Saturday, December 10, 2011

I was surprised when I got "Lost "

After done with the Red Cross Volunteer Run in the morning of December 04, we went home straight with my little girl who was so eager to join that run.  Unfortunately, her elder brother was unable to join because of asthma attack, due to the onset of cold weather here in our place.

When we were about to go to a special meeting with my group, and to have a weekend seminar,  I've got a call. A call from an unregistered number in my phone book, ignored once and just answered it when rang twice. 

The one in the other line has a polite voice and I heard him saying "PO". He was saying in a soft voice, "Hello Po, si ____po ito." 

"Po" and "Opo" are just of the few Filipino traits that I missed to hear now. A cultural traits that makes it distinctive among the rest of Filipino which is rarely heard here.  Some locals who came from Luzon, still practice this trait.

I did not expect that a "boy" called  up and informed me that they are going to visit the Monastery in Malaybalay City,  then later a PTB lunch meet-up.

The voice in the other line is not a little boy anymore.  I was surprised that time since he got "lost" again. He got lost here in  Malaybalay City. The boy is no other than Lloyd The Lost Boy.

Their visit to the monastery was a sort of their pilgrimage

He was supposed to visit Dahilayan that time but because of the rain, he  cancelled the visit to the famed Asia's Longest Dual Zipline and proceed to visit the Monastery of Transfiguration  which is also part of his itinerary. 

At the Quadra with lush vegetation as backdrop (after the rain)
 The Lost Boy Lloyd was here in Malaybalay City with his three friends,  Red, Dawn and Phillip

A first PTB Meet up in Malaybalay City ever made when we were accepted as part with the group. Thanks to Master Estan and Melo and the creator of PTB Group Page, The Flip Nomad. We were able to contact and communicate with the rest of the group members.

Hence, this meet up was made possible through the  Group page. Liko-liko kaw ra (You are much welcome, come again).

PTB Lunch Meet-Up at the Quadra, Malaybalay City with The Lost Boy Lloyd, Suroy Pilipinas and yours truly

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  1. when i visit your place... can you meet me too!? hehehehehe

  2. Hi Ron Cruz.

    I'm glad to have you here with your partner, monette. Just txt me in advance. Thanks also for visiting my blog.:-).

  3. @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    Pre, instant nga pre. Nasorpresa talaga ako. :-). Buti na lang at ready palagi. hehehe.:-).


    I will be glad pala. Hahaha. Nagmamadali nga namang mag reply sa comment.

  4. Uy di ko pa napuntahan yang Quadra. One more reason to go back to Bukidnon. Yay! Sir pwede pong pa-EB din pagbalik ko diyan sa March kahit di ako kasali sa PTB? Hehe :D Aabot pa po ata ako ng Kaamulan.

  5. Inggit mode Bonz. Ako din ha pag andyan ipasyal mo ako. Sana makasabay ko si Ron Cruz!!!Nakakatuwa ang mga PTB, instant friends agad kahit di pa nagkikita! Oy, sa December Blog Carnival sali ka ha. Sabi ni Estan at Aleah, kung 6 months old ang post, puede isali kahit walang changes sa date. Lagyan lang ng Carnival logo at links for December!!! Sali ka ha!

  6. Hi Kristine. Ok Lang kung may pagkakataon ba, bakit hindi. Pag hindi tumapat na may travel ako ha. just pm me 2 weeks before para at least mapaghandaan. hehehe.:-). I will be glad also na makilala ka. BTW, I like your blog posts.

  7. Hi Mhe-anne.

    Thanks for that encouragement. Nagkakataon lang kasi na tumapat ang pag post ko sa December blog carnival. I posted that last series of my reconquering manila last December 1, 2011. Tamang tama rin naman sa theme. I dugtong ko na lang ang blog carnival logo. :-). Thanks for that.

  8. Wow ptb meet-up;) iba tlga ang ptb, hope to visit the place also

  9. Eto talaga ang malufet sa mga PTB dahil may instant friends ang lahat kahit saan man mapadpad.

  10. @Morion.

    Be glad to meet you here guyz.


    Yan ang benefit of virtual friends. :-).


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