they have one. :-).


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