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RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 22 | The Homeward Bound from Manila to Cagayan de Oro City

 Series 22/22 : Last and final post of this Travel Series :
Dear Manila,
Though I reconquered you for only few days, but you traded me with full of memories, that when I come back again and to hug you, a beautiful smile of Manila Bay Sunset will be the warmth respond when I arrived......soon.  -- con tour
Don't be dismayed at goodbyes.  A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.  And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are friends.  ~Richard Bach
When I arrived from My Side Trip to MOA, I can smell the scent of home. I have no other choice but to leave you for awhile.
  •  Srs. Merlita Calledo &  Elsa Emano Cahatian, Francescan Sisters
You may wander why I took some snapshots on these two nuns.  I may say that I am just a guy who has a friendly traits that after seating down the lobby's passenger bench, I then greeted them with a warmth smile and asked about their destination and they both replied, "Cagayan de Oro". 

Hmm, we have of the same destination, homeward bound. "So we're kababayans pala". The one who replied was the nun with a black habit.  I then looked for a rest room and politely asked them to take a look for my belongings. I have to discharge first my toxins to avoid discomfort while inflight from Manila to Cagayan de Oro City.

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport security was so tight. There are at least three points wherein we have to line up for a routine check-up on our baggage(s). I really appreciate that, because that's there own security measure / system. I could not compare another one, an international airport of this kind, since I have not yet been to other foreign land. 

So, the NAIA Airport for me is still looks fine even though that we could even get annoyed with their system of at least, --one checkpoint system only.  Well, that's their call to improve. However, the security system for now, in my opinion, is generally acceptable. 

After having done discharging with my personal necessity, I got back to my bench and have a short chat with these two (2) charming nuns.  (BTW, they are just pretending for a stolen shot).

As they recalled, they were assigned in Italy for 10 years, straight without seeing their respective homes. Maybe because that was part of their vows. I did not asked deeper anymore about that. After exchanging and sharing of some of our experiences in life, they gave me  a holy rosary that was made in Italy. 

The Holy Rosary

I could not even think of on why of all the people, a stranger like me who, they've just met at the airport and just like that, they then gave me a valuable thing, a HOLY ROSARY?  Just a little thing but a powerful one. Do I look like an angel? A cherubim? All I can say is thank you so much for this valuable gift.

MOA in going to Rotunda with Journeying Jame
Or maybe because that I am also a good guy who just came from Mall of Asia-a home of the good guys?  Probably they were right of their impression on me.   

Well, my mother can attest or either affirm to that. Non-negotiable and undauntedly right if my mother would say that. (LOL). 

Sometimes, we could not even simply answer why was that happened? As travelers, we always experience that on the road.

I then heard a beautiful and soft voice of a lady announcing our flight bound for Cagayan de Oro. (say it with a soft voice, but modulated)--"Flight No. 143 bound for Cagayan de Oro is now ready for boarding". I can't recall anymore what was the exact phrase, especially the flight number, but all I know that I am homeward bound

Aerial View of Global City   Could you please help me identify.)
The plane waited for a few minutes before the take-off because of air traffic. After it had finally taken off, I did not waste any single minute to take a glance with you.

I brought along with me beautiful shots that I will value for the rest of my life. At least, I have brought a good and some unpleasant and yet a lesson learned experience back home.

Time flies so fast aboard the flag bearer Philippine Airlines plane when the TV monitor flashed out the Estimated Time of Arrival bound for Cagayan de Oro. It's as fast as my stay in Manila.

Aerial view of Macajalar Bay on board Philippine Airlines.
I've seen already the Macajalar Bay of Cagayan de Oro and   were heading towards the runway of the  Lumbia Domestic Airport, that is to be shut off to public use next year once the Laguindingan International Airport will be in full operation.

When the final touchdown to the Gateway of Northern Mindanao, its a bade goodbye to you Manila for now and hello to my second home, my town and now my home province, Bukidnon.

-The End....

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"RECONQUERING MANILA | Series 22 | The Homeward Bound from Manila to Cagayan de Oro City"  is my 4th entry to the  Pinoy Travel Bloggers Blog Carnival for the month of December, with the theme "looking back on the memorable journeys have taken as travelers":  and hosted by  Kara Santos of  Travel Up.


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  1. love the aerial shots kuya Bon. PTB meet up uli sa Maila. haha

  2. @Gail.

    Talagang kahit inantok ako nun nong ascending pa ang plane, kuha lang ng kuha. Tapos yong mga katabi ko, mulagat ang mata sa katitingin sa akin. Bahala na basta, photography junkie itong katabi nila. PTB Meet up ulit gail sa March ulit. at least Anniversary na. kelang meron tayong photos lahat. hindi ko lang matrace yong group pics natin kung nasa kaninong camera yon.:-).

  3. it's really nice to be back home... ang sweet naman nung dalawang madre...

  4. @Ivan | Batang Lakwatsero

    Nagulat talaga ako na binigyan ako ng rosary. At talagang miss na miss na daw nila ang mga homes nila. :-).

  5. I also love to take aerial shots! That gives me an idea on my future posts. Pag napunta ka ulet Manila, and if you have more time, gala tayo. Photowalk tayo Quiapo-Binondo-Intramuros.

  6. @Ding

    That would be a great pleasure for me. Actually, I'm set on March 2012. With my little running james. :-). Ok bro. Paturo ako sa yo sa mga photography techniques.

  7. wow! stolen shot pala yun... hehehe!!!
    so sweet... they gave you a rosary,... nice!
    ...all our mothers could attest that we are good... hehehe!

    ...and the last photo, i couldn't imagine how it looks like now after the calamity... to all my friends, and to all I've met and became friends with in Northern Mindanao, i wish everyone well...

  8. Thanks for joining the blog carnival Bonzenti. Sorry sa typo sa name, corrected na siya! :) No matter how I love the excitement of traveling, nothing beats the feeling of heading home especially after a long trip.

  9. mervz (Pinoy Adventurista)

    About the Rosary, nasa Altar ng Bahay ko.

    Iba na ang hitsura ngayon dahil sa pagkasira ng portion nato.

  10. Hello Kara.

    I admired the fineness of your work. I warmly and sincerely congratulates you. Galing mo. Thanks for that correction. Palagi talaga yan. normal mistakes na talaga yan sa pangalan ko. pati nga professor ko, ganun din ang itawag sa akin. Good luck sa yo.

  11. It seems that you received a warm welcome. Good luck to you. In Philippines , I had the most wonderful travelling experience.

  12. Hi Jemma of @home garden offices.

    Where in the Philippines, you had a wonderful traveling experience, in particular? Thanks for visiting me here.


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